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"In Westin Hills Hospital in Springwood, there are several teenagers that had something in common; they all experience those dreams. One resorts to self-harm to keep herself awake, a couple seemed to have tried suicide-"

"Krystal!" whined Jessie. "Don't tell me the whole plot! I haven't seen the movie yet!"

Krystal sighed, but she knew her best friend was right. "It's a REALLY good film." she said. "I didn't even get onto what happened when Jennifer fell asleep watching TV."

Krystal Miller and Jessica Moore, seventeen-year-old horror movie buffs. The two girls would always see new horror movies when they came out. Even at fourteen, they'd find a way to get into the theatre. Mostly they saw them together, but this particular time, Jessie had been busy, so Krystal had gone to see A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors alone. They'd both seen the first two Nightmare films and proclaimed themselves 'Krueger fans'. Now Jessie was about to go to the cinema to see it, and Krystal had come along, wanting to see the movie again. It was an unusually warm March evening, but the sky was already orange, with pink and purple clouds, with stars appearing as the teenagers walked from Krystal's car to the local movie theatre.

Jessie caught Krystal's hint, and it piqued her curiosity, even though she was going to see the movie in minutes. "OK, I'll bite. What happened to Jennifer?"

"Well, the TV seemed to stop working." Krystal said. "Then she went up to it, tried to get it to work, then mechanical arms came out and picked her up. Freddy's head appeared at the top, and he's like 'welcome to prime time, bitch' and then her head is smashed into the TV."

Jessie shivered. She liked horror films, but gore was her least favourite part. She was incredibly squeamish for a horror fan. In the first Nightmare film, Tina Gray and Glen Lantz's deaths had her closing her eyes when the blood appeared, yet she calmly watched Rod Lane's sheets hang him. "Is that the worst death?" she questioned, half hopefully, half anxiously. "Was there any blood in that?"

Krystal shook her head, grinning. "Nuh-uh on both counts. I'd say the worst death is definitely Philip's death. But I'll get to that when you see it."

During the film, the girls kept exchanging whispered comments.

"That little girl is so creepy."

"Is Kristen really awake?"

"Oh wow, you didn't tell me Nancy was back!"

"Maybe the kids will have some real help!"

"I think Joey's so cute, how he can't talk but you can tell everything he wants to say."

"No wonder Will was killed. Doesn't he know that you shouldn't run up to your adversary, even if you think he's gone?"

"Woot woot, go Kristen, go Kincaid, go Joey!"

The girls walked out, chatting happily.

"I'm so glad that's not me." Jessie remarked. "Those kids are so unlucky."

"Not me!" Krystal said brightly. "I'd want to help them fight! Plus, I'd love to meet all of them. Nancy's brilliant, Kristen's cool, Taryn's awesome, Joey's cute...need I go on? Plus, I'd love to have a dream power."

"Maybe you do." Jessie giggled. "Not like that part has to be fiction."

Krystal drove back, dropping Jessie off at her house, then driving back to her own. Krystal only lived with her depressed single mom, who frequently made her life miserable, yelling at her, and sometimes abusing her physically. Luckily, Krystal wasn't at home much, so she didn't see her mom a whole lot. Her mom was never a really good mom, even when she was alive. Krystal much preferred Jessie's mom, who was prone to babying Jessie and her sisters, but was the kind of mom who acted like one.

Krystal's wish was that one day, she could have a new life, with great friends, people who cared, and no abuse that had to be suffered.

Krystal had the strangest dream that night...

The teenager stood on a street, full of neon lights, but no people. Suddenly, she looked up at the signpost. Elm Street. She gasped, and looked around, immediately on her guard.

"You wanna fight now, or later?" Krystal whipped around at the deep voice, and she expected exactly what she saw. A figure with a burned face, a red and green sweater, a brown fedora, and a razor glove.

Krystal felt something in her relax. She'd seen all Freddy's films so far. She doubted he could pull a trick on her, real or fake. "Get to the point, Krueger." she said carelessly. "You wanna settle this now, or another time?"

A dry laugh echoed through the world of Krystal's dream. "Maybe later." Freddy answered, looking amused. "I'm going to have fun with you, Krystal Miller. Sweet dreams."

With that taunt still ringing in Krystal's ears, the girl sat up in her bed. Only it wasn't her bed. She was in a pure white room. The windows were barred, and when she looked out the window, she saw a sign next to the footpath: Westin Hills Hospital.

Krystal gasped, just as she had in her dream. Somehow, that dream seemed to have transported her into the world of Dream Warriors.

Slowly, her shock turned into excitement, and she was all smiles. "A new life, and meeting the dream warriors?" she whispered to herself. "I can find my dream power. Plus, I know all about Freddy, so I can beat him easily." She giggled to herself, looking forward to the fight she was going to face.

Little did she know, that her happiness was uncalled for. She had more than Freddy Krueger to fight against. But for the moment, Krystal Miller was the most thrilled that she'd been in ages.

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