Valkyria Chronicles: Blue Squad

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E.C. 1941, December 7th - Maxim Harbor, A Strategically located island on the outskirts of the Gallian Coast, was aerially attacked by the Atlantic Federation's Airship fleet. The Maxim Harbor naval base's 7th Royal Armada, was destroyed. After Attacking Maxim Harbor and its Naval Base, the Principality of Gallia was invaded by the Atlantic Federation from the west for their Ragnite ore supplies in order to defeat the Empire. The Darcsens were taken from occupied parts of Gallia to become labourers in the factories and Ragnite mines.

A month after the invasion, and Universal Conscription was once again implemented after the horrific outcome of the war with the Atlantic Federation. A month after the Conscription, Randgriz, Gallia's capital, was attacked by the Federation, yet was repelled immediately. The Militia was told to fight in the western shores and the northern mountains. Under the decree of Archduchess Cordelia Gi Randgriz, Darcsens are to retaliate in war which goes against the Darcsen culture of Pacifism.

Chapter 1: Darcsen

January 1942, Maherlle Naval Base…

Maherlle, a place very far from Randgriz, and is also a strategically located Naval base and Port City, lying on the mouth of the western sea. In that city housed the new, Maherlle Naval Base. Maherlle was the newest and one of the largest military bases in Gallia, after its modernization and reopening in 1940

Maherlle city was a tadpole shaped island, with a huge array of defences against Naval Attacks to the west. It had blue-tiled roofs and buildings as white as marble. It had an outer and inner wall separating the Naval Base and residential areas.

The Naval Base was in the outer walls of the city, encircling the city to keep it safe to invaders. To the east of the Naval Base were the old barracks that was turned into ordinance repairs, weapons and ammunitions supplies, and the garage, as well as the R&D. To the west, laid a gymnasium for recreational use and next to it was the port for their warships as well as commercial vessels.

On the centre, lied Fort Mills which was on top of a mountain in the inner walls. A huge five story castle with a fifteen-story-high Light house on the Middle, the clock tower was sponsored by the walls of the fort, as it faced the City. Inside the clock tower, had six iron bells and a huge golden bell used in alarming their troops, and civilians for combat.

The Maherlle Base had two, one for the army and one for the navy. The army's barracks was located outside the inner wall, being sponsored by it. It was four stories high which could fit two thousand soldiers. The Navy's barracks was located near the port. It was an all-steel version of the barracks, stretching twice as long, housing four thousand personnel.

It had drill grounds for military exercises, tank driving courses, a Hospital near the Port, and the Strategy Centre near the R&D. A windmill was located in the far end of the island, which was left over from the modernization of Maherlle. The Entire fortress was also connected with Ragnite powered trams as means of transportation. Maherlle was called "A Soldier's paradise" with it being both strict, and leisurely. It had three important words made of pure gold on the gates, saying… "Honour, Fraternity, and Freedom…"

April 4 1942, it was the first day for the new recruits of the Base.

The students ranged up to move than six hundred. They were either waiting for their assignments, or talking to friends who are now fellow classmates. Finally after waiting, the drill instructor came for their assignments.

"Attention, you maggots!" The drill instructor shouted.

The students fixed their positions, standing still and looking straight forward, with their hands to their sides. He walked from the left side to another and inspected them. He looked at some of the individuals and fixed his hat's visor down and said.

"I am Major Paine, and you maggots are here to fight the Feds, right? Now, if you don't want me to be your drill instructor, then leave now and never show your ass again, but I if you want me to be the instructor, then welcome to Hel!"

The students kept whispering about their strict instructor.

"You will all be assigned to your designated groups, have your aptitude tests, and meet your division along with your Leaders. Tomorrow you guys will be training with me!"

The instructor had some documents behind him, which was the list of the groups. He then started calling out the students and their designated groups. After the other recruits got into their designated groups, all that was left were men and women of the same race. The race of dark blue hair and blue eyed people wearing pieces of cloth with red octagonal patterns, they were the Darcsen race.

