AUTHOR NOTE: I've got this idea when I read a Teen titans fanfic; 'Minding the Nest' by 'Tatsurou- san'. I like the idea about making the character to be young again and the character, who didn't turn into young version of him/herself willing to take care the other character who turns into young. So, here it is!

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Chapter 1: The River of Youth

"I hope I can find that river, if I did… My name will being feature on any history books.." thought Puss.

Puss was on his quest to find the legendary river, The River of Youth. Nobody ever succeeded to find this magical river, no one. And after hearing the legend of this river, Puss feels determined to find it and to become.. the legend..

After a several weeks of walking, from the forest to another forest, Puss finally found the river he has be seeking - and probably anyone else too..- for a long weeks (not month..).

"I can't believe it! I actually found the river of legend? The River of Youth? Wait, I have to make sure this is The River of Youth.." said Puss to himself.

He then took a daisy, which grew near the river, and soaking it into the river. After that, he pull back the daisy from the river only to find.. the daisy has turned back into a seed..

"It is! This is The River of Youth! I finally found it! " Puss was about to leave a permanent mark(you know, the 'P' mark?)on the tree near the river, to show to everyone that he is the first cat to found this river, but he suddenly saw a black figure laying near the river. Puss walk closer to the laying figure.

The figure seems to be covered by her/his own black cape, so Puss removing the figure cape, only to find.. a black kitten, with a brown female boots. The belt that the kitten wears seems to be over sized than its body.

"A kitten? This kitten found the river before me?" thought Puss. Although Puss feels disappointed that he is not the first person to find the river of legend, but he got to admit that this kitten is very brave to do this hard quest.

"Who is this kitten?" thought Puss again. He then examining the kitten to make sure is this kitten has some identification or something else to identify this kitten. Puss was surprised to find out that this black kitten was soaking wet.

"Wait? Is this kitten was actually a grown up cat? It must be, this kitten was soaking wet! I presumed that this cat.. or kitten for now.. must be accidentally fall into this river.." thought Puss, examining the kitten - who used to be a grown up cat - more closer. He then starts to realized something.

"Black fur? A white spot on its chest? The boots and the belt? " thought Puss. He starts to recognize the dagger that was hanged on the kitten's(grown up cat) belt, the brown female boots, and the mask that kitten (grown up cat) was wear.

"I think I know who is this kitten used to be.." said Puss, gasped.

AUTHOR NOTE: Anyone know who is this kitten? If you did, submit your answer through Review. I'm sorry for a very short chapter, I will write more if I have chance..