AN: WARNING! CONTAINS VIOLENT SEXUAL SCENES AND SLIGHT GORE! but you should probably read this chappie anyways...It has some important business in it.

Vergil awoke to find black wings covering his body, he followed the wings until they had reached a bloodied and mangled angel. The devil felt his heart sink as he pushed the broken wings away, viewing his once beautiful angel.

"I couldn't…" He choked on the words and furrowed his brows. 'I wasn't strong enough.' The words echoed and bounced around in his brain, he growled to try and keep them quiet. He scooped up his broken lover and carried her, she was still breathing. "Forgive me Eila…" Vergil brushed some of her bloodied hair out of her face. "I couldn't…. protect you." He felt hatred burn in his heart, once again demons had destroyed something precious to him, but at least he hadn't lost her yet.

The devil walked swiftly with her in his arms, looking for somewhere to heal her without having any distractions. He finally came to a large library and entered one of it's many sections. He placed her on an old stone bench, allowing her body to lean up against a wall. "Sufficient for now…" He proceeded to take off his coat and bundle it up like he had before, making a pillow on the ground. Vergil scooped up his angel again then laid her down accordingly. He pulled a vital star out of his pant pocket, and pressed it against her broken bones. "I'll try to heal these first, if she is able to wake up, she should be able to regenerate." The devil spoke to himself, almost as if he needed reassurance. As expected, her broken bones in her legs, arms, wings, and torso all healed up. Vergil gave a sigh of relief, the site of her mangled body before almost made him sick to his stomach.

"Vergil…?" Eila blinked in protest to the light, the devil stood at the ready for her beck and call. 'I am not so obedient…if I act like this around her she will think something's strange.' Vergil calmed himself then grasped her hand lightly.

"I'm right here, are you feeling alright?" He eyed her up and down, only finding there to be cuts and small gashes down her whole body.

"It stings…" Her wings flexed and the devil felt something strange stir inside of him, he couldn't understand what the feeling was.

"I might be able to help you heal, that short nap I took believe it or not did some wonders." Vergil stroked her cheek in apology, and all the angel did was smile.

"I saved you, I really did it. We were going to die, and then my wings appeared. I prayed…." She closed her eyes and sighed with relief. The devil watched lovingly as her chest rose and sunk with each breath.

"Eila, listen closely to me." Vergil had a stern tone and she opened her eyes to gaze at him. "I am going to lend you some of my power, however you're going to have to try and convert it. I don't know exactly if it will work or not, but I believe it's worth a try." Eila nodded in agreement. The devil leaned in and kissed her softly before speaking again. "I'm going to trigger, do not fear me, I will not hurt you. I want you to try holding onto me and concentrate on taking my power, can you do that?"

"Mmhmm." She nodded again and prepared herself. Suddenly Vergil started to growl, his body was electrified and changing into the beast she had seen before. The devil felt the tingling power coursing through him, it felt good but at the same time it was somewhat painful. He leaned forward and saw that his angel was slightly apprehensive about touching him, looking at her now through his demon eyes he could identify the feeling he had before. A deep instinctual feeling he couldn't place until now. He wanted to have sex with her, badly, and possibly kill her and eat her. The last feelings felt strange but at the same time he found it a common occurrence during their sexual encounters for him to drink her blood. It made sense now.

"It kind of hurts, Vergil." Eila had snapped him out of his thoughts to find that she was now kneeling to touch his shoulders, and slowly but surly she was healing.

"This is good, you're starting to heal." His voice was distorted and she jumped when he spoke. "It's alright, it's still me don't worry." She shivered and her wings twitched. Vergil felt his instincts surge now and didn't know if he could contain himself. 'Now that her angelic form has come out, it's hard for the devil in me to resist. I have to remain calm, just remain calm…just…remain…' He was interrupted by a soft whimper, his angel was in pain from the constant strain of foreign power. His demon blood boiled with excitement. He felt a growl escape his throat.