"All right, all that we have left are you Darcsens." said the Major. He then started calling out the name of the Darcsens. They did not have surnames, a consequence after the Darcsen calamity. So they were called, first name only.

"Yes Sir!"

The man replied, he stood forward and saluted Major Paine. He was a tall man at the age of twenty. He was dark blue hair and his blue eyes were spectacled. His hair was spiked, with a long strand of hair stretching up to his back like a tail. A man with a military upbringing, his father and grandfather have already seen combat during the First Europan war and the ones before. His military upbringing also reflected on how his uniform is well kept and organized. He had a neckerchief, which had the Darcsen octagonal patterns on it.

The major then called out another Darcsen.

"Here Sir!"

The man stood forward and saluted. He was a pale skinned young man at the age of eighteen. He had a very happy attitude, judging by his looks. His face always seems to smile, which match his messy hairstyle. Looking at his uniform, it was unbuttoned, and unfixed with the tie loosen and the collar unfolded. The attitude he had came from his life a farmer's son, growing up in the countryside of Gallia. His Darcsen patterned accessory was on his thigh.

The Major took another one and called
"Okay, next is Irin!"

"I-I'm right here sir!"

A lady stepped forward. Her dark blue hair was straight with the lower part being curlier, with her blue eyes showing her energetic personality, not a typical Darcsen's personality. Like Daniel, she was always smiling, with a small fang showing up when she opens her mouth, and she too came from the countryside. Being a country yokel, she sports a straw hat, yet unlike her fellow yokel Daniel, her uniform is tidy. She walked beside Nav and Daize. Her Darcsen accessory was wrapped around her hat.

"Howdy, Daize!"
"Yo Irin."

"Oh, boy… noisy ones." the Major went, and then picked another one
"Okay! Next we have Helri!"

"I'm right here, sir!"

Another woman stood forward. She was a sixteen-year-old Darcsen girl. Her hair was tied into a ponytail with her Darcsen accessory, and her eyes were yellow. Her uniform's skirt was three inches shorter than the standard. Her family's alma mater was Lanseal, having one member in every generation attend a military academy, but she decided to enrol in Maherlle instead.

"Next, we have Stavo!"
"Right here sir!"

He was a twenty four year old Darcsen man. His hair was well kempt, like a gentleman, short, but with class. His left eye was scared after a battle wound he had during the Gallian War with the Empire. His uniform was neat and tidy, and he liked wearing cotton white gloves. The Darcsen accessory also served as his eyepatch for his scarred eye.

"Next! We have, Zey!"
"I'm right here sir."

She was a soft spoken sixteen year old Darcsen girl. A young and beautiful lady, refined and feminine, her attitude and aura was very calm and gentle. Men in the line ups began looking at the charming maiden. She had a conservative upbringing, influencing her appearance, such as her long skirt. Her Darcsen accessory was a small cloak over her uniform. She walked beside the group and saw Emil, her old friend.

"Hello, Stavo."
"Hi Zey, I wasn't expecting you to be a part of the Militia."
"Well, here I am—since when were you here Hilry?" spotting Hilry, another friend of her.
"I wanted to enrol-"


The boy walked forward. Pale skinned, blue hair spiking to the right, and blue eyes with a sleepy look. His uniform was under a side cape that covered his left arm and mouth. The cape had hexagonal shaped embroidery near the edge. He had a calm and passive demeanour. The young boy was a seventeen years old, a Darcsen as well.

"I'm here sir."

As more Darcsens were called, some of the students whispered and talked about the all-Darcsen group, and this were simply their prejudice comments.

"Why are there people like THEM here…"
"Shh! they might hear us and kill us!"
"I hate those bastards for what they've done to us long ago!"

Negative opinions amongst the recruits were shared about the Darcsens.

"For me, the Darcsens are nothing but dirt on our clean Gallia."
"They don't deserve to live, and they will only be a hindrance to us."
"Cordelia's lie caused us a civil war, and Darcsens invaded Europa a long time ago."
"The Empire went on the purges and killed a majority of Gallians than Darcsens."
"If they were just to disappear then all would become peaceful again."

