Harry Potter and the Eidolon

By: Twisted Novelist (original story By: J.K. Rolling)

Fair Warning: this is not your basic story and it will take even more twisted story turns all up and down Harry Potter's life.

Chapter 0: Trials, Teachings, and Trouble

It was cold and dark under the stairs, a little boy lived in a cupboard at his aunt and uncle's house. His nephew was just out side the house jumping up and down screaming "Daddy, Daddy look. I won, I won the contest!" the wale of a child said to an even bigger man who was just now unlocking the front door.

"Yes Dudley I see, now lets get inside first." the over sized man said. Soon after that the door flung open and the two men walked in with a skinny woman that looked like she was more bone than skin.

"now Dudley give mommy the letter so she can read it" the skinny woman said to her blob of a child. Dudley didn't argue as he handed her the letter and then skipped off to the living room. The little boy in the cupboard however listened from his hiding place as the adults talked it over.

"oh look dear, it's an all paid for trip for four to Seattle Washington in the United States. It covers travel, lodging, meals, and even a spending allowance." the woman said with excitement in her voice.

"That is nice and all but whats the catch? Nothing like this is ever free and there must be something we must do for them." the oversized man said with almost no excitement at all.

"It says here all we have to do is tell them how our trip was to Washington. So I guess you could say we would be trying it out for them, and if you don't like it you could give them one of those world famous nasty revues of yours." the woman finished with a grin on her face.

"that sounds amazing Petunia, the idea almost brings a smile to my face" the man paused as a frown came to Petunia's face "but you are forgetting one small nasty little luggage problem we have" they both sighed.

At that moment the little boy emerged from the cupboard and looked at both the adults "If you are referring to me then I promise no funny business, and I can even be the luggage boy?" the boy said in as sweet of tone he could muster. The Adults looked at one another and then both shook there heads.

The man turned to the boy and said with a rough tone "alright but if there is any funny business, any at all, I will make you wish you hadn't set foot in this house. Are we clear?"

"Crystal clear Uncle Vernon" the boy said. With that the Adults left the room to tell there son they were going.

Somewhere in Down Town Seattle

A tall dark brown haired man in a black hooded trench coat was on his cell phone. "and you said tomorrow? OK, the tickets will be at the front desk waiting for you. Thank you and have a great trip." he hung up the phone and walked into the next room.

The room had a large round table in the center with eleven chairs around it. Candles on the walls provided light. There was also three other figures in the room. One was a tall figure with a sleeveless trench coat on. Another was a small woman with light brown hair in a black cloak. The last one was more in shadow than in candle light and hid its defining figures in the baggy clothes it had on.

"phase one complete, now all we have to do is get Harry Potter from the hotel to the tower." the hooded trench coat man said with a smile on his face. Another man walked in from a hidden door.

"Mirage? What the hell are you ding here?" the woman in the room said with anger in her voice.

"well Marionette you should know Sage would require my tricks" the man walking in said with a grin.

"Sage is this true? You would risk an illusion than just buy a hotel?" Marrionette said turning to the man with the phone.

"not a full blown illusion, no. And that is where you come in dear, after all we will need a bell hop for out little hotel."

Sea-Tac Air Port, Steattle Washington

The family plus Harry moved from there flight to the luggage drop off point. Harry caried all the bags from the drop off point to a taxie that took all four of them to a hotel that rivaled the business biuldings standing next to it. Slightly above the entry way where neon coverd lights that read Red Lion Hotel with a picture of a lion's head in all red.

It didn't take long for them to find the front desk and get checked in. They had gotten the Deluxe View Two Queens room.

Harry had just gotten done setting the luggage down when he saw what looked like an esoteric goblet set of eleven. Harry looked away to rub his eyes and when he looked back the set of goblets was gone. Harry thought of walking over to his uncle and asking him but decided not to as it sounded to close to what his uncle liked to call Funny Business.

At that moment other things started to catch his eye and it didn't take long for harry to figure out what was going on. He was about to go to his uncle about this trip being the verry funny business he hated whn a tall man in a hooded trench coat in the only door way.

"looks like we need to talk Mr. Potter, as the only reason we are here is for you." the man said in a netral tone with no emotion in it.

"Wh, Who, Who are you?" Harry stuttarded out.

"Me? Well you could call me many things. I go by old man duteranime, he who knows ten million things, master of coman sence. Then there is the one I like the most, Sage." the man in the door way finished with much emotion this time.

