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The rain was coming down hard, her body felt so heavy against the ground. Her golden waves of hair soaked and sticking to her moist face. She heaved her chest trying to breathe, it was so difficult. "….Why….?" The young woman rasped into the atmosphere, feeling her defeat close at hand. Demons surrounded the fallen beauty in the hopes of devouring her succulent flesh.

A flash.

She tilted her head, her vision starting to blur. She was able to see a man in a blue coat, he was radiating power. She reached out to him and called, but nothing came out of her mouth. She shivered and felt death was very near. And then…


"Huh what?"

The golden beauty sat up with a quickness from her previously slumped position on her desk. She rubbed the mark on her face left from her sleeping on crossed arms. Suddenly the whole class started laughing hysterically.

"Oh crap…" Eila groaned loudly in annoyance.

"I can't even believe this, do you know how disrespectful it is to fall asleep in class? It's incredibly insulting to me!" Mrs. Marney was furious, her plump face was even more puffed out then before, and it seemed her red hair looked a little disheveled like she had been scratching at her scalp.

Eila groaned again, averting her violet eyes, which instantly got repercussions. Mrs. Marney was not having this and smacked the blonde's desk with a yard stick. The class gasped at this.

"Get out. Go straight to the principle." Mrs. Marney was shaking violently, the fat in her face jiggled. Eila didn't say anything, she just walked out, hearing whispers as she passed. Whispers about how she was a freak, how she was gorgeous but weird. This happened every time there was an issue in class involving her.

Eila didn't go to the principles office though, she just walked out of school all together.

"I hate you people. Lazy, selfish, greedy, gluttonous…. Every single one of you." She cursed with every footfall, her steps and words echoing in the alleyways she took to get home.


"Why am I going home?" Eila stopped in her tracks and stared at the cobblestone below her feet. "I can't go home, not to a drunk like him."

The blonde adjusted her school uniform.

As much as she hated school, she loved her uniform. It was a sky blue plaid skirt and a white button up t-shirt with the same print for a tie. It was cute and she liked to roll the skirt up a little at the top to make it shorter. This was for the sake that the only thing Eila had going for her at the time was her looks, so she flaunted them when she could. She didn't sleep around though, in fact, Eila was a virgin and planned to stay that way until she found the perfect guy.

"Meh, the only guys out there are freaking perverts!" She stomped her feet at this. For some reason Eila would have strange reactions to different things, like she would stomp her feet in anger, almost like a tantrum. She enjoyed acting carefree like a child, but she was still mature and could handle most adult situations with coolness.

Eila sighed and continued on her way down the alley, she decided she would go to her favorite coffee shop instead of going home. Eila's guardian wasn't exactly the best parent and she couldn't stand him and his alcohol abuse anymore.

She finally came into a clearing where different alleys met up and her coffee haven was right on the corner of the crossroad. She opened the door and the bell went off, it was a pleasant noise to her.

"Ha! Did you finally get suspended?" A busty, middle aged, brunette woman bursted into laughter.

"Nah, I just left. was being a bi-." Eila stopped herself when the brunette glared at her. "Eh…sorry, forgot about the foul language rule." The blonde smiled innocently and ran her fingers through her long golden tresses.

"Well If I were to call anyone a B-I-T-C-H it would be you for having gorgeous hair that goes down to your butt! I'm so jealous!" The brunette laughed haughtily.

"Jenna, you have nice hair too." Eila stuck her tongue out at the brunette.

"Well aren't you ornery? Why don't you go take a walk and cool down, you hot head!" Jenna laughed again. She laughed about everything. Eila loved that about her, like she was the mother she never had.

"Alright, I'll be back later okay?" Eila waved and walked out the door. She decided the graveyard would be fun to visit today, it was always desolate and that was appealing. The blonde was sick of dealing with people. They were all the same really…

It started to rain.

"Damnit!" Eila started to dash towards the gazebo in the center of the cemetery. She reached it just in time to not get completely soaked.

