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She screamed to see...

Jessie was wide awake and alive. Krystal's scream was not in fear, but of shock. "Did you..."

"I had to wake myself up." Jessie said, speaking at top speed. "I couldn't just let Freddy kill me without giving you the information. Firstly, Jennifer is still stuck in the dream. I don't know how I found her. Maybe I have Kristen's power...anyway, she's in a coma in the real world, one she won't ever be waking up from, as you know. But she knows that he won't kill Kristen until he's got access to a whole new bunch of kids. He can only get to non-Elm Street kids if someone pulls them in. So it's either me or Kristen. Finally, I've called Nancy. She's still alive, and she's OK for now."

Krystal nodded. "Right. Well, I have a suspicion that Kristen is going to fall asleep. I don't trust her mom, and I wouldn't put it past her to actually knock her out, even." A frown crossed her face. "Isn't he going to try to kill Nancy first?"

Jessie shrugged. "At least she's on her guard. What were you saying about Kristen?"

"That I'm going into her dream if she sleeps, whether she likes it or not. If this story is another movie, no doubt Alice and them will end up being involved. Alice was talking about this Dream Master rhyme earlier. Anyway, I'm going to go sleep. If I say anything about her NOT being there, wake me up, right?"

Jessie gave a nod, and Krystal let her eyes close, concentrating on Kristen the whole time.

She was in a house which she recognized well – Freddy's old decrepit house. Krystal listened, and suddenly she heard Kristen yelling something. She followed the voice, which was followed by another one she knew well, a dark rasping voice.

"Come on, Kristen. Why can't I get a variety? Just reach out to someone."

"NEVER!" She heard Kristen scream. "I'm the last." She heard the footsteps of the other blonde, and she turned to see Krystal walking towards her. "Krystal?"

"I didn't trust that you wouldn't get knocked unconscious or something." Krystal replied. "I told you I'd come if you were going to end up sleeping." She turned to face Freddy. "If you're so set on killing, leave the non-Elm Street kids alone! Their parents didn't do anything! Not that it's right to kill us, but you can leave the innocents alone, why not? Do us all a favour and DIE already!"

But already, a brunette girl with was walking through the room, looking confused.

"How sweet," Freddy clicked his razors, "Fresh meat."

"Alice?" Krystal gasped. "Why didn't I see this happening?"

Kristen grabbed Alice by the shoulders. "Alice, wake up and get out!" She even slapped the brunette across the face, hugging her immediately after. "Alice, I'm so sorry, it was a mistake."

When Freddy called to Alice, beckoning, Kristen and Krystal did the exact same thing. They turned at the same time, yelling the exact same words: "Leave her alone, you son of a bitch!"

Both ran at him, but Kristen got there first. Freddy intercepted her easily.

"Now no one sleeps!" he rasped, and Kristen gave a cry as she landed in the burning furnace.

"Kristen!" Krystal screamed, but she backed away.

"Alice! Krystal!" Kristen yelled, her flesh burning and black ash already covering her face and hair.

"You'll need my power!" Krystal saw Kristen's soul shoot out of the furnace and into Freddy, but another white blaze shot out. She and Alice were standing so close, the blaze hit both of them, and just before Krystal woke up, she saw the white colour go into her.

"What happened?" Jessie asked, as Krystal blinked and sat up, the truth sinking in.

Krystal let a few tears slip down her face. "Kristen." she whispered. "Freddy was taunting her, telling her to pull someone in, and now he's got Alice to kill at some point. And Kristen's power went into both of us. Me and Alice, I think. I don't know, but it feels like I've got part of Kristen with me." The blaze had hurt, making her feel like she was punched in the stomach, and then it just felt like part of Kristen's spirit was in her, as corny as that sounded.

Jessie blinked at Krystal, and then stared. "Is it just me, or are your eyes lighter?"

Krystal shrugged. "That's weird. I wish I'd seen this movie, then I might get what's going on."

"I think I know what'll happen." Jessie said. "Alice will survive, but since she's not an Elm Street kid, Freddy will get her to pull in other kids that aren't from Elm Street to kill. We'll have to stop him."

Krystal shivered. Then she looked out the window, over at Kristen's house. "I can see the fire." she whispered. "Kristen burned alive."

Jessie scowled a bit. "I've got to come to school now." she decided. "There's no way I'm letting you or Alice pull in anyone else. I'll introduce myself to them the minute I can."

Krystal nodded. "Have you changed your mind about getting Freddy to kill you?"

Jessie shook her head. "Not really, but for as long as so many people are in danger, I'm going to do what any 'Nightmare' movie fan would do – go and help the Dream Warriors and the innocents fight."

"Um, you know a lot of them would jump Freddy." Krystal corrected, with the ghost of a smile.

"Whatever." Jessie said. "The point is, you guys don't need to lose me just yet!"

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