Valkyria Chronicles: Blue Squad

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Chapter 2: What we can do

After Irin, Daize, and the other Darcsens ran to check what happened inside the R&D, they saw three people, two average Gallians, and one Darcsen. The Darcsen was on the ground, and leaning on the shelves, with some tank parts and metallic objects around him, while the two others were standing.

One of them shouted.

"You stupid Dark-hair!"

"Hey!" Yonn went.

"Hmph, more of them. Let's get out of here." The two went and ran out of the R&D. Irin and Daize rushed to the Darcsen, and check if he was alright. When they saw who it was, it was actually Mikil, they pushed him hard and made him hit the shelves with some parts falling on his head. His head was bleeding, but he was still conscious, he did not suffer any injuries, just a cut.

"Hey Mikil. You alright?" Irin was shaking him
"Those jerks!" Iruba said
"Well, they're gone now. Hey kid, you okay?" Yonn asked.

"Y-yeah…" Mikil tried standing up. Daize was angry about how those two treated him. He said

"I'm gonna beat those guys up, the next time I-"
"No, don't…" Mikil went. He then walked, walking to his weapon. Unlike the other recruits, that were given Gallian-Issued weapons, but Mikil had a custom made weapon for himself.

"At least this wasn't damaged." He picked up his weapon. It was a 40mm top magazine-fed grenade discharger which used a charging crank. The barrel was long as an anti-tank lance and the handle also similar to one. Underneath was a great sword, it spanned longer than the barrel with the top part being an inverted curve, at around one hundred twenty degrees. It could be held like a lance or a sword, the trigger for the grenade discharger was located on the carrying handle in behind of magazine.

Mikil walked to the sword, and touched it. He said "This is the weapon… the weapon that will help me defeat the Feds, and the Prejudice of Darcsens."

"What is that weapon exactly?" Yonn asked
"It's called, Izmak. A weapon I made, before going here." Irin then tried to grab a first-aid kit, luckily the R&D had many of it. She tried to patch up his wound, and as she did, they were talking about the Izmak.

"Well, it sure is one piece of ordinance. But how'd you make it?" Iruba asked.

Mikil was looking at the Izmak as he asked "Do you know the Nameless?"
"Nameless? Yeah, that prisoner squad, right?"

"Yes. During the war with the Empire, my village was attacked by the Imperials. We were occupied by them."

"I lost my parents during the occupation, I was inside my house." Inside his house, Mikil was sulking in the corner, trying to hide from the Imperial soldiers. He was sobbing, after the death of his parents.

"But then. We heard an explosion."

Mikil tried looking through the window to see what was happening outside. As he looked through, he saw Gallian soldiers fighting the Imperials. Though they were not wearing the standard blue uniform, they were wearing black. Then one Imperial soldier came inside his house and saw him.

"Hehe, a hostage!" the Imperial Soldier went, and grabbed the shocked Mikil, but as they got outside the house.

"Hyah!" a young woman came to save Mikil

"A girl came to save me. She wore blue armour of a Fencer, and her weapon was something like the Izmak. I saw her, her hair, was Dark Blue. She was a Darcsen like me." Then the young woman left and continued on fighting the Imperials, along with the other Gallians.

Mikil took the Izmak and said.

"That weapon the woman was holding, I based the Izmak on it. That's why I'm lucky to be a Lancer and Fencer. I owe that woman a lot."

"I see." Daize said

Yonn then said
"So this weapon of yours could be a trump card for our squad? Hey, by the way, why did those two push you anyway?"

Mikil shouldered his weapon and said "Because, I'm a Darcsen, and they thought this weapon was just a waste of valuable resources."

"And ya didn't fight back?" Irin asked
"How could I? They won't understand me anyway." Mikil looked away and walked outside the R&D. He shouldered his Izmak and went off. Irin and Daize were saddened. Darcsens have always been experienced to prejudice.

The following days were all about training. Everyone was tasked to do rigorous exercises with Major Paine, climbing, rappelling, running while dragging truck tires, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, squatting, and military exercises.

"Remember, not a single squad will be dismissed if ALL your squad mates don't finish!" the Major yelled.

Nav was running while dragging tires behind him, sweating like a waterfall as he handled six tires tied together, Helry was already shaking while doing push-ups, not being able to push herself further. Stavo was doing sit-ups, but started feeling a pain in his abdomen. Zey tried to pull herself in the bars, but could not pull all the way.

After the exercises, they were finally dismissed, but were all exhausted. They went to the R&D, which was their hang-out spot in the entire base. That was where they all decided to eat as well. Nav was leaning on the Pteropus.

"That was exhausting…" he said
"I can't move my arms…" Helry said in agony
"You guys okay?" Yonn gave them each a cold bottle of water
"We're aching all over." Daize replied

Then they saw Ruki, Iruba, Irin and Mikil carrying bread baskets and a large pot of stew.

"The chef's so kind enough to let us borrow the pot o' stew!" Irin said, Mikil cleared out the table, and Iruba placed the pot on it. Normally they could go in the mess hall all they wanted, but they decided to do things in the R&D, with it being allowed. Mikil looked at the others and asked.

