Harry's Secret Fetish

By: Twisted Novelist (original story By: J.K. Rolling)

Notes for my readers: Hello my readers, I am glad that you all like it so far. I know that I have a Grammar issue that needs to be worked out and I am trying to find a beta for it but so far I have had no luck. It has now become obvious that Harry's fetish will be of girls who have impure blood from the Wizarding point of view. The correct term for this is anthropomorphic magical creatures, for those who want to Google it. I hope you like what I have written so far because now I will add a twist in here that might loose some of you. So I have decided to re-wright Hollow Wound as it was the most popular story I had posted. I am going to attempt to wright both story's at once and if this get's to be too much for me then I will focus on this story first.

Reading notes: if you read it "Bold and Italic" then it's a thought. If you read it "Bold and underlined" it is parseltongue. If you read it "Italic" then it is something that someone has written.

Chapter 6: Spiders, Snakes, and... Supper?

Somewhere In Seattle Washington

Harry was sitting at his place for the council. Daphne was behind him and a little to his right. They had postponed the next step of there plan. The meeting was almost over when Sage asked if there was anything anyone wanted to add. Harry signaled that he had something to add as he sent the mental message to Daphne.

"Harry Potter would like to ask the Magical Governments if any of them are willing to attend a magical tournament that will be held two years from now at the British magical School" Daphne said.

"That is a most generous offer, do you wish that more schools attend?" Sage asked.

Harry nodded his head.

"Then we will allow a year to ponder before we let you know if any of our governments will attend. If there is nothing else then we will close this meeting. Until next time" Sage said as he rose from his chair and left the room.

The Tooth and Nail, Nocturne Ally

Lupin sat in a corner of the bar with a glass of firewhiskey. He didn't expect to have any company and he was used to it being that way. Tonight was a full moon, he been drinking that awful potion to maintain control in hybrid form.

He drank the last of his whiskey when he noticed the person at the counter of the bar. There was a hooded figure who seemed to be talking to the owner. It wasn't long before the owner pointed in his direction and the only thought in his mind was "This can't be good."

the hooded figure walked over to him and in a feminine voice asked "Are you Remus J Lupin?"

"That I am, and who might you be" Lupin asked with his hand in his pocket with his wand.

"I will be one of your students, it is not safe to talk here, do you have a room we could talk in?" the voice said.

Lupin nodded his head and stood up. He led the hooded figure up a flight of stairs and down a hall way tell they came to a door with a number 1045 on it. He took out a key and opened the door to reveal a small room.

As they closed the door behind him the hooded figure took off her hood to reveal a mess of brown hair. She was no older than 15 in appearance and yet in her eyes she held the look that only a master of knowledge would have.

"My name is Hermione Granger and I have come with some news about the death of James and Lilly Potter" the girl said.

"Oh? You know how they died? Let me guess, it wasn't you-know-who at all" Lupin said in a sarcastic tone.

"Voldemort was the one to kill the Potters but it was not Sirius who was there secret keeper" Hermione said.

"Now how would you know about that?" Lupin asked.

"There are many things my group knows Professor but until I am given the OK on telling you, I am afraid how I get my knowledge is something you will never know" Hermione said.

"If that is the case then how am I to believe you?" Lupin asked.

"to tell if my story is true you will need to confiscate the marauders map from the Wesley twins when you first get to Hogwarts. When you have it you need to look in the Gryffindor common room for one name. The name of the man that was the real secret keeper for Lilly and James, Peter Pettigrew" Hermione said.

Lupin laughed. "I see, you do realize that Peter is dead, and I am not a Professor" Lupin said.

"Not yet, and as for a dead Pettigrew, one could hide as a rat quite well when the magical government isn't looking for an animagus" Hermione said.

"How do you" but Lupin was cut off.

"I know? I have already told you what I can. I only hope that you take the opportunity to look into this for yourself" Hermione said before donning the cloak and opening the door.

"That's it? You come in here and flip my life upside down with a bunch of words and leave?" Lupin asked her.

"Yes, but before I go, Harry Potter would be glad if you kept this between just the two of you for now. He feels it would be best to keep Dumbledore out of this or until he has the proof needed to clear his godfather's name" Hermione said as she left closing the door behind her.

Lupin sat down in his chair and wondered if he was dreaming or maybe wishing this is all true. He had missed his old friends and this could have all been his mind. He was lost in thought about the good old days when there was a knock on the door.

