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"Good job!" I yelled over the crowd, letting Tori know that I was proud of her. Well, trying in my most Jade-like manner. The crowd sat down after her stand ovation and began to listen to the host, while the group went backstage to congratulate Tori some more. She skipped over and hugged Cat, squeezing her tight. I don't know what twinged inside of me but I truly wanted to hug her. She hugged everyone else except me, and it made me wonder why. Finally, after she hugged Andre, she locked eyes with me and smiled. I walked slowly over to her, extending my arms with a smirk. She hugged me and as she put her face on my shoulder, I swear I saw her blushing. Why would she be blushing? It's only me. She turned her head into my neck and whispered "Thanks."

It felt weird, like it was a romantic move, but strangely…I didn't want to move. I couldn't figure out why I didn't pull away and slap her or pull away and tell her to 'fuck off' but I didn't. She wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me tighter. I know this sounds weird but it felt…nice. I smiled a bit, into her shoulder. She felt me smile because I felt her lips curl up, while her face was in my neck. I heard Andre cough and she quickly pulled away. I saw her red face and I supressed a laugh. I heard the door close and I looked over, not seeing Cat in the small group of people we had behind the stage. "Where'd Cat go?" I said to everyone. They started looking around frantically. Cat was nowhere in sight. "I heard a door slam." I said. We all just shrugged, knowing she was with her 'bibble bodyguard'. We all went back to talking in our group and I swear the back of my hand brushed against Tori's at least ten times, subconsciously.

She looked over at me a couple times and smiled, making me return it. I didn't know if we were actually friends or not but she suddenly seemed…..I don't know…different. She has been acting differently towards me for a few days now. I guess I could consider her my friend after what I saw today. I could see that she wanted to kiss him, but she didn't, for my sake. Because I was her friend. No matter how amazing it would've been for me to sing at the awards tonight, it was Tori's moment. She was originally picked for it so it DID feel kinda wrong to take that away. Wait a minute, I just realized something. I'm wearing her sweater. She gave me it to wear before she got ready to go on stage. I took it off and handed it to her. She took it with a smile.

"Thanks for holding onto it for me." She said with a small smile. I nodded, giving her a small smile back. "You did really well up there tonight." I complimented her. I saw her blush again. "Thank you. Your costume was very….pink." she giggled, making me laugh a little bit with her. "Yeah, I looked stupid." I said, rolling my eyes. "You don't now…" I heard her mutter before she went over and jumped on Andre, giving him a death squeeze. That made me think. Was I supposed to hear that? Well, I did, too bad for her. Did she think I looked pretty? The thought made me smirk to myself. Wait. Why am I smirking? I should be grossed out, disgusted and appalled that she thought of me that way. I'm so confused. Everyone got ready to leave and I took the nude stilettos they were gonna make me wear. I secretly liked them.

We headed out to Beck's car and Andre's car, all of us needing a drive home. Tori, Cat and I, rode with Andre in his car and Robbie, Beck and Rex, rode with Beck in his car. Tori sat next to me in the back and Cat sat with Andre in the front. I felt Tori's leg brush up against me a few times but I didn't make anything of it. Until she turned to talk to me and set her hand on my leg. Then I thought something was up. I decided to tease her, just to check. She asked me if her, Cat and I could hang out tomorrow at the mall. I chose this as my opportunity to start teasing her. I leaned in and whispered in her ear. "Or just the two of us." Then pulled away with a smirk. She froze up and looked at me, her mouth slightly agape. She swallowed. "Uh, s-sure. That w-works too." She tried her best to smile. "So how's it gonna go?" I asked her. She looked at me confusedly. "How's what gonna go?"

"This day. Are we just shopping? Getting something to eat? Walking around? What's going on?" I asked her. She shook her head, trying to focus. "We could shop for a bit, then get something to eat if you'd like?" she offered. I shrugged. "Whatever works. Where are we gonna eat?" I asked her. "Wanna go to Nozu?" she asked. Andre pulled up to my house. "Sure that works." I said as I climbed over Tori to get to the side my house was on. I swear I saw her look at my ass. No lie. I leaned in again, close to her face. "Can't wait for our date." I said with a wink, making her face grow shocked, before saying bye to Cat and Andre. I saw her close the door with a smile before they pulled away. So she did like me. Tomorrow should be quite interesting if I do say so myself. I smiled to myself before going inside.

I went to bed that night thinking about what would happen tomorrow.

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