The murmurs of Darcsen prejudice could still be heard by some of them. No matter where in Europa they go, there are always people ready to berate them. The people slowly backed away from the dark-haired group, still whispering countless rumours and insults.

Nav was clenching his fist tightly out of anger. The other Darcsens simply looked away—they did not want to get into any fights about their race.

The tension was silenced momentarily when the Major told them to get ready for their aptitude test. They got to the gymnasium and fell in line for their aptitude test. They used Ragnite ore to identify their roles in combat.

After the other people got their assigned roles, the Darcsen group was asked to fall in line and got their aptitude test results. They soon talked about their classes, asking fellow Darcsens what their roles were. Irin asked Daize what his role was

"Hey Daize, what'cha get?"
"I got a Shocktrooper. How 'bout you?"
"I got placed as'n Engineer. Nav, how'd you do?" looking at Nav, who seemed to be impressed with his role

"I got the role of a Sniper." He replied. Irin then walked to her other teammates and asked what their classes were. Hilry was assigned as a Shocktrooper, so was Zey, and Stavo was a Lancer. Mikil was nowhere in sight, Irin tried to look for him and wanted to know his assigned role, he was still having his aptitude test.

After he took it, Irin walked to him and asked.

"Hey Mikil, what role did you get?" Mikil looked back and said
"Oh, they said I could be a Fencer or a Lancer. I was hoping for it too."
"Wow, that's mighty fine! Good for you!" Irin smiled.

And finally, they were all asked to get to their assigned squads. When they were asked to be grouped, it was simply to get them more organized and then they will be put to real units that must be composed of at least thirty people.

The following hour, the fresh batches of recruits were asked to join with their more experienced counterparts. The Darcsens were then joined with their divisions. The division they were asked to be with were also composed mainly of Darcsens. Most of them were teenaged or in their early twenties. The squad differed to the others, because in the other squad, not a single Darcsen was seen.

"What the…" Nav was irritated by this treatment. He thought that dividing the average person and the Darcsens was an insult.

"So, no matter where we go, Darcsens are only allowed with Darcsens…" Mikil thought
"This, is becoming pretty unfair." The saddened Zey pointed out
"Even if the Calamity is a myth, they sure take it to more unprofessional levels…" Stavo stated

Then, the assigned squad leaders walked to meet the new recruits of their unit.


The squads aligned themselves properly and straightened their bodies. The assigned squad leaders moved in to inspect and to brief their new recruits about their time in Maherlle. One of the last squad leaders to come out was a Darcsen, the squad of the same race knew that he will be leading them.

This Darcsen squad leader was a veteran of the Gallian Civil War, and graduated from the famous Lanseal Royal Military Academy. At the age of twenty two, he has already led different squads, but in his time in Maherlle, it was his first time to lead an all-Darcsen Squad.

He was a young man. Like any other Dracsen, he was pale. He was also tall with a slim stature. His face was under thin-framed rectangular spectacles. His hair was slightly spiked, but also well kempt. Wearing a squad leader's uniform, his left arm is wrapped with the Darcsen patterned accessory and along with it was a bracelet.

He faced his squad and looked at them with a cold face. He was not showing any emotion, and looked at his squad with an apathetic—but scary—face. He adjusted his glasses with his finger and said.

"Okay, for those who are new here, I'll be your squad leader, I am 2nd Lieutenant Zeri. Now I don't expect much from you, except that you follow orders and you don't die. As you can see rookies, we are all Darcsens, and because of this, we are the Squad 54, also known as, the 'Blue Squad'."