"Vergil…you're creeping me out. It's already hard enough to deal with you in that form, and if you start growling I'm just going to loose concentration." Eila spoke clearly now, and Vergil eyed her up and down to asses the damage. Her health was much better than before, and all of her major wounds were just turning into small lacerations. He glanced at her wings and felt a shiver go down his spine. 'Such symbolism, and elegance.' The devil started to growl again, only this time he couldn't stifle it. 'I've tasted her before, but I crave it now more than ever.' Vergil unconsciously had wrapped his arms around her and undid her dress, causing it to hang loose on her shoulders just waiting to fall off. 'When did I…She didn't say no…damnit…I can't….' The devil let out a ferocious growl, trying to resist the horrible temptations, and Eila spread her wings in response.

"Damnit Eila! Why didn't you stop me?" He breathed distortedly and she just shrugged.

"I actually don't know, curiosity maybe?" She stopped taking his power and wrapped her arms around him, looking him straight in the eyes. "Also…this is kind of thrilling; dangerous in a way. I like it." The angel moved forward to kiss him when he turned his head in protest.

"I'll end up killing you…I can't…stop…" He dug his claws into her fleshy hips and she cried out in pain. "Yes…Just like that." Vergil shook his head violently and concentrated on breathing. Eila's dress fell off her shoulders and rested on her thighs, she pressed her naked chest against him and he groaned. The devil heaved his breath, trying to not concentrate on her, but failing miserably. The angel grabbed her fallen dress and pulled it up and over her head, still leaving her in her bloomers. Vergil looked at her now, taking in her half-naked glory. He damned himself for not being strong, and finally gave in. "Damn this forsaken garment!" He tore off the bloomers and ripped them to shreds, watching Eila's face turn to shock.

"That was my underwear…"

"And now I have access whenever I want, deal with it." Vergil flipped the angel onto her back, watching her wings sprawl across the floor, drinking in the sight of her; specifically eyeing her jugular. 'I can't do that this time, I'll kill her.' His conscience finally grabbed hold of him and he aimed for her breast instead, biting down with his razor sharp teeth. Eila screamed in agony as he suckled and lapped up the blood, he didn't bite down any further, just far enough to get a good stream going.

"Vergil! It hurts!" She wriggled beneath him as he brought his head up to gaze upon her pain stricken face.

"Good." He licked the stream of blood pouring lightly from her breast. For the first time, he felt himself grow hard in his devil form, he had never actually seen what the 'rest' of his body turned into. Vergil reached into his garment and pulled out his extremely large and aching erection. It was blackish blue and contained ribs all the way down the shaft. 'That is ridiculous.' The devil knew he was well endowed to begin with, but he was pretty sure that this wouldn't fit inside her; the width alone was about the same circumference as a soda can. Perhaps even bigger than that. Eila stared at him in absolute shock.

"This is going to suck…" She leaned back and clamped her eyes shut. "Don't even warn me, just go." She readied herself.

"Try to heal yourself if you can…" Without another warning, he shoved himself into her heat. Eila screamed so hard that her voice cut out, she gripped his coat and sobbed. He continued to thrust into her, not being able to stop himself; almost as if he was enjoying her screams of pain and agony. No, he was enjoying them, and they were fueling him to no end. The devil growled like a wild animal and bent down to suckle the blood leaking from her breast wound. The blood was sweet and hot, running so smoothly down his throat that he barely had to gulp. He smelled blood coming from somewhere else, and the scent beckoned him. Vergil glanced down at his thrusting hips to find blood dripping from Eila's womanhood. Almost immediately he pulled out and licked the area clean; the angel whimpered with both pain and pleasure, and also embarrassment.

