Anime: Kaleido Star

Creator: Junichi Sato

Author: Cheshire


Prologue: A Daring Farewell

A loud eruption of cheers and cries of joy filled a large yellow and blue stripped tent, men and women of all ages jumped up from their seats clapping to their hearts content as their echoed all around. A cast of about twenty plus stood on the edges of a circular stage, waving and smiling at the audience who came to see them perform; some of the members taking off headpieces that went along with their insect like costumes. The cast took a group bow and glanced around as more and more people stood up; their smiles growing even more in excitement. One of the cast members, a young woman who wore a white leotard covered in silver sequins removed her headpiece and let her bubblegum pink locks roll down her neck in bouncy curls. She held the headpiece under her arm and smiled softly as she waved to the people who filled the tent's seats, appreciating all the support she and her cast were receiving. The cast all held hands with one another and bowed a final time to the audience before running backstage to their own personal tent were their director stood waiting for the crew, a smile on his lips. "You all were amazing out there." He said truthfully and the cast of performers smiled, happy at their director's words.

"For a last show here in France, I am very proud of you all. Tomorrow we will return to Quebec and continue rehearsals for our next show." He clapped his hands together and gave the group one last look over before telling them. "All right, you are free to go. Celebrate! Have a good time but be back at a decent hour! We have to pack up the tent's tomorrow!" The group cheered and all hurried over to their personal mirrors to remove their makeup and costumes before they would enjoy a night on the town here in Paris. The pink haired woman walked over to her own mirror and set the headpiece on a wig head as she sat down on a white stool. Her exotic makeup made her bright eyes pop and her fair skin to glow along with her strange, but bubbly hair color. Although she looked beautiful and joyous to anyone who watched her perform this night, there was something different going on inside her.

The young woman sighed and leaned her head against her airs, which were resting on the make up table. Her eyes drifted to a many pictures that were tapped onto the side of her mirror and she slightly smiled as she looked at each one. Two were her with a couple of her fellow cast members, one with her parents and three of her in different costumes for other shows she had performed in. But one picture on her mirror had always stood out to her more than the others. It was an article that she had cut out from an American newspaper she received last time she visited the United States. She reached over and pulled the article down and read it over, a tradition she had seemed to pick up dong after every show she had been doing lately here in France. ' "Kaleido Stage! The greatest show experience in all the world!" ' Of course many of her cast mates and some others in the world would think otherwise of this so called Kaleido Stage, but she thought it was the greatest place on Earth. She smiled softly and leaned against one of her hands, while keeping the article in the other as her eyes trailed down each paragraph. ' "Join us here in the circus life and watch this beautiful art of acrobatics and gymnastics!" '

It was indeed a beautiful art and that's why she personally loved at that American stage, even though she would have to agree that her job now was much more circus than what Kaleido Stage represented in the states. She was a member of a circus, a traveling circus, while Kaleido performers were more of a theater type troupe that stayed in one place only, never traveling around the world. Of course, she loved being a part of the circus crew, but she wanted something different for once in her life, something that didn't involve eccentric or exotic make up or costumes. She wanted the chance to audition for a part and not be told what part she had to play because of her skill; she enjoyed playing leads but for once wanted to give someone else the chance to take the spotlight and show their talents. She sighed deeply and twirled the paper between her fingers, her reflection showing deep sorrow against her beautiful features. The paper was then quickly snatched out from her hand, breaking her from her mobile posture. "Come on, Nicolette." A male voice said to her, accompanied by a Russian accent as he spoke. Nicolette frowned and glanced into the mirror, seeing the man's body in the reflection still wearing his white outfit from the show. "Return it, Alik." She said to the young man without turning around, her words calm and low with a hint of sadness tainting her Irish accent.

Alik sighed and placed his hands on her shoulders, resting his head on top of her own, his reflection finally being seen within the mirror. He had bright green eyes and long reddish brown hair that feel to the middle of his neck and his face was partly clear of the exotic make up all except his eyes with were still covered in colors. "Is something upsetting you?" He asked her and she shook her head, letting it eyes fall to the table, but placed her right hand against the hand that rested on her left shoulder. "Nothing is the matter." She said and watched in the mirror as his green eyes turned to stare down at her, a blank expression resting on his handsome features. "You know that you can not fool me, mоя любовь." He told her and sat silently, the young man wrapping his arms around her neck and lowered his head to his shoulder, where he turned his head into her neck. "Will you not tell me what is hurting you?"

"There is nothing to be worried about."

"Пожалуйста не лгите мне." Nicolette sighed and looked up at her friend, taking her hand from his. "Really. Alik." She said as she placed her hand gently on his cheek, watching as he shut his eyes before leaning his face against her hand. "Believe me." After a few moments, the Russian man opened his eyes and glanced down at her, catching her eyes with his own. "...I believe you..." The pink haired smiled and leaned forward, kissing him on the cheek before another over his right eye. "Go on. Go have fun with the boys. This was our last show, go have a good time." Alik smiled and released his hold around her shoulders and kissed the side of her neck before hurrying back to his mirror to take off the remaining make up that coated his eyes. Nicolette smiled sadly and turned back to her mirror, her eyes suddenly feeling with regret. 'I'm sorry, Alik...' She thought as she quickly tore down her photos and stood up, slipping out of her white leotard before making her way over to her closet where he normal clothes hung. 'I'm so, so sorry...'

About an hour later, Nicolette walked out from behind a curtain in the dressing room and noticed that it was completely empty since everyone had left to have a enjoyable night here in Paris. She quickly rushed over to her mirror and opened up a purple suitcase, throwing her make up bag and other small necessities from her table inside. Once everything was safely packed, she zipped up the suitcase and took one last look at herself in the mirror. She wore a pair black leggings, a skin tight orange long sleeved shirt that ended at the middle of her thighs and a black jacket over and red scarf that rested against her neck and shoulders. Her face was now free of the large amount of make and she pulled her hair up into a small ponytail before hiding her hair underneath a black hat.

Nicolette placed her fingers gently against the mirror and took a final look at the cast tent, old memories rushing back at her and she felt tears beginning to form in her eyes. She quickly wiped them away and pulled a letter from her jacket pocket, three names signed in cursive on the top of the envelope. After taking a final look in the mirror, making sure she was disguised well enough, she grabbed her purple suitcase and slung a green duffle back over her shoulder. 'Good bye... My friends...' With tears threatening to fall, Nicolette hurried out from the cast tent and to the sidewalk, waving for a cab to stop in front of her. When a cab finally did pull up, the pink haired woman took one final look at the tents as a whole and the large trucks that were parked next to it, realizing this might be the last time she saw those blue and yellow colors. She turned away and hurried into the cab, not looking back as they passed the largest truck that read... 'CIRQUE DU SOLEIL.'

End of 'Prologue: Daring Farewell'

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Russian Translations! (Sorry if they are slightly inaccurate, I tried my best!)

* mоя любовь - My love.

* Пожалуйста не лгите мне - Please do not lie to me.

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