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Harry winced as Madame Pomfrey inserted the needle into his arm to draw blood. He' been called to the hospital wing by Madame Pomfrey on the last day of term for a blood test to determine whether he would need to continue with chemotherapy.

Harry watched with little interest as she drew the blood, and squeezed it into the potion like she had done many months ago. She sat and waited for the potion to change colour, smiling reassuringly at a nervous Harry. To Harry's horror the potion turned a blinding white, meaning the treatment would continue.

"I'm sorry Harry but your treatment will need to continue." she said sadly.

Harry looked down at his hands, taking interest in a small bruise on his knuckle. It wasn't fair! Why couldn't he be normal for once? Now it looked like he'd have another year of being poisoned.

" how am I going to have my treatment in summer?" said Harry, looking up at Madame Pomfrey who was watching him sympathetically.

"I will come round and give you your treatment every week. But I will say that this course will be stronger to try and eradicate the cancer. You will most likely need another bone marrow transplant at some point this summer." she said, taking Harry's hand.

"Okay I'll manage." said Harry bravely.

She smiled at him, feeling proud of how brave he was being. If it had been her in this situation she probably would have cried. She grabbed the bag of chemicals that would be his last treatment before going home and attached it to his cannula.

Harry laid back and closed his eyes as he waited for the chemicals to drip into him, fighting the nausea that was already present.

"When the bag is empty you can have your potions." she said, eyeing Harry's slowly paling skin.

Harry nodded but said nothing, not daring himself to speak.

After what seemed an age, the bag was empty and Madame Pomfrey bustled over with an armful of potions and a large bag.

"These are the potions you take now," she said, setting them on the table "And these are the ones that you take at home."

Harry downed all four potions, grimacing at the foul taste, causing Madame Pomfrey to chuckle.

"Now I'll show you what potions you need to take. This one," she held up a potion that was a ghastly green colour "Is called Prednisone, you need to take it twice a day, It will help with your cancer symptoms."

"This one," she held up a yellow potion "Is a nutrition potion. I want you to take it before every meal and before you go to sleep at night."

Harry nodded to show he understood.

"Now this one is a strong painkiller. Only take this when there's real need for it. And finally this one here," she pointed to a white one "Is anti nausea. As with the painkiller, take only as and when necessary."

"Got it." said Harry, smiling cheekily at her.

She shook her head at him and swatted his leg.

"You may go now. I think Professor Lupin wants to see you." she said.

Harry nodded at her, grabbed his bag of potions and took off for Remus' office, ignoring her calls of not to run. He stopped outside his door, clutching his ribs as he tried to get his breath back. Finally, he raised his fist and knocked.

"Come in Harry!" Remus called.

Harry frowned in confusion as he entered the office but stopped in his tracks of asking Remus how he knew it was him when he saw that he was packing his stuff up.

"Are you going somewhere?" said Harry, frowning as Remus placed a pile of books in a rather tatty trunk.

"I'm afraid so Harry. Professor Snape er accidentally let slip the nature of my condition." said Remus, turning round and smiling at Harry.

"You're not leaving?" said Harry, taking a horrified step back.

"I'm sorry Harry but soon owls will be coming in from parents. They will not want a werewolf teaching their children." he said sadly.

"But that's ridiculous! You're the best Defence teacher we've ever had."

"Thank You Harry but I must do this." said Remus, putting a hand on Harry's shoulder.

"Does...does this mean I can't live with you anymore?" said Harry in a small voice.

Remus looked horrified "Oh Harry of course not. I'll still take you home with me." said Remus, squeezing Harry's shoulder.

"I'm gonna miss you at school." said Harry, looking down at his feet.

"You'll be fine. Plus we can write and see each other on Hogsmeade weekends." he said, smiling down at him.

"I guess..." said Harry.

"Now as I'm not your teacher anymore I don't feel guilty about giving this back." said Remus, handing Harry a piece of parchment.

"Is this the Marauders Map?" said Harry, gleeful expression on his face.

"It certainly is." chuckled Remus, ruffling Harry's hair "Now I must be going. See you tommorrow."

Throwing all pretences aside, Harry wrapped his arms around Remus' waist and buried his face in Remus' tatty robes. Remus smiled and wrapped his arms around the young teen.

"See you tomorrow then." said Harry, smiling slightly and standing back.

"Tomorrow." Remus repeated and with that he left the room.