Lupin cleared his thought before he said "Come in."

"Hello old friend" the man walked into the room with a twinkle in his eye.

Little Wing Number 4 Privet Drive

Harry was trying to understand why that blasted woman was even here. His Aunt Marge had come over for a visit and it was only a week before he got to go back to Hogwarts. Hermione should be talking to Lupin right now and that made him feel even more on edge. He had wanted to go with but he had to stay behind. He had convinced Hermione to at least take Ginny with her so that if any thing happened he could get there in time.

Harry was in his room with Daphne and Tracey. They both seemed OK with the idea of sharing Harry for a Husband. They seemed to understand that they would most likely be married to the same person. It turns out that it wasn't an uncommon practice for pure bloods to have more than one wife. In the Muggle world however it was more of a taboo than anything.

Slither had asked to speak with Harry about something very important before the night was over and now was the only time Harry thought he would have for the rest of the night.

"I am sorry that I have intruded but our contract is complete, I have seen your world and I must admit that your life is more of a hand full with me in it. However I can't just leave without taking your voice so in return I will give you a gift. This gift would be best for you in your current state. I am sorry that I have made your life a little harder than it should be" Slither said before he disappeared.

Harry didn't know what to say but by the time he was going to say something, it was nothing that came out. Harry was now full blown mute, he couldn't even speak to a snake if he wanted to. This was never good for any wizard or witch as voice was one of the key elements to casting a spell. Harry wanted to eat dinner with his girls but he had to have them stay in his room or Marge would know something was up.

On top of all of this he had to listen to his Aunt Marge go on about breeding and if there was something wrong with the mother then there is something wrong with the pup. Harry had enough and tried screaming at his Aunt to shut up but nothing would come out. His magic flared as he stared at Marge, her finger started to inflate as she pointed it at Harry. Hermione had mentioned something about out of control magic and his aunt but he was way past not letting her float into space.

Harry would have let it happen, to watch that woman fill with hot air like all the words she spouted. Ginny had zipped to his side with worry on her face. Harry pulled out his wand and charmed the table to hold on to Marge.

"It's Hermione!" Ginny said.

That was all Harry needed to here as he bolted from the room and up the stairs. Ginny relayed the message to Tracey and Daphne as Harry Prepared there trunks with magic. He then shrunk and pocketed them as he walked out the front door. Apparently the Dursleys didn't like this as Vernon had Gotten in Harry's path to the door.

"You, YOU WILL UNDO THIS YOU HERE ME?" Vernon screamed.

Harry simply put a spell on Vernon witch made his lips turn into a Zipper. Harry had walked out of his house with Ginny on his shoulders, Tracey and Daphne fallowing from behind. He signaled for the night bus, he had to get to Tooth and Nail.

Under Tooth and Nail

Hermione was struggling under the grips of her captures, they had known she was human and grabbed her before she could leave the bar. They told her they where going to teach her what happens to a human who comes into there bar. As far as she could tell there where only three of them, one man and two woman. The man started to unzip his pants as the two woman started undressing Hermione. She screamed and fought but they had taken her wand.

She wasn't going to take this laying down, she didn't want to lose her virginity in a place like this or in this manor. She wished that Harry would come and save her, but at that moment the man did something that she was not expecting. He had grown fur and claws, his face sprouted whiskers as his body became covered in orange fur. The transformation finished with what looked to be a main around his head.

He was not a werewolf but a werelion. The woman started changing to and the changes where of the same slider cat with no main.

Hermione didn't know what was going to happen to her. The man ran his paw down Hermione's chest and down to her belly. He allowed his claws to cut her flesh along the way but not deep enough to do any damage. She was a piece of meat to him, and he loved to play with his food. He had clawed her arms and legs and even managed to sign his name on her belly before he bent over and breathed on her ear. Hermione had already screamed several times to the level of pain but she shuddered as his breath touched her neck.

"I am going to kill you, even though you would have made a great pet" the man said before biting into Hermione's neck.

The blood pored from her vital vain as the flesh was removed. Her vision was blurred almost instantly, the pain over whelming. It was at that moment that the door flew off it's hinges and impacted on one of the woman who where watching and hoping for leftovers.

Harry had walked in first and found Hermione in her state of dieing. There was only a split second of pure terror on his face before it turned into full blown rage. He raised his wand and flung a spell at the man who was over her. You could here the flesh pealing away as the spell took effect, ripping massive chunks of skin from his body. The man screamed in pain as he tried to shake off the spell, his girl on the other hand had gone into attack mode and ran at Harry.

