Anime: Fushigi Yuugi

Creator: Yuu Watase

Author: Cheshire


Prologue: Vanish

"You can't run forever little dove." A voice said, the owner smirking as he walked along the shadows, the only source of the light the moon and stars. "You will never escape me." A young woman sped through the darkened forest, her white hair flying in the wind behind her as tears fell from her eyes. "You will find yourself coming back to me."

"No!" She cried as she quickened her pace, hoping to hurry away from the man as fast as she could. "Running will be of no use and you know it." The woman shook her head and turned a corner but quickly screamed when she lost her footing and rolled down a small cliff, cutting up her arms and legs in the process. "Aah!" She hit the floor roughly and moaned in pain, holding her injured arm against her stomach. "See my dear, you can't escape." The voice got closer and she gasped, looking up only to have her golden eyes lock with a pair of cold blue ones. "Now now, see you what you did? You've hurt yourself." The man smirked and grabbed onto her head causing her cry out as he tugged her up. "That is what happens when you disobey me."

"L-let me go..." The young woman spat as she winced at the pain on the top of her head. "Now that is something that I can not do." He gently placed her free hand against her cheek and traced down, his blonde hair falling into his eyes. "Too bad this beautiful body of yours will have to be punished." He reached down to her chest and her eyes widened. "You know how much I've always enjoyed it." He pulled on the front of her shirt and ripped the material causing her to scream and thrash against his hold. "I could possibly have some fun with you before I have to torture you." He smirked once again and roughly pulled her head to his level causing fresh tears fall stream down her cheeks. "What do you think of that?" He asked as he licked the tears from her cheek, gripping tighter onto her hair. "Saisei?"

"Release her!" Another spoke out, catching the man's attention. The blonde peered over his shoulder and spotted a young man with dark green hair in a braid tied down by a red ribbon, his blue eyes narrowed darkly. "I said let her go!" The blonde chuckled and released the woman's hair letting her body fall roughly to the ground. "Well, if it isn't the peasant boy. Come to be a hero?"

"Gui Xiu...?" Saisei whispered from the ground, lifting herself up slowly as her gold eyes locked on her friend. "Sai..." Cong Gui Xiu said, his fists clenching tightly as his sides as he glared up at the older man. "How dare you!" He sped toward the man and the blonde smirked, holding up his hand as a blue ball of light started to form in his palm. "Gui Xiu!" Saisei shouted, pushing up from the ground, her eyes wide in panic. "Look out!" The white haired woman hurried over to her friend and jumped in front of him, opening her arms wide to shield him from the blast. "SAISEI!"

The blonde man's eyes widened at the woman's boldness and tried to stop his attack but it was too late to avoid her behind hit until... A bright red light surrounded the two friends and the blonde scowled, blocking his eyes as he was shot back by the powerful light. "Sai!" The woman's eyes shot open and in front of her she spotted a tall man with blue hair and a purple kesa mantle resting against his shoulders. "Houjun!"

"Saisei you have to get out of here, na no da!" Her eyes widened at his words and shouted. "I can't leave you both here!" Houjun smiled and held his shakujo staff in front of his chest, forming a barrier around the trio. "This is the way it has to be, but do not worry. We shall meet again." Houjun shut his eyes and did a few movements with his hands before a bright white light surrounded Saisei inside the barrier. "Sai!" Gui Xiu shouted reaching out to his best friend but the light shocked his hand and set him back, wincing at the new pain. "Gui Xiu! Houjun!"

"Let our paths once again cross soon." Houjun smiled sadly as his white haired friend was sucked into the bright light, tears falling down her cheeks as she reached for him in fear. "Hou-!" The light vanished within the barrier and the young woman had disappeared from view, the two men being let in the dark forest, only the sounds of crying birds around them. "Let you be safe in your world."

"Hey! You!" Houjun glanced over to his right and noticed that Gui Xiu had positioned himself in a fighting stance and his eyes were hard and narrowed. "What did you do to Sai? Where is she?" He demanded, ready to attack the blue haired man. "I have sent her back to her world, it was too early for her to come to ours."

"...How did you know that?" He questioned, his anger dropping slightly at the sound of Saisei's 'world', how would this man know anything about her? Houjun chuckled and pulled his kesa hat from his back, placing it a top his head and covering the top of his eyes. "We shall also meet again one day, Tamahome." Gui Xiu's eyes widened and was about to ask how he knew but the mysterious man vanished from view, leaving the confused man alone in the forest, his hand slowly reaching up to his forehead where a red mark sat...

End of 'Prologue: Vanish'

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