"Blue Squad…" Mikil mumbled

Blue Squad, a newly created squad made by General Draco von Minks, head of the Gallian Army stationed in Maherlle, and a true hater of Darcsens. He made the Blue Squad because he did not want the Darcsens to be intergrated with any other squad, and have the Darcsens only to be with Darcsens. He thought of them as nothing more than cannon fodder. Due to the dark blue hair of Darcsens, they were nicknamed as "Blue Squad"

"Now, you will start your training with Major Paine, tomorrow, this end our little meeting. I'll be heading to my office." Lieutenant Zeri said, and dismissed his unit. They saluted and he left them afterwards.

After leaving the Gymnasium the new recruit of the 'Blue Squad' left for wherever they wanted to go. Maherlle was a large city, as well as a large fort, so they used Ragnite trams to get to their destinations. Soldiers were ask to stay inside the base, and could only leave with the permission of the Squad leader.

Irin and Daize decided to take the tram and got to the R&D, since they have the rest of the day for free. Irin wanted to check the R&D because she and Daize liked to look at different ordinances. As they got to the R&D, they saw someone working on a tank with an emblem.

The Emblem was a number '54' on a shield, and it was crossed with the Darcsen patters. This was obviously a tank meant for the Blue Squad.

This person, who was working on the tank, was a twenty year old male. Tall and with a buff stature, he was wearing a mechanic suit. His hair was short but with bangs that covered his right eye. Looking at him, he was serious with his work.

Irin and Daize caught his attention. He looked at the pair, and they saw him staring at them. He had dark hair too, and with a scarf on his neck, it had the Darcsen patterns on it. Even their tank crew was a Darcsen.

"You must be the newbies." He said, and jumped off his tank, wiping his sweat off with a dirty towel
"Yeah! So ya'll must be the crew chief!" Irin asked
"Yeah, that's me." He said, and pointed himself with his thumb as he introduced

"My name is Yonn, and the other some of the members you met in the gym are a part of tank maintenance. Us Darcsens know a lot about technology."

Behind Yonn, came out of the other tech teams, they already met with Irin and Daize, during the meeting.

One Darcsen was a girl of Irin's age, she had pigtails on her dark blue hair, she had her Darcsen patterned accessory as a cloak. "My name is Ruki. Nice to meet you." She was a sky person with a timid personality, but Irin thought that that personality was cute on her.

"Hi Ruki!"

The other one was a male, a nineteen year old. Messy haired, and his uniform had its sleeves ripped off, showing his biceps. Stretching down to his hands was a tattoo of the Darcsen patterns, taking Darcsen pride to a different level. "I'm Iruba, Ruki's older brother!" he was more sociable and tough than his sister.

"Dang, you tattooed your arm in Darcsen patterns!" Daize was amazed
"Hehe, I get that a lot! Zeri sure got mad when he saw me rip my sleeves, but since I tattooed my patterns, heck, he let me off the hook!"

The other one was a seventeen year old boy, reading a book called "Cheslock's theory on explosives." He was spectacled, and wore a visor cap with Darcsen patterns on the visor. He wore a blue trench coat over his uniform. His attitude looked aloof, he was only busy reading his book, and did not introduce himself.

Yonn sighed and said "That guy's Dane, doesn't talk much. Anyway about our classes, Ruki is a scout, Iruba's a lancer, Dane's an armoured Tech, and I'm the tank driver of our Pteropus." He pointed at the tank he was fixing.

Much like the Edelweiss, it was a heavy tank, slanted armour on the front, but unlike the Edelweiss, it was pike-shaped, with the prow being pointed. The turret was cylindrical, housing the 48/88mm Breda ragna-canon leaning to the right, and an Erma 50 calibre machinegun to its left. It was also given a steel plated tank skirt.

"You made that?" asked the astonished Daize
"It was based on the Edelweiss, a legendary tank made by our fellow Darcsen, Theimer. It was also used by the legendary Squad 7 of the Militia which helped win the war against the Empire." Yonn explained.

"Wow!" Irin went.

Then they heard a loud noise inside the R&D. It sounded like something hitting the shelves and having parts fall on the floor.

"What was that?" Daize said
"Let's go check it out!" said Iruba

They nodded and ran to where the sound came from.