"Well, food's ready, you guys gonna eat?"
"Yes." Zey said as she tried getting a plate, but was still shaking, being worn out after the exercise. Mikil sighed and served her the stew instead, he grabbed her plate and scooped some stew with a ladle, and gave it to her.

"You're still worn out, here." He said
"Uh, thank you…" Zey said and took the plate with both hands.

"Are you guys okay, or do I have to give you one too?" he asked
"I'm okay. I'll get my own." Stavo tried standing up and took a plate and some stew for himself. Yonn, grabbed a plate of his own and ate at the top part of the Pteropus' turret.

"Mikil, you sure don't look tired?" Yonn asked
"I trained myself trying to fight with Izmak. I have to be strong to handle it."

Then, just outside the R&D, they saw their commander, walking towards them. He wondered what they were doing eating in the R&D instead of the Mess Hall. He said.

"You guys are eating here again?"
"Oh, Lieutenant Zeri! We decided to eat here because this was our usual spot." Yonn replied

"Here, I'll get you a plate, sir." Irin rushed and took a serving for the Lieutenant. Zeri sighed and said "Honestly, if you guys keep doing this, then they will really start to think badly about us, especially being Darcsens." Irin then gave a plate to him, he decided to take it and tried talking to the group about how they are acting.

"We ain't doin' this 'cause we're Darcsens sir." Daize said
"The Blue Squad just needs to bond more, and what a better way than to have it here in the R&D." Zey pointed out. Zeri just sighed, and said nothing more. Then he noticed something, leaning against the Pteropus, was a Izmak.

"Hmm, who owns that sword?" He asked
"Oh, that's Mikil's, I believe it's called the Izmak."
"What about it?" Mikil asked

"I remembered a member of the Nameless had one." Zeri said. Mikil was surprised, he wanted to ask Zeri if he knew the wielder of the weapon. He asked it, without thinking of formality.

"Do you know anything about her?" he went
"Yes, I believe her name was Imca, a Darcsen like us. I fought alongside the Nameless in a battle, and that's it. And that's 'sir' to you."

"I see…" Mikil went. After finishing their meal, Zeri decided to leave them be. He stood up and told them "Next time, you should try eating in the Mess Hall." He adjusted his glasses and left them.

With the rest of the squad left, they decided to clean up, and finish their food. Yonn still had some work to do with the Pteropus, Zey and Hilry wanted to rest and went to their barracks, Dane left to go to the library, Iruba and Ruki took the plates and the pot to the Mess Hall kitchen. Stavo was fast asleep leaning on the hull of the Pteropus. Nav went back to his room to rest.

Daize, Irin, and Mikil decided to go explore the base. Since the base was called a "Soldier's Paradise" they decided to explore the base more. They used the tram to get to what appeared to be a shop. It was a store which had almost everything, from textbooks and novels to personal hygiene, and food.

"Hey, kids. Welcome to my shop." said the shop owner, Merlin Weaver. The shop owner was a normal Gallian, but he was friendly, even to Darcsens. He was a blonde haired old man who just opened his shop recently.

"This place is huge." Mikil said
"I just opened shop recently, so not much yet available." said the shop owner
"'Not much'? Ya'll have a complete set of 'Siegbahn's guide to firearms' volumes 1 to 13!" Irin replied, looking at the bookshelves filled with textbooks.

Mikil was looking around the shop, and noticed a jar of 'Susie's Drops' candy on the counter top. He pointed at the jar and asked Merlin.

"Uh, how much is the candy?"
"Five for three Ducats."
"I'll have ten."
"Six Ducats please."

Mikil paid for the candy and placed it in his pocket. The two wondered if he was a sweet tooth.

"Mikil, do you like candy?" Irin asked
"Yeah. I've always liked it." he replied
"That's a surprise, y'don't look much like a sweet tooth." Daize stated

Then, as they were chatting, the alarm bell from the Fort rang. They were calling in for the army, the PA system around the base was calling for the soldiers to move.

"Calling squad 54, please report to the Strategy Centre. Repeat: calling squad 54!"

"Huh, we're being called in?" Mikil went
"Well, c'mon, we gotta go to the Strategy Centre!" Daize went and they ran out of the store
"Good luck!" Merlin said before they left.

The other squad mates of Squad 54 all came and ran to the Strategy Centre. Inside, they were called to the briefing room, to discuss their battle plan. Inside, was Lieutenant Zeri, with a big map of a town

"Okay, Squad 54, we were tasked to defend the Town of Mellvere! The Federation sent in an armoured force in the area. We will be taking the Pteropus. Now, move out!"

Squad 54 then ran to the armoury, located near the R&D, and took their weapons and changed their clothes to combat uniforms. Mikil loaded his special types of grenades in the Izmak. After getting ready, they rode their trucks, Zeri rode in the Pteropus, and they immediately left for Mellvere.

