Sometimes you cross my mind.

It's raining in London tonight. The streets are dark and the cold makes her feel like she's back in New York.

She looks so much like me.

It doesn't hurt anymore, thinking of him. She's moved on now. But sometimes during the quiet moments when she isn't busy sewing and socializing in this beautiful city, she looks Nate Archibald up on the Internet. She just wants to make sure he's okay. In recent pictures, there's nearly always the same wavy-haired blonde with large eyes on his arm.

You look so happy – I hope you are.

He carries a briefcase around now; it makes her smile to hear that he's working so hard in a field she never thought he'd be in.

You're still so honest.

When she reads his editorials on The Spectator she can hear his voice saying each word in a serious tone, with a smile simmering just beneath…

Sometimes there will be phases where she thinks of him every day, and other times, she'll go weeks without a thought of him. She is reminded of him at random times - a pair of light blue eyes that belong to a total stranger on the street; rolled up joints hidden in random places; certain slow and sweet songs at galas; forgotten letters peeking out beneath stacks of books; drunken group conversations where friends mull over lost loves and what could have been and she stares at her hands and thinks of only one.

I wonder if you ever think of me.

The only time his name causes her pain is when someone tells her about his latest accomplishments. Never due to jealousy, but because of the thought that now she has to hear these tidbits from someone else. Never him - a man who was once her world. It amazes her how easily things can fall apart; how easily he can forget that she exists, and yet to her he'll always mean so much. It's bittersweet because she's so proud of him, so proud that maybe that is what hurts the most. She knew he'd always be just fine. She knew he'd always find his way.

I want you to be proud of me one day, too.

"Jenny? Sorry for making you wait. Let's go," Eric's voice interrupts her thought process. Jenny slips her phone into her pocket, a smile easily taking over her features as she braces herself for whatever comes next and wherever it is that they are headed.

You'll always feel so far away.