Daphne stepped in front of Harry and changed as she engaged the beast. She quickly warped herself around her opponent and squeezed the life from her lungs. After all she would not need them after what they had done to her friend. Hermione was just barely alive and not for long ether. Tracey had ran up to Hermione and started crying almost on demand. Her tears had doped onto Hermione's neck so the wound would close. Hermione had passed out but there was a pulse. No one blamed her for needing rest.

Harry took off his coat and warped up Hermione in it as he picked her up. The hate was still in his eyes as the other man in the room looked up. The weretiger looked around and noticed that one of his girls was dead and the other out cold. He wasn't in the mood for some one to interrupt his meal and he didn't care he was out numbered. He flung himself at Harry only to catch a stunner in his side. Harry leveled his wand at the man's face. He fired a spell that ignited the man in flames.

Harry had walked out of the bar with everyone staring at him. Harry was not in the mood to be stopped and the look on his face only scared the predators in the room. Dumbledore had come down stairs as Harry was at the door.

"Oh, Harry my boy, what are you doing here?" Dumbledore asked.

Harry just turned and stared at him. He didn't like the fact that Dumbledore had been here and had done and he knew that the old man had known Hermione was here. The head master had always known where his students where even out side of Hogwarts. Harry had turned back to the door after a short time of silence and walked out.

? ? ?

Hermione opened her eyes to see Madam Poppy standing over her with a worried look in her eyes. Was she at Hogwarts already? No she had gone to see Lupin and then...

Hermione sat up quickly witch seemed to have startled Poppy. When the covers fell from her upper body is when she had noticed the missing clothing. "It was a good thing that there was no boys around" Hermione thought before her eyes had refocused on another person in the room. It was Harry, she was about to scream when she noticed that he had passed out in a chair, no doubt worrying about her as she slept.

"Granger, I need you to lay back down so I can perform some tests" Madam Poppy said.

"Oh, sorry mam" Hermione said before laying down and pulling the covers up.

Hermione had looked around the room and noticed that she was in someones bed room. Poppy waved her wand above Hermione as she chanted something under her breath. Hermione guessed that she was testing for lycanthropy in her body. That was when the pain started to take effect as she felt the claw marks up and down her body. She wanted it to end, that it would go away or she would wake up and it would be gone but the pain continued.

Madam Poppy was done and she sighed after words. "I don't know how to tell you this miss. Granger but it seams you have been infected with lycanthropy. A werelion linage to be more precise and I am afraid that there is nothing we can do for you at this time, On the bright side you are alive" Poppy finished with a sigh.

"Harry would not have let death take you from him Hermione, his life without you is not a life at all" Ginny said witch caught both Poppy and Hermione by surprise. Harry was standing there awake now.

"HARRY, oh Harry I owe you my life, how am I ever going to repay you" Hermione said,and she didn't understand why she said it as it was out of the norm for her to say.

Regardless of what was norm or not, she had said those words and at the end of them she felt like something was welling up in her chest. Could this be love she thought for a second before the welling shot out of her chest in a pink line that hit Harry directly in the chest.

Hermione blinked and the room around her was now white. Poppy and all the furniture was gone. Harry on the other hand was standing there in front of her.

"Now bound by life" A snake like voice said "you shall be his" the voice was familiar to her "until death you shall share your power" she placed the voice as the pet that Harry has "as you become part of his Harem" Slither's voice was starting to grow louder "Behold the power of the Hero's Right."

at the last word she felt her entire body shake before everything went dark. Her eyes refocused to find herself back in the room with Poppy. She knew she was in Harry's bedroom but how she knew it was a Mystery. She was tired as if she had used all her magic at once. Hermione slowly closed her eyes, she felt safe here.

The Next Day

Hermione woke up with two warm bodies on both sides of her. At first this freaked her out but she calmed down when she had realized it was Daphne and Tracey. She looked around the room to find Harry sleeping in a chair at his desk. She felt sad that he had not come to bed with them. After realizing what she had thought she shook her head to try and clear her mind of such thoughts.

Outside Private drive there was a dog, he watched the house with intent and hoped that he would some day be with the boy.


writer's notes: sorry this one is so short but I have other things going on so it might be some time before I pick up the story again. I will try and make it back to writing this as soon as I can.