As they got to Mellvere, they noticed the Town watch was already fighting off the Federation army. The Federation brought in five tanks as they attacked Mellvere. The townsfolk fled from the scene as the town watch tried to hold the Federation off.

"Capture the town men. We need this for our new stronghold against the Gallians!" said the Federation commander.

As the Federation tanks made their advance, one of them was destroyed by a different tank.

"What the-!" the commander went. He used his binoculars and spotted where the shot came from. He spotted the Pteropus, along with some of Squad 54.

"Damn! All tanks, focus fire on that tank!"

The nearby tanks pointed at the charging Pteropus, and fired its shells at it. The Pteropus had far better armour than conventional tanks, and it easily deflected the hits of the Federation tanks. Yonn, drove the tank, while Zeri was observing through the hatch.

The rest of the Squad backed up the town watch. Zey was giving covering fire, as Hilry was advancing from cover to cover. Iruba, from behind aimed his lance at a nearby tank that has not noticed him yet. He fired the lance directly at its radiator, and destroyed it.

"Yes!" he went

Then a few enemy shocktroopers noticed him, and aimed at him. But before they could shoot him, from a distance Nav sniped them out.

Two tanks were left, but they still kept advancing. The commander ordered them to halt the advance and retreat.

"Fall back! Fall back!" he yelled, but the tanks were too late. Charging from nowhere, Mikil had his Izmak and used it on the tanks like an anti-tank maul. Mikil ran behind the retreating tanks and hits the radiator with the Izmak, and destroyed it entirely.

"What the Hel?" Daize went. The commander and some scouts were firing at him to prevent him from destroying the last tank, but as he was running, he cranked his discharger, with the grenade now loaded. As he had a good distance from them, he used the discharger like a mortar and fired it. The grenade fell on the commander and his soldiers, and killed them.

As the last tank tried to retreat, from one of the roofs, Stavo pointed his lance at it, and destroyed it before it could even leave Mellvere.

"Argh! I'm getting the Hel, out of here!" the other soldiers ran away, but before they could, the town watch had already surrounded them, and forced them to surrender. The Federation soldiers did, and the attack on Mellvere was halted.

At the town square, the town watch along with some of Squad 54 were rejoicing after a swift victory.

"Yes! We won!" the watchmen said
"Thanks for the help guys." the others said

As the Pteropus got to the town square, Zeri came out of it, and said "Did anyone get hurt?"

"No one sir!" Ruki replied
"We're all okay." Mikil said, shouldering his Izmak
"Fine weapon you got there, Mikil." Zeri said, and thought
"An anti-tank maul, fashioned like a sword… You're actions was a too careless, charging in the field like that." he scolded Mikil. He could have gotten shot, exposing himself to the Federation soldiers while trying to take out the tank. Mikil did feel sorry afterwards, but he could not stop himself from doing so.

"Sorry Lieutenant." Mikil went

"Kinda, remind me of me huh, Zers."

Then the leader of the town watch came to see the Lieutenant. The leader of the town watch was a messy-haired redhead with a brave soul. His attitude was very casual, even to military officer like the Lieutenant. But he knew the Lieutenant, he was a friend of his when they were still in Lanseal military academy.

"Avan, I knew I'd find you here." Zeri said. Avan then looked at Squad 54 and asked.

"So, this is your Squad?"
"Now, after being transferred to Maherlle." Zeri replied

"Hey." He took another look at Squad 54. He noticed that that his squad is comprised only of Darcsens. Avan wondered why Zeri was only leading a Darcsen group.

"Hey Zers, why is you group only filled with Darcsens?"
Zeri replied with a sigh and said "Apparently, that is confidential."

"I see. Well, thanks for helping us out. " Avan said
"I was given orders, unlike you who don't follow them." Zeri replied

As while they were talking, the other squad members were still rejoicing their first victory over the Federation. They were cheering and cheering, proud that they have saved the town, they were so glad, they even lifted the Lieutenant, and kept throwing him up and down.

"Yehey! Woohoo!"
"Put me down!" Zeri yelled
"Seems like your Squad's very happy." Avan said

Irin who was just looking as they were carrying Zeri, then she noticed Mikil looking at the town and saw the watchmen clean up the scene. Mikil was looking at how the townsfolk started coming back without anyone being unharmed, and even some of the Darcsen population were spared.

He was shouldering the Izmak, while eating the candy he just bought. He was smiling, smiling that he managed to help out the people, both Gallians and Darcsens.

"Are you happy?" Irin said
"Huh?" Mikil looked back, and said Irin smiling too
"Us 'measly Darcsens' managed to help a town."

"Yeah." He said, looking at the sunset, Irin, then told him
"It seems even we can do somethin' right. Is that what'cha want? To show people what Darcsens can do to save Gallia?"

"You got that right."

"Hey, Irin, Mikil, let's get going!" Nav called
"Comin'!" Irin said

"Hang in there Mikil, we'll show them what we can do." She said.

Mikil smiled at her and nodded. Then they decided to catch up with the others and leave Mellvere.