"That's gross! Stop it! Vergil stop!" She wriggled and he wrapped his arms around her legs, pulling her back to meet his mouth. He sucked and lapped his tongue at her bleeding folds, enjoying every whimper and moan that came out of his angel's mouth. The taste of blood was now mixing with the taste of her ecstasy; he could tell she was enjoying it now. Vergil dragged his tongue along her bud repeatedly and she gasped and moaned, throwing her head back and forth and leaning into his mouth. Her hips bucked when he sucked on the area, his devil's blood was on fire and he wanted back in. 'Not yet. Not until she begs for it.' The devil kept going, gripping her hips, back, and butt if he could; not stopping, not slowing down. She grabbed his head and screamed, her hips rolling with his movement. Vergil felt the area grow lubricated and stopped, he shifted back to his knees and thrusted into her again, finding it slid in more easily than last time. Eila grunted painfully this time, but she didn't scream like he wanted her to.

"Beg me for it." He growled at her and she laughed through her pain.

"Make it feel good and I will!" She shouted through clenched teeth, her anger and discomfort were no longer hurtful to the devil, he found them to be an absolute turn on. He roared at her and moved his hips sensually, wanting to gain speed. Eila shivered for a while but eventually started to whimper in pleasure rather than pain. Vergil felt his erection ache for more attention, but waited it out to make sure she would beg. "Vergil…ah…" He waited at his current pace, waiting for her. "Please!…more, I want…ah…more!"

That was the sound he was waiting for, he shivered and almost felt himself loose it from the pure sound of her begging. He worked into her harder, feeling her warmth wrap around him so tightly; it was intense. She started to curse and moan and cry out his name, her wings moved like they were trying to fly, and Vergil almost couldn't take it anymore. The devil watched as his angel's chest heaved with moans and breaths, he latched back down on her breast and moaned; drinking up the still spilling blood. He felt her hips rock against his own movements and felt himself drowning in lust and ecstasy. Eila screamed and her muscles stiffened, her body had reached its peak and cause Vergil's to do the same. The devil pulled out and came on her flushed and now bloodied frame, panting as his seed dripped off of her torso and onto the floor.

Vergil felt his power leave him and he returned to his human form, his member still out and breathing. He panted for a few more moments before returning his gaze to his angel, she glared at him and he gave a guilty smile. 'It's so unlike me to feel guilty, but this must have been severely stressful to her…plus I was trying to heal her in the first place. What a mess.' He leaned over to a fallen book and ripped out some pages, using them to wipe off the mess he had made on her. She swatted his hand away and took over, keeping her menacing glare on him. Vergil adjusted himself so that he was no longer flashing her, he leaned up against the bookcase and sighed.

"My apologies, I wasn't even thinking about it until I was in my devil form." He ran his hand through his hair and sighed again. Eila finally finished cleaning herself off, then she crawled towards him and kissed him tenderly on the lips.

"How was my blood? You know I actually thought you were going to eat me." She raised an eyebrow at him and he looked down at her wounded breast. He brushed his fingertips over the now somewhat healed wound; he leaned in and pecked her lips softly.

"You're blood was…like an aphrodisiac." Vergil smirked and the angel looked unamused. "…It was delicious, thank you." He gave another guilty smile and she sighed giving in.

"I enjoyed it for the most part, it was a little too satanic for my taste but it was good nonetheless. By the way, what the fuck happened to your dick?" She laughed and Vergil cringed at her horrible language.

"My father shared some wonderful genes with me, well actually…I wouldn't call that wonderful but rather horrifying." He shrugged and relaxed again, but Eila had one more question to be answered.

"Did you mean what you said…when you ripped up my underwear?" She glared at him again and he smirked at her.

"I was…a bit out of control, I see that now." He started to chuckle and the angel swung her leg over to straddle him. He raised an eyebrow at her in question. "I need a break once in a while Eila."

"Oh but I do to, but that doesn't really matter to you since you proved to me that I'm open for it all the time. You know…by ripping up my underwear and exclaiming you now have access whenever you want? So now I say, that if I want something from you, I'm going to ride you until you absolutely can't refuse." She smirked with pride and he was absolutely astounded.