"you don't look like a sage, but I guess not every thing is as it seams around here" Harry said witch got a laugh out of Sage. "so what do you want with my family?"

"Oh! Dear Harry, we could care less about the other three. I want you and I think you will find my proposition most intriguing" Sage finished with his hand stretched out for Harry to shake.

Harry stood there looking at Sage, trying to figure out what a man would want with a nine year old boy. "before I agree to anything how about you show me what you are talking about."

Sage retracted his hand and laughed. He dropped his hood to show a face that was 18 to 20 years. "fine by me Harry, fallow me and I will give you a tour of out operations and goals."

Sage led Harry to the elevator and hit a button that was barely visible. The elevator had gone underground and come to a stop. The door opened on what looked to be a round table with eleven chairs sitting around it. Every chair was filled except one. Sage walked around the table to the only open chair and sat down. "The Sages Inner Circle Court will now hear Harry James Potter and weather or not we should teach him a secret art" came a voice that Harry couldn't pinpoint who said it.

"What the hell? I thought you said.." but Harry was cut off by Sage

"And I will, that is if you can pass the Judgment" the sage finished with a massive Grin on his face.

At that moment everything started to fade from view as if he was loosing consciousness. Harry's eyes shot open wide when he realized Sage had some how drugged him.

Alternate Plane of Existence of Outsiders

Harry woke up looking at a star filled sky and as he got up he found he was surrounded by what looked like huts. Harry pulled himself up into a siting position and realized he was standing on a road. Harry felt compelled to fallow this road as if what he wanted was at the end of it. Harry got up and started walking and found that this road led to a huge castle. The front door was open to the castle but Harry knocked any way. It didn't take long for some one to answer and tell him to enter. As he walked in he noticed several paintings of a strange creature that could only be described as Snake man with wings and horns.

Harry kept walking until he found himself in what looked to be a Great Hall. Something moved across the room from Harry and for some strange reason Harry bowed to creature. "You are Polite, Respectful, Kind, and Proud. I can feel your Power, I can hear your Heart, I can smell your Courage, and I can see your Drive. Tell me young traveler, what brings you to my castle?" the figure on the throne asked.

"You see your Highness, I don't know why I am hear but only that something guided me to your castle" Harry said still bowing in respect.

"So I see, can I have your name commoner?" the figure said as it rose from his throne.

"I am known as Harry Potter Your Grace."

"Harry Potter, from this day forth you shall be known as my Wizard Companion, I ask you take me back to your world so I might see it with my own eyes, and Harry, do call me Slither while I am in your world"

before Harry could respond the world around him spun in several directions at the same time.

Back in London in a place called little wing

Harry woke up out of his bed with shock, as he shot foreword several books flew across the room. Harry reached for his glasses. They where right where he left them and he reached for the closest book next. The title threw him off as it held his own name Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It had a drawn picture of him and an old man staring into some kind of basin with green smoke. To say the least Harry was thrown off by this and reached for another book, this time it was titled Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. There was a note attached to the front of this one obscuring the picture of the cover. Harry took off the note and read it.

Dear Harry Potter,

we at the Sages council would like to congratulate you on your success on your trial and would like to reward you with this set of books that come from an alternate reality where you don't exists. We also hope that you can read the other book on the path of the summoner as that is the only way you can bring Slither into your realm.


He Who Knows Ten Million Things.

Two years into the future

Harry was sleeping in a room with a large snake with wings was curled up with him. Harry had learned how to pull Slither into his realm but he was only able to summon a part of him. According to the book this was called an Eidolon and it represented Slither in Harry's realm.

Harry final woke up to an empty house, His uncle taking extra hours at the office and his Aunt attending a social with all the other girls in the neighborhood. Even Dudley had gone off some where today, but that didn't matter to Harry for today was the day he would get his Hogwarts letter or so it should be if the books where right.

Harry new the laws of fate would change some things around so his life wasn't a walk in the park but those books about him where going to come in handy as he mesmerized each one. At that moment an owl dropped off a letter, Harry already had a reply set up and handed it off to the owl so that the school wouldn't send him several thousand letters like in the books.

Harry didn't even bother open the letter, he just packed up his trunk full of all the stuff he would need and headed out. He planed on sleeping at the leaky cauldron until it was time for him to get on the train.

Author's Notes: next chapter Grins, Granger, and Greengrass