So I had this idea on my computer and in my head for sometime now and I was wondering if people would like to read more. This is an AU fic. I do not own Popular or its characters...

So now that I have a gun pointed at me, shouldn't I see my life quickly flash before my eyes or does it only apply once the bullet leaves the gun. Nope, it should be happening now….but I got nothing. I guess all the events in my life have been quite insignificant. One image does come to mind though and it is the girl I've had a crush on since day one. Brooke McQueen. Yes she's my step-sister and yes we bitch back and forth. In my mind however I see it as foreplay. What I would give just to be with her to hold her, kiss her….and other questionable things …that are insignificant now because right now my life is one pull of a trigger away from being six feet under.

Ok so how did I get into this situation? That can be easily answered: I can't keep my fuckin' mouth shut. Sometimes I wonder if my mouth and brain are connected or maybe I have some form of tourettes. Even my inner dialog doesn't shut off I just keep rambling.

"What did you say bitch?," the shooter yelled at me.

Ok so here is the part where I can back out from a confrontation.

"I said that you're a fucking idiot"

Yep, there is definitely a disconnect with my brain. Now he's approaching me with the gun this can only get worse. I swear if this was a cartoon he would have steam come from his ears right now. This is definitely not a cartoon, but my mind wanders off subject. I just can't help it.

"A fucking idiot huh? Well, I do love fucking but I'm not agreeing with the idiot part," his gun lowered to his side. He also gave out a chuckle.

Oh, wow I thought this would end differently. I let out a little chuckle with him. Big mistake.

He swung his arm up to the left side of my face. The gun in his hand came in contact with my left temple. My skull felt as if it had cracked open and I felt a sting where my skin separated. Legs below me gave way and I slumped to the floor. Darkness creep into my peripheral vision and then everything went black. My last though before I went unconscious.

My damn mouth.

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