"I have more restraint then you." He blinked at her and she glared at him again.

"Yeah fucking right, I could make you my bitch in a second." Vergil cringed again at her words; Eila looked amused.

"Ugh, that horrible mouth of yours. You should put it to better use." He grinned devilishly at her and she pushed him playfully.

"You're a terrible man, you know that?" She stood up and walked over to her dress, picking it up and shaking the dust off of it. Vergil memorized her nude figure before she dressed herself, he wanted to keep that image forever locked in his heart.

He knew he wasn't going to be able to take her with him, not this time.

The devil followed suit and grabbed his coat, shaking it off before slipping on. He looked down, his heart ached for what he was about to do. He approached Eila and slinked his arms around her waist pulling her close for a tight embrace.

"What's wrong with you? Usually you aren't so affectionate, it's almost like you're saying goodbye or something." The angel laughed and then froze. She didn't move, she didn't breathe, she didn't even blink. "I'm wrong…aren't I?"

"I love you."

"No, don't do this to me…Vergil…Vergil!" She started to panic, breathing heavily in his arms. He felt her shake violently, gasping to hold back whatever was going to break free.

"Please forgive me." His voice was steady for the most part, but his body was tense.

"Why? Have I done something wrong? I'll fix it! I promise! Just don't leave me please! I swear I'll be good! I'll be a good girl…a good girl." She broke out into tears, crying violently on his chest. "I'll be good…I promise…please Vergil…" Eila started to drop to the floor and Vergil gently lowered her there, still holding on as tight as he could.

"I'm so sorry, Eila, I will come back for you." The devil tensed further, feeling as if he was spouting a lie just to calm her.

"Don't leave…don't leave…." She held onto him for dear life. "I wont let you go, you'll have to kill me! I can't live without you!" The angel shook her head in denial. "Please don't leave…I love you more than anything this world has to offer, more than living. Take me with you." She cried and cried, begging him to stay. Vergil had never felt so guilty in his life, he didn't want to do it, but for her safety he had to.

He couldn't loose anyone else.

The devil lifted the crying angel's chin to kiss her deeply. She whimpered softly in his kiss, begging him not to leave. It hurt him, he never wanted to feel this way about anyone, but he was glad that he did. To say he had loved once in his life, and it was beautiful.

"I love you Eila." He knocked her out with one swift hit to the back of the head. She went limp in his arms and he scooped her up, holding her close. He tried to memorize her warmth, and her smell, for if he died he knew those would be things he would want to imagine before darkness took him. He would want to see his love before it all ended.

Vergil walked through the library, carrying his beautiful angel; sleeping soundly in his arms. He came across the woman named Mary and stopped, she looked up at him with surprise.

"I need you to do me a favor." He kept an emotionless exterior, not letting anyone know how much he was hurting.

"Depends on what it is." Mary blinked at him with two different colored eyes.

"If she wakes up, don't let her follow me. Get her out of here as soon as you can." He laid Eila down next to the woman and she gave him a strange look.

"You really expect me to look after your girlfriend? I don't think so, I have other problems to attend to." She glared at him and he sighed.

"Please." He looked away from her and she stared at him for a while in shock.

"At first I thought you were a really menacing person, but I guess even devils have hearts." She blinked at him and he walked away, he was going to find Arkham and make him pay for everything.

"I'm sorry, Eila."


"Am I…being defeated? Vergil was on his hands and knees, bleeding into the river that was rushing below him.

"What's wrong? Is that all you got? C'mon! Get up! You can do better than that." Dante shifted anxiously; he was pissed. Vergil rose shakily to his feet, finding it extremely painful with the intense wounds. He groaned in pain as he stood proudly in front of his brother. The space between them was a large stretch, but he could clearly see how determined Dante was. The ground began to quake violently.

