Bardock: The Untold Story

Chapter 1

Bardock stood in a field, under the blood red sky of Planet Plant, focusing his energy. It had been a year since he had somehow been transported 2000 years into the past and defeated Chilled using the power of the Super Saiyan, but ever since then, no matter how hard he tried, he could not obtain that same power. His Ki swirled within him as he drew all the energy from his body, he tried to remember what happened the day he defeated Chilled, how angry he was at Frieza, his blood boiled with rage and his hair began to shine blonde, his eyes turned into glowing emeralds, but only for a moment. The power left him and Bardock's hair and eyes returned to black.

He smashed his fist into the ground causing a minor earthquake in frustration. Since he first became a Super Saiyan he had become obsessed with the power, he craved it. However, living in a peaceful village amongst the natives of Planet Plant could not give him that power. It was time for him to leave.

There were two ships left on the planet, one by Chilled and the other by the henchmen that had attacked the village prior. Bardock had retrieved both of them and kept them close to the cave outside the village where he lived, knowing that one day he would need one of them. He decided now was as good a time as any to set out on his journey.

He was looking at the ship when he heard his name being called from behind. He knew immediately who is was. He turned around to see Berry bringing him another basket of food, like he had done every day for the past year. Bardock had protected the village from Chilled, but Berry was the only one he really talked to. He didn't mind Berry's company; he knew he looked up to him. Bardock turned to meet the child, who had a fresh basket of food, but Berry stopped when he saw that Bardock was looking at the ship, he knew Bardock was going to leave. His smile faded quickly and he stood at a distance staring at his hero's cold eyes. Bardock was going to leave and he wasn't going to tell a soul about it.

'You're going to leave without saying goodbye?' Berry asked, tears in his eyes. Bardock turned away and looked into the belly of Chilled's ship.

'I'm sorry, Berry. I have to go. There is nothing here for me anymore.' Bardock said.

'What about me?' He cried.

Bardock turned around and patted Berry on the head, in between his beady eyes.

'You don't need me kid, trust me on that. You'll be better off without me.' He smiled, Berry just stared up at him for a moment, then held up the basket.

'This will help you… on your journey.' Berry said. Bardock took it without hesitation, he turned and began to walk up the ramp of the ship basket of food in hand, leaving Berry behind. Berry yelled to him one last time.

'Where will you go?' He asked. Bardock stopped.

'I've seen visions of my son Kakarot defeating Frieza. I am going to the planet he was sent to, to see if there is something there that can help me achieve the power of a Super Saiyan.' He continued to walk up the ship ramp, when he reached the top he pushed a button. The ramp began to retract and the ship's doors began to close. He looked out to see a sad Berry, watching him leave.

Bardock entered the main room of the ship, which he had explored previously, getting to know the ins and outs of the ship before he set off into space. On the main control panel was a screen which sifted through the many planets in the galaxy, all he had to do was find the planet he wanted to go to, push a button and he was on his way. Bardock began to scan through the many planets whose coordinates were already set in the machine. He found Yardrate, Kanassa, Planet Cold, Malchior 7 and finally reached the planet Earth. He thought for a moment whether or not it was the right place to go, but if Kakarot had defeated Frieza, like he assumed, the only way was if he became a Super Saiyan. Earth was as good a place as any and Bardock had nothing to lose. He hit the button and the ship began to buzz into life. A robotic female voice on the machine began to speak. 'New route detected, heading for planet Earth.' And the space ship was on its way. Berry watched as the ship took off, he ran back to the village to tell everyone that Bardock had gone.

Bardock decided to take a nap. As he slept he dreamt of himself trapped in some kind of sealed room. Before him stood someone who looked like one of the villagers he had just left behind. He was old, but yet his face looked familiar, just like Berry's and his eyes were red with anger. 'You abandoned us! We needed you!' The Plant person said and Bardock awoke suddenly, sweat covering his face and hands. He rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling.

What a nightmare. He thought, since coming to the past his visions of the future had ceased entirely. He thought briefly it might be a vision, but shrugged it off, thinking of it as more a guilt thing for abandoning the people of Plant without giving it a second thought. He went back to sleep easily and did not dream again.

After his nap, Bardock looked out the window of the ship into the deep reaches of space. 'I hope this doesn't take too long.' He said, anxious to get out of the ship. He spent another week on the ship; rationing the food that Berry had given him and unsure of how much longer it would take before he reached the planet Earth. He looked out the window and saw a small planet passing him by, it looked dead and cold.

He sat down to the last piece of bread in his basket. It wasn't much and he gobbled it down easily, still starving. He sat down and started to wonder how much longer it would take, as he closed his eyes to daydream his thoughts were replaced by the faces of the Plant people, screaming and crying as hundreds of spaceships rained down on them. Their enemies attacked them with advanced technology and sophisticated weapons. The invaders were Tuffles, hearing rumours of the medicine on Planet Plant, they invaded, ready to make the planet their new home. Bardock opened his eyes hastily and sat up, knowing he had seen a vision of the future. The Tuffles were going to invade the planet. He rushed to the coordinate machine and scanned through the list of planets, looking for Plant, knowing that he had to go back and protect the villagers, but just as he found the ruby red planet he had once called home among the list, the ship began to shake. It knocked Bardock to the ground and he struggled to get back up. The robotic female voice sparked up again. 'Now entering the atmosphere of Planet Earth.' It chimed. Bardock looked out the window and saw the lush green valleys of the planet beneath him. He noticed that this planet was full of animals, his stomach growled with anticipation as he eyed off some deer frolicking nearby the ship. He walked back to the machine and looked at the Planet Plant, flashing before him. It's going to take me a week to get back anyway, I might as well stock up on some food. He thought, and left the ship to hunt some prey.

As Bardock stepped onto the ramp, he noticed that the gravity was much lighter here.

'So this is Earth ay?' He said, looking around at the scenery. 'Well it doesn't have much gravity, but at least there is fair game here.' He said eyeing off the many animals that roamed the planet, having eaten barely anything in a week, and not seeing a scrap of red meat in over a year, he was famished.

He turned back to look in the ship one more time. I'll make it quick he said. Knowing that the people of Planet Plant needed their hero, and time was running out.