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Clary sat on the roof in the warm night air. Bright stars dotted the sky and the moonlight shined on the ocean waves as they rolled into shore. The

occasional sea gull screeched but it was kind of soothing to hear them. Her knees up to her chest tightly and her head on her knees, a tear slid down her cheek. She hated to admit it but she was miserable here in this castle like house. Max had made her cry on her first night and ruined her sketches, she had embarrassed herself more than once already and Isabelle thought nothing of her.

Her phone rumbled in her pocket. She took it out and Simon's name flashed on the screen. She wrapped her jumper closer to her body and pressed the answer button.

" I miss you!" she said.

" I miss you too, I love you as well. How are you holding up?" his voice rang through the phone like music to her ears. It made her smile.

" not good Simon"

" what? Why? What did those people do to my girlfriend?" simon said half yelling.

" well you were right about Alec, he is really nice and so far the only person that I feel comfortable around. And isabelle must think im weird or something, and max oh my god Si!"

" what? What did he do?"

" well you know my backpack with all my pajamas and sketchbook in it?"

" yeahhh…" he said slowly.

" well I went to go have a shower and I picked it up and walked into the bathroom and then he soaked me with ice cold water and it completely soaked everything in my bag, including my book. I got it out and it crumpled and fell apart in my hands" clary said her voice choking as she tasted salt. Tears were coming.

" don't worry clary. Ill send you another one"

" no simon, don't worry about it. Ive got a whole stack of them here"

" oh. So they know about your talents?"

" yes Simon" she said laughing. Simon could always make her laugh even when she was so upset.

" so….. What have you been doing?"

" Alec gave me a tour. it's massive. I thought the house was a castle!"

" serious?! I want to live in a castle. It'd be cool. But have you been crying?"

" how do you know?" clary asked.

" clary im your boyfriend. I know when you've been crying. I can hear it in your voice"

" to tell you the truth yes I have" clary told him

" why? Clary tell me" simon asked her.

" oh simon, Im miserable here. Ive already embarrassed myself a million times this afternoon. Its only my first night and something of mine that has been with me with everything is now a pile of saggy white crap in the bin. I hate it here and I want to come home. Home is with you and I want you here with me"

" its going to be okay. We have to arrange something tomorrow. Ask If you can come to the park tomorrow. Ill meet you there?"

" okay. Ill ask but what if she says no?"

" then ill march over there and kidnap you in my arms and carry you to the park where ill kiss you where you like it and hold you and beat up everyone who looks at us twice"

Clary laughed, " and where do you think I like it?"

" I don't think I know it's the crook of your neck and under your ear lobe"

She could hear the smile in his voice.

" oh yeah well you like it when I pull your hair"

" im not even gonna deny that. Cause I know its true"

" well I didn't deny it either" Clary told him.

Simon laughed and his mothers voice rang out in the background. Simon came back " im really sorry Clary but mum's got her work people here. I gotta go. Ill text you in the morning. I love you babe"

" okay then. Love you too bye"

" bye babe"

The phone line went dead as Simon hung up. She sighed and tucked the phone back into her pocket. She wrapped her arms around her knees and tucked her fingers into the jumper sleeves. She let the wind whip her hair across her face as she stared out to the ocean. Then something bumped onto the roof beside her. She jumped and looked to see what was the thing that had scared her.

It was a big fluffy grey and white cat. It had shiny green eyes like her own. It walked over to her with its tail held high in the air and laid down at her side. It snuggled up to her hip and started purring. She smiled and stroked its fur. It purred more heavily and stayed by her. She continued stroking the cat as she stared out to sea. Then she heard the door click as it closed slowly behind someone. She looked back and saw Alec. He smiled and walked over to her and climbed through the window and sat on the other side of her. She continued to stroke the cat.

" so I heard you talking with Simon"

Butterflies filled her stomach. He had heard everything that she had said.

She looked at him and he was looking at her. " don't worry, im not angry or anything. Its just I came to ask : do you really feel comfortable around me?"

Clary smiled, " well so far you're the only one who has actually listened to me and been nice"

" told you. Im the nice one"

There was awkward silence for a couple of seconds. " well just know that now im your older brother so if you ever need to talk or anything like that I'll listen. After all you're my sister"

Clary looked at him, " how can you accept me so easily? Im the new person that has just walked into your life without your permission and living in your house and taking up more room. Your already calling me your sister and stuff and being really nice"

" actually I wanted another sister or brother. Mine suck. Izzy Is always in her room on the phone or texting and Max is always annoying people so im really on my own. I asked if they could adopt another person and they took me down to the orphanage and I looked at files to choose someone to bring into the family and I saw your profile and read It and felt really bad for you so I chose you. Mum and dad liked the idea as well so yeah… im accepting you because that's just who I am" he said smiling.

" really? Your not just saying that to make me feel better?" Clary asked him.

The cat jumped up and scattered away. Clary frowned and looked back at Alec.

" im not saying it to make you feel better. Im saying it just to let you know that im accepting because I wanted you here"

Clary smiled. Alec put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. He smelt like sandalwood. He hugged her tightly and for the first time she hugged him back. They pulled apart and alec walked her to her bed and peeled back the covers for her. " good night Clary. Ill see you in the morning"

Clary nodded and smiled as he turned off the light and closed the door. Clary put her phone on the bedside table and got under the covers. It was surprisingly warm. She closed her eyes and dreams overwhelmed her.

Simon was standing in the corner of her room. He had red liquid dripping onto the floor. Clary touched his shoulder and he turned around. His throat was slashed, his wrists slit, his shirt bloody and torn. He flung a note at her face as he fell to the ground. She knelt down beside him and held his head, he whispered I love you and his eyes closed. Clary whispered no and then his chest stopped moving. Tears fell from her eyes and then she remembered the paper he had thrown at her. She unfolded it and read it.

I know you told him, so I killed him. Your friend with the brown curly hair is next. Remember im saving you for last you bitch.

Clary sobbed into her hands as she knelt over Simon's body.

Then she woke up. Sunlight poured into the room and warmed her freezing cold body. She looked at her phone. She had one new message. It was from Simon. good morning beautiful.

Clary smiled huge as she looked at the text over and over again. He really was her prince charming.

Just then the door opened and Alec walked in. " oh good your awake" he said smiling.

Remembering their talk last night Clary smiled at his presence. He came and sat beside her and read her text. " looks like he cares about you a lot"

Clary nodded, " we've been through a lot together".

It was Alec's turn to nod. " do you want to go to the park today?"

So he had heard all of her conversation with Simon. She laughed, " you heard that too? Why were you spying on me?"

" oh I wasn't spying mum said to come check on you and you were on the phone so I decided to listen"

Clary smiled and then the door opened and Max came in the bedroom in batman pajama's. he smiled and plopped himself down on the small couch the end of the bed. " so Clary…. Have you ever kissed someone before?"

Clary nodded and Max asked another question, " have you ever had sex?"

" oh my god Max! no I have not" Clary looked at him shocked. How could he know what it was? , he was only 9 years old.

" are you an alien?" max asked.

" no" clary said.

" are you sure? Ive never known a person with so many scars on them"

Beside her Alec cleared his throat and shot a menacing glance at Max who didn't seem to care.

" Max im pretty sure im not an alien"

" then what happened?" he asked her in such an innocent tone it wasn't funny.

" nothing happened"

" but your covered in them. Something must of happened"

Alec rose to his feet beside her and said, " MAX! leave right now!"

" fine, but im telling mum" he said blowing a raspberry at Alec as he got up

" go ahead, she isn't going to do anything"

Max blew another raspberry as he jogged out of the room. What a nice start to her 16th birthday.