To those of you who have only just clicked onto this story, I recommend you not to read it, if you want a badly written, suckish piece of work! I'm currently working on the sequels for this one, so if you want to read the new improved version, then add me to your following list. I actually feel embarrassed by the poor quality of this fic! So please, if you continue to read, don't tell me it sucks because I already know!

Harry yawned once again as he struggled to drag himself out of bed. It was 4:30 in the morning but his aunt and uncle wanted the house spotless before they woke up shortly after ten. It was the summer holidays but all summer long he had been treated like a slave.

Harry thought it unusual that he felt fatigued, as normally he wouldn't at this time, considering that he was used to it. But he brushed it aside as being the hot weather they had been having caused it. Harry winced as he opened his wardrobe and his joints protested, sending a sudden pain through them.

"Ouch that hurt!" Harry exclaimed, rubbing his knees.

He pulled his clothes on and went downstairs into the kitchen, he went to the cupboard under the sink where Aunt Petunia kept her cleaning supplies and dug them out, he started to clean immediately making sure not to leave even a speck or smudge as he knew there would be hell to pay if he did.

Once he had finished he decided to shower, so he grabbed a towel from his cupboard and went upstairs into the clinically clean bathroom. He thought of his friends as he showered, he was going back to Hogwarts for his third year in a week and today the Mrs. Weasley was going to come collect him. He smiled as he thought of the Weasleys, they were like the family that he never had and though he'd rather sell his right arm than admit it, he was jealous of Ron.

Shivering as he touched his over-sensitive skin, Harry stepped out of the shower and dried himself off, noticing as he did so that he had lnumerous bruises up the length of his arms

'That's odd they weren't there this morning'.

He shrugged it off and continued to get dressed then crept quietly back to his room so as not to wake his so called family.

He yawned once again, suddenly feeling very cold. Shivering, he wrapped himself up in his ratty old blanket and tried to get warm, but it was like the cold was in his very bones. He had been feeling unwell for weeks but had thought nothing of it because feeling unwell was normal to him.

At around ten thirty he heard a knock at the front door and he crept to the top of the stairs to see if it was Mrs. Weasley. He smiled when he saw the familiar red hair through Uncle Vernon's beefy arms.

"Hello I am Molly Weasley, I have come to collect Harry." came Mrs. Weasley's cheerful voice.

Harry's heart leapt at his best friends Mum's voice and he raced downstairs and to the front door.

"Hello Harry have a nice summer?" said Mrs Weasley smiling at him

"Yes thanks." said Harry cheerfully, superstitiously pulling his sleeve down to cover his bruises.

Mrs Weasley smiled and turned to his uncle; who had been staring dumbfounded at the two for the whole conversation.

"What the ruddy hell do you think you're doing telling these people our address?" roared his uncle and out of nowhere a fist slammed itself into Harry's face, his uncle obviously not caring that Mrs Weasley was there.

"Now there's no need for that!" shouted Mrs Weasley, who had angrily pushed past Vernon and was kneeling beside a shell shocked Harry, she waved her wand and Uncle Vernon flinched.

"Yes you'll be doing more than flinching when my boys get their hands on you!" she snapped, glaring at Uncle Vernon.

Mrs. Weasley frowned, concerned when she noticed that a large bruise had appeared already.

"Come now Harry lets get you out of here, i've sent your stuff on already." she said softly.

With that she helped Harry to his feet and he followed her out of the front door, wiping his eyes.

"Hold onto me Harry, we will be apparating, have you ever done this before?"

Harry shook his head wiping tears from his eyes. Mrs Weasley couldn't bear it so she pulled her surrogate son into a hug, letting him cry on her shoulder

"That better?" she said when his sobs finally subsided and Harry nodded smiling weakly.

"Good now lets go, hold onto my hand, it might feel uncomfortable." she said gently.

Harry did as he was told, gripping her hand tightly, she then turned on the spot and with a POP!, they were sucked into darkness. It felt as if he were being sucked through a rubber tube but before he could even begin to panic, they had reached their destination.

When they finally landed on the doorstep of the Burrow, Harry nearly collapsed with the wave of dizziness that overtook him, but Mrs Weasley grabbed his shoulder, steadying him. They entered the burrow kitchen together. Immediately, Harry was almost knocked down by the force of his two best friends running and hugging him. Harry smiled to himself as he hugged his two best friends. He felt at home for the first time in months.