Harry stood nervously outside Professor Dumbledores office, fist raised and ready to knock. He wasn't sure what to say. He didn't want to look like an idiot but he thought that Dumbledore might want to know if a prediction had been made about Voldemort.

So steeling his resolve, Harry knocked and waited for an answer.

"Enter." came Professor Dumbledores cheerful voice.

Nervously, Harry entered the room and shut the door softly.

"Ah Harry m'boy what can I do for you? Lemon drop?" said Dumbledore, holding out the little silver dish.

"No thanks er there's something I wanted to talk to you about." said Harry, wiping his sweaty hands on his trousers.

"Yes what is it?" said Dumbledore, leaning forwards and intertwining his hands together.

"Well after my divination exam Professor Trelawney went strange."

"Indeed. Stranger than usual I presume?" said Dumbledore, eyes twinkling.

"Uh yeah and she said that...that the dark lords servant will escape and they will be reunited and um that the dark lord will rise again." said Harry, rubbing his neck nervously.

The room was silent as Dumbledore took in this information. Did he not believe him or something?

"Er Professor? You don't think that it was a true prediction do you?" said Harry.

"You know Harry? I think it was." said Dumbledore, smiling at Harry.

"But that's bad isn't it. Voldemort will come back." said Harry, nervously chewing his fingernails.

"Ah but it may never happen." said Dumbledore.

"But what if it does?" said Harry anxiously.

"If it does then we will be prepared." said Dumbledore.


Harry grinned, despite himself as he entered the great hall. It was alive with sound and excited teenagers, looking forwards to the summer holidays. For the first time since he started at Hogwarts, Harry was too.

He slid between Ron and Hermione, grinning cheekily at them.

"Hey guys have I missed anything?" said Harry, taking a bread roll and thickly buttering it.

Unless you count Fred and George putting baldness solution in Snapes drink then no." said Ron, sniggering heartily.

Harry chuckled and chanced a glance up at the staff table. Snapes hair had been regrown but he looked murderous. The other teachers looked as if they were fighting their amusement off. Harry grinned and went back to the magnificent feast, chewing carefully.

Professor Dumbledore rose and smiled down at all of the expectant faces.

"Another year is over and we must say goodbye to our seventh years." Dumbledore clapped and the rest of the school followed suit

"No I'm sure you're all desperate to get back to your families but I must insist that you do not forget Hogwarts too much. After all I'm sure Professor Snape will not be very happy if you blow up his dungeons." said Dumbledore, eyes twinkling in the Weasley twins directions.

All in all, Harry enjoyed the feast immensely. Whether it was the fact that Gryffindor won the house cup for the third year running or the look on Malfoy's face when Hermione punched him, Harry was in a very good mood.

"Oi Potter, Granger, Weasel."

Harry, Ron and Hermione turned around, raising their eyebrows at the pathetic specimen before them.

"What do you want Malfoy?" snapped Harry, trying to push past Malfoy.

"Oh I just wanted to know how the stupid oaf friend of yours is getting on without his headless chicken."

Harry swallowed his anger as he smirked at Malfoy.

"Didn't you hear Malfoy? That Headless Chicken escaped."

Malfoy burnt red with rage "Oh well at least your convict godfather will be soulless soon." said Malfoy, crossing his arms and smirking.

Harry's blood boiled and he jumped forward to give the little brat a piece of his mind but Hermione got there first. She drew her fist back and punched him hard in the face. Malfoy squealed like a little girl and ran off, his friends following closely behind.

All In all, the end of the year was very interesting and as Harry climbed into bed that night he wandered if there would ever be a normal year at Hogwarts. But then..Perhaps not, he thought, grinning into his pillow. With that thought, he fell into a deep sleep.


Platform 9¾ was buzzing with families greeting their children when Harry stepped off the Hogwarts express, heaving his heavy trunk with him. Ron and Hermione rushed off to find their families, promising they'd write and Harry began to scan the platform for the familiar sight of Remus.

Finally, he spotted him, standing a short distance down the platform, wearing tatty wizards robes, looking strangely nervous. He smiled and dragged his trunk and Hedwigs cage as he approached him. Remus spotted him and smiled, waving him over.

When Harry finally got to him, Remus wasted no time in pulling him into a bone cracking hug.

"I thought you wouldn't come." Harry admitted, head on Remus' shoulder.

"I will always come for you." said Remus, smiling and pulling back.

After saying goodbye to the Weasleys and the Grangers, Remus and Harry took each others hands and ran through the platform and into their new life together.

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