The blonde breathed in deeply and savored in the smell of the jasmine flowers that climbed the sides of the architecture. Along with the damp air and smell of dew, it was the cleanest and sweetest scent ever.

The clouds started to get darker and more ominous, the blonde was starting to feel uneasy but didn't want to leave the shelter of her beloved gazebo. "I hope it lets up soon, I'm getting cold." She pouted to herself.

She sank to the floor and hugged her knees, just listening to the sounds of rain and thunder.

'I just don't understand how people can be so cruel in this world. Just because I'm different.' Eila thought about how she fell asleep in class. It was a common problem in every class due to the fact that her drunken guardian usually kept her up all night. Teachers didn't really care about the abuse though. Funny how on the news or in media there would be talk of how teachers and friends would see an abused child and try to stop it.

This was not the case for Eila.

It would be a nightly ritual of slamming doors and hurling objects, then a daily ritual of other students picking on her while the teachers and faculty watched and did nothing to stop it. Hell, one day she went to the park and got stoned. Not high, legitimately old style stoned, sharp rocks and the works.

Eila sighed, hugging her knees closer to block out the cold. She started to breathe irregularly. Then before she knew it, she had tears pouring down her face.

She had forgotten how good it felt to cry, even though she had done it a lot in her life, she never did it in front of anyone. She refused to be seen as weak.

'Ugh, I'm so weird…' The blonde sighed inwardly 'I don't want to be weak yet I like childish things, what a contradiction.'

She finally stopped the tears and dried her violet eyes.

The blonde stood up and looked around feeling like she was being watched. She whipped her head around when she heard a branch crack in the distance, but there was nothing. "Hello?" Eila called out to the darkness. It was almost pitch black now, and for the first time she wished she wasn't alone and in a graveyard.

Suddenly, a groan. The blonde found herself surrounded by what looked like monsters, perhaps men? She was confused.

"Stay away from me! I mean it you perverts!" She backed out of the gazebo and into the rain. One of the creatures swung at her with what looked like a scythe. Eila screamed and began to run as fast as she could. She made her way back into town with the creatures hot on her heels.

With a searing pain she fell and hit the cobblestone hard, skinning her arm and knees in the process.

She turned to see the creatures hovering over her, one with a scythe already bloodied. They sniffed the air and looked at the bloody scythe, suddenly they were licking it and fighting for it. Eila looked on horrified.

"This is…Like my dream…" The rain poured hard and her clothes clung tightly against her sun kissed skin. Her back stung horribly, like it was on fire, but she felt she had to move if she wanted to survive.

The blonde got up and started to run again while the creatures were distracted. Though this was a futile attempt, for they caught on quickly that their meal was leaving.

Eila ran as hard as her legs could go, making only a little space between herself and her attackers. It was getting to dark to see and all she could hear was feet slapping the ground and her breath. She rounded a corner and found it to be a dead end.

"Shit!" She doubled back only to find that she had been cornered. Before she could even catch a breath she received a sickening blow to the head. The blonde saw swirling reds, blues, purples, greens, oranges…her head reeled and her ears rang.

"Angel…" One of the creatures growled at her then proceeded by grabbing her by her golden locks. Eila felt sick and couldn't breathe. "Angel?" She spit out just barely. Another blow, her head met the ground with a deafening crack. She started to black out as hot blood poured onto her cold face. She started to cry.


Her vision went out, but she could still hear. There was footsteps. Then silence. Then the sound of metal on metal. Frightening howls of defeat. Then once again, silence.

"To easy…" A raspy tenor spoke, softly but stern. Eila was soothed immediately, she felt her body relax.

"This is the angel I spoke to you about, she's only half, but she will do." A darker voice appeared, this was slightly shocking but the blonde had no complaints, her life was spared and that was just peachy.

Suddenly she heard footsteps walking away, who was leaving? She couldn't tell. She panicked.

"Please…don't leave…please." That was all she could manage to say before blacking out.