Author's Note: Thanks for all of the encouraging reviews! A special thanks to Pat (Pat2Trivia4Me) for writing "For the Love of Daphne," which helped inspire me to take an idea I've had for a while, and actually turn it into a story! :) Hope everyone likes my ending!

When they arrived at the hospital, Niles asked his father to wait outside Daphne's room. He knew that Daphne would want some time alone with him and David before seeing the rest of the family. Martin readily agreed.

Daphne's face lit up and she held her arms out the second she saw Niles walk in with the baby. "There you are!" she exclaimed.

Niles handed David to her. Daphne immediately began kissing David repeatedly. When she'd nearly smothered him to death, she looked up at Niles. "I'm so sorry, both of you. I don't know how I could just forget either one of you!"

Niles kissed her as he hadn't since before the accident. "Oh, my love. I didn't want to say anything before, but I was so scared when I thought I'd lost you!"

Daphne's eyes welled up once more, and she touched Niles' cheek. "You could never lose me."

"I would have stayed by your side no matter what, but the thought of you never remembering broke my heart," Niles said.

"I know," Daphne replied. "Even when I couldn't remember any of it, I could tell how much you loved me. I think that's how I found my way back." She looked into Niles' eyes for a long moment. The hospital, their fears, and everything else in the world fell away, leaving only the two of them lost in each other.

The spell was broken by a doctor who entered the room, clearing his throat to get their attention. "The nurses have told me the good news. I'm happy for the both of you. But you should know that not every patient who has this type of memory loss recovers so quickly. Some never do."

Until that moment, Niles and Daphne hadn't realized just how lucky they were. "Wow," Daphne said.

The doctor nodded. "I wish I could tell you what made your case different from others I've treated, but I really don't know. I guess there are some things science just can't explain."

Niles and Daphne once again looked into each other's eyes. They were both thinking the same thing: maybe science couldn't explain this, but they understood it perfectly. It was really very simple. Daphne had been given the most powerful medicine in the world: love.

The End