Back on the Hogwarts express thought Harry on the way to repeat his 7th year. It's worn seats and comfy carridges made him feel at home. Staring out the large window and barely listening to the mundane chatter going on behind him he began thinking of the events of the past year, and at how much he had thought about Draco.

He started to picture Draco, he wasn't all that bad. Since getting rid of the hair gel anyway. Harry pictured the blonde cowlick which sat on top of his head. He wondered what it would feel like to run his fingers through it and got a strange pang in the region south of his beltbuckle.

This percuilar tingle sent a lighting bolt flying Harry back into the world of the living with enough time to act like he had been listening to what Ron and Hermione had been talking about.
'we're nearly here' Hermione said with a hopeful tone, the one she used when there was alot of library based study to be done.

Harry dozed back into his own little world again and conjoured up the previous image. Wondering what his hair would feel like under his fingers and if the movement would release Draco's musky teenage scent. At this point Harry could feel the area around his crotch tighten,but then the train pulled into the station and once again flung him back into reality.

Harry had never thought of Draco like that before, maybe now that all this was over that they could get along. But before he could dwell on the prospect of being friends with Draco he was scooped up and escorted in an array of babbling about exams and poitions to the castle. Home.