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Twisting Expectations

Samantha Manson refused to be married off by her parents to the rich Daniel Masters. She expected him to be arrogant and annoying. What she didn't expect, however, was that not only was he flirtatious, he was also mysterious and irresistibly charming.

Chapter 1

"Samantha, we have something that we need to discuss with you," Jeremy Manson told his daughter. After straightening his checkered yellow and blue sweater vest, he sat down next to his wife, Pamela, and looked his daughter straight in the eyes.

"What's up?" replied Samantha Manson, or Sam for short, the heiress to the Manson name and fortune.

"Sammy-kins, we all know that you're going to be 20 next month, and your father and I were thinking that it was time that you put yourself out there and find a nice, and not to mention rich, husband," her mother explained. Pamela Manson, wearing a wrinkle-free pink sundress, placed her hands in her lap and sat up with a straight back. Like she always said, a woman should never slouch.

"Mother… I know that you are worried, but my non-existent romantic life is none of your concern. As far as I know, 20 is still a young age, and I have plenty of time to find someone who is right for me."

"Samantha, we know that you are a passionate, not to mention," her father paused, rummaging his mind for a word that would not offend his daughter, "a very independent, young woman. But not to fear, we already found someone who is perfect for you. He is the son of the famous billionaire and Mayor of Amity Park, Vlad Masters, and we arranged to meet with him and his father on Saturday for dinner."


"But Sammy-kins, Daniel is the perfect gentleman! You didn't even think about it fo-"

"I don't need to. A no is a no. Never, ever, will I submit to being your puppet, mother, and I will not be married off to some stranger whom I've never even met!" On the edge of unleashing all of her pent up anger, the moody teenager stomped up the spiraling stairs and slammed the door to her room shut. Plopping down onto her gothic yet luxurious comforter, Sam muttered to herself, "Why can't they just leave me alone? What did I ever do to deserve this?"

"Oh Jeremy, what should we do? We can't tell Mr. Masters that our daughter is too stubborn to have an arranged marriage!" Pamela practically screamed, throwing both of her gloved hands into the air. She rose from the couch, and proceeded to pace back and forth in front of her husband.

"Pam, don't worry. Samantha will go to that dinner whether she likes it or not. It's high time that she learned that we are her parents, and we will not tolerate rebellion." Also rising from the couch, Jeremy Manson ascended the stairs and hovered in front of his daughter's room. He knocked three times before it was opened, revealing his scowling daughter.

"Samantha, we know you are angry, but you are going to have dinner with us and the Masters. I don't care if you kick and scream, but do not disgrace the Manson name by failing to show up. Your mother and I will not put up with you being a stubborn teenager. We will make sure that you will grow up into a fine young woman who is happily married to a wealthy man."

"Father, how many times do I have to say it? I am not going to that dinner and I am definitely not going to have my whole life decided for me!"

"Sammy-kins, if you do not go to that dinner, Mr. Masters will have your head. We both know that he has all the money in the world, enough to chase you to the ends of the earth and drag you to that meeting. If I were you, I would be aware of what consequences ensue if the wife-to-be did not show up."

At these words, Sam paled, her rationality taking over her emotions. Still scowling, she stared at the ground, as if it were the most interesting thing that in the world. She realized that Masters was considered to be one of the most powerful figures on earth, and if she were absent at that marriage meeting, he would make sure that her life were a living hell.

"Fine," the girl muttered, finally lifting her gaze up to glare at her parents, "but I'm not doing this for you. I'll go to that stupid dinner, but I still refuse to get married to the son of that bastard." And with that, she slammed the door in her parents' faces, trudging to her bed and slamming her fist into her pillow.

"Don't worry honey, you will definitely love Daniel when you meet him!" her mother exclaimed on the other side of the door. Turning to her husband, Pamela sighed, "Well, it's a start. At least now she is willing to meet the man. I just hope that everything goes well."

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