Niles opened the door to his home, his sanctuary. He'd had a very satisfying day helping his many patients. But now all he could think about was coming home to the two most important people in his life: Daphne and David. But the second he entered the apartment, he knew something wasn't right. Daphne usually greeted him at the door with a kiss and a comment about how she'd missed him. But there was no sign of her in the living room. "My love? I'm home. Where are you?"

For a moment, he watched the stairs. Perhaps she was in the nursery, taking care of David. But for some reason, he didn't think that was where Daphne was. With a sick feeling in his gut, he walked into the kitchen. What he saw when he opened the door terrified him. There on the floor was Daphne. Immediately Niles rushed to his wife's side. He could tell that she had a pulse and was breathing. But she was clearly unconscious. "Oh, my love," he whispered. He could hardly think what to do. Despite his medical background, he could not focus enough to figure out what he should do. First he just kissed her forehead repeatedly, hoping she would wake up. But it was no use. The only reaction he got was a low moan. Clearly Daphne was in pain and needed help. Quickly, Niles ran to the kitchen phone, dialing 911. After being assured that an ambulance was on its way, Niles called his father. Then he returned to his place next to Daphne, watching for any signs of life. He had no idea how to help her, other than holding her hand and assuring her that everything would be all right.

But deep down, Niles knew there were no guarantees. A life could end in an instant. He'd lived with that fear all those years when his father risked his life as a police officer. And once again, the prossibility of losing someone he loved was very real.