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Chapter 1: I meet a nameless guy
Valerie's POV:

This was truly what I'd been waiting for, for about the past 6 or so hours. Last period, and about 10 minutes until I actually finally managed to go home, I was already drumming my fingers against my desk impatiently much to the amusement of my 'best friend' Paige. One thing I learned from being her friend since kindergarten, you never really know who you can and can't trust, and she definitely falls under the latter of the two categories!

Her laugh echoed throughout the almost silent room. It was too forced. "You seemed to enjoy watching that documentary about space travel more than you do this, what's up?"

"Perhaps space is actually interesting as opposed to this" I suggested, winking at her.

"But this is a complete bludge, you should be enjoying yourself while you can, the homework we'll get in return for this lesson tomorrows gonna kill me!"

"Since when do you do homework?"


Rolling my eyes at her I continued doodling. From what I guessed it was some sort of planet, labelled with all sorts of random things and little extra pictures off the sides of what buildings might look like and what the technology might be like with extra annotations.

It hopefully wouldn't be long until they managed to answer the question we'd been asking for generations. The question that all humanity couldn't help but wonder; where we alone in this universe or did other planets also have populations and species of their own, with technology similar or advanced to ours.

Well… I knew one human that didn't care less.

And she was sitting right next to me now!

The lesson was just dragging on and on. To be honest I was starting to develop a blinding headache between Paige's complaints and the video we were watching, I wasn't even attempting to follow along or figure out what they were talking about. If I hadn't payed attention for the past 1 and a bit hours what was the point in starting now anyway? Instead trying to block everything out I kept doodling. Next time I had science I was going to the school counsellor; that was one way to get out of the boring classes.

And he taught me more psychology than my actual psychology teacher did! Oh what a shame I'd be in University next year, then I couldn't just skip class and catch up later!

Oh well…

The familiar ringing echoed in my head, causing me to flinch as I quickly stood grabbing all my belongings and walking out before she could call me back. I didn't care anyway. Spending less than a minute at my locker (literally all I did was throw my stuff in my bag and walk off) I was already on my way to the car park, awkwardly trying to figure out in which pocket I put my keys. As usual I was in a world of my own until I heard a scream and a loud screeching noise.

Looking to the side I saw a car coming, and I froze.

My head was pounding. What just happened? Wincing I slowly reached my hand up to cradle my head.

"Quiet now, she's coming to" I heard a male voice say. I tried opening my eyes, groaning at the brightness before I shut them again. Was it normal to feel my pulse in my head? I highly doubted it, not that it mattered.

Seconds later I felt somewhat better, the pain dying down. What the hell was happening to me?

Opening my eyes I looked up at the people around me. I was in a white room, and immediately thought of a hospital. That was until I saw the uniforms they were wearing. Don't they were white in hospitals?

"Where am I?" I attempted to say, instead it came out somewhat croaky and just miserable in general.

"You are in Sickbay on the Federation Star Ship Voyager, I am the Emergency Medical Hologram" he stated in a matter of fact tone, I raised my eyebrows edging away.

"I'm dreaming… that's it I'm dreaming"

"I assure you you're not" a female voice said stopping my little mantra in my head. I blinked.

"Well if I'm not dreaming this will, ouch!" I complained shaking my arm out. Pinching my arm obviously wasn't the best idea. Then again I was in my way kind of glad that I wasn't dreaming, which excused this as a daydream, I just probably hit my arm on something! People were raising their eyebrows at me by this point. "This can't be real star ships don't exist yet!"

I didn't miss the pointed looks between the people around me.

"What's the year?" she asked me.

"2012" I answered bluntly. "Are you guys that out of the loop?"

"Doctor, I want you to run a thorough scan of her and make sure she's alright, afterwards I'd like to see you in my office Miss…" she trailed off, and I saw the stern, if not slightly concerned look on her face.

"Chase" I answered with my last name, assuming she meant that as she nodded.

"Miss Chase"

Turning head on heel she walked out of the door, me watching as it opened as she came causing me to flinch slightly in shock. Walking right behind her were 3 other men and I watched as the door closed behind them.

"You aren't going to hurt me are you?" I asked, not sure what a thorough scan meant, and not at all trusting whatever it was he pulled out.

"I am a doctor, my only care is your wellbeing"

"So… what's your name?" I asked as he held the cylinder like thing near me, closing my eyes so I didn't have to watch whatever it was that it was doing.

"I have no name" he answered. "Don't worry this won't hurt" he continued probably noting my discomfort, and the obvious display of my shut eyes.

"How don't you have a name?"

"I am an Emergency medical hologram as I said earlier, everyone on board simply calls me doctor though" he said bluntly. "Well everything seems fine though I just want to do one more test and then you're free to go see the Captain"

"The captain?" I felt like such an idiot. Constantly asking questions and not understanding… well anything!

"Captain Janeway, the woman that just requested you see her in her office when I'm finished"

Smiling nervously now I felt like more of an idiot. How had I been unable to put that together? It was beyond me to understand how stupid this was but I still couldn't believe this. This had to be some sort of joke, and I was going to get to the bottom of this one way or another!

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