"The portal to the human world is closing Dante! Because the amulets have been separated…" The blue devil was running out of breath, he knew he had already lost this battle, but he refused to give up until he was either dead or utterly defeated.

"Stop this Vergil, you can come back and live a proud life. I'm sure that girl will be waiting for you." The younger twin tried to convince his brother with everything he had left. The older twin shook his head slowly.

"No Dante…I wont go to her, not until I have gained father's power…not until I know I can—" He stopped himself, his heart ached with sadness, longing, and guilt. Most of all it was guilt. Guilt for not being able to save his mother, and guilt for being unable to protect the woman he loved most. He needed more power, such incredible power that no one could hurt the ones he loved ever again. "I need…more…power."

"Let's finish this Vergil, I have to stop you. Even if that means killing you." Dante gave his older twin a heartbroken look, Vergil could tell he didn't want to finish him off. The blue devil held up his father's sword in one final show, he swung it back and lunged forward; running with all of his strength. The younger twin followed suit, running forward with his broadsword rebellion, meeting his brother's determined gaze.

There it was, the final blow.

Vergil watched as the world seemed to slow down, his amulet falling with such grace and beauty. He was falling as well, so slowly, feeling the cool spray of water brush his bleeding wound. 'Dante did well this time.' He looked down to see that his brother had cut half of his abdomen open, and he was bleeding profusely. 'Well done.' He hunched over and held himself up with his hands once he met the river floor. The blue devil grabbed his amulet and pushed himself back to a standing position, he staggered trying to keep his balance.

"No one can have this, Dante." He grunted through his pain and shifted towards the edge of the waterfall. "It's mine. It belongs to a son of Sparda." His breath was short, he was exhausted and loosing blood. He grunted painfully and almost fell over. Dante rushed to him in panic, reaching out to him. Vergil quickly unsheathed Yamato and held him at sword point. "Leave me and go if you don't want to be trapped in the demon world. I'm staying." The younger twin's eyes pleaded with him, but the blue devil just smirked at him. "This place…." He shifted back. "Was our father's home."

Vergil began tipping backwards and Dante reached out to grab him. The blue devil smirked and cut the hand reaching for him. He watched his twin grow smaller and smaller as he fell, watching his sad face fade away. 'Perhaps, I will see them again….Eila…heh. Be a good girl.' He blacked out into darkness.





'I'm alive?'

Vergil woke up to find he had made it to the bottom, he was soaked from a lake of what he assumed was blood. He could tell he was in hell now. The blue devil staggered to his feet in pain, suddenly feeling a powerful presence. Three large lights appeared and he smirked.

"It'll be fun fighting the prince of darkness." His heart filled with rage and competition. "If my father did it…" He grabbed hold of Yamato, preparing himself for the battle of his life. "I should be able to do it too!" Vergil ran towards the lights full speed. 'I will protect them, the power is mine, and no one will ever be able to stop me!' He screamed violently.

"VERGIL!" Eila cried out as she shot up in bed. Her breath heaved and she started to cry violently, her heart burned with mourning and sadness. Dante creaked open the door and calmly walked over to her side of the bed, his look was sympathetic and gentle.

"Another dream about him?" He sat down and she embraced him in a panic, he petted her head in response and hushed her like a parent would a frightened child. "Hush now, I know it's hard, and I wont lie to you…it will be like this for a while. You'll feel better eventually, it's just going to take some time."

"Stay with me, please…" She sobbed softly in his arms and he nodded. Eila scooted over so that Dante would have room to lay down, she wiped away her tears before looking at him. "And…will you do it again? For me?" Dante gave her an upset look.

"I can't keep doing this Eila, you know I'm not him." He sighed and looked away from her.

"Please Dante?" She started to tear up again and he sighed, giving in to her request. The devil slicked his hair back and put on a cold face. Eila looked at him through watery eyes, vowing to find him some day. She would find him. She would be with Vergil again someday.

She dreamt sweet dreams, and Vergil was in all of them.


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