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This tale is being written to explore some much needed character for Amy Rose. If you think she's fine as is and shouldn't change, do not read this.

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Running. That's all she could do. She ran and ran and ran until her feet ached. And then she kept running.

She could not see where she was going, because her vision was blurry with tears. This was fitting, seeing as her world has been turned upside down into a jumbled mess. She must have stumbled over her own feet countless times, but she didn't care. She just had to get away from the pain...

Eventually, Amy was forced to stop, as she collided into a tree and fell on her rear. Looking at the old tree, she glared at it and, whipping out her Piko Piko Hammer, proceeded to whack at it until it fell, screaming in anguish all the while. When the tree was no more, she fell to her knees and continued sobbing. "Sonic...you jerk..." she hiccuped. As her tears continued to fall, a low voice brought her out of her misery-tinted haze.

"Well, you've made quite a mess here, haven't you?"

Amy turned around fast and saw the voice's owner: a black-furred hedgehog with a strong presence...and an even stronger resemblance to her crush...rather, her former crush.


"Yes. Mind telling me why you decided to level an innocent tree?" he asked in his usual no-nonsense tone. "That's none of your business, Shadow," Amy spat back. She was in no mood to talk to anyone, especially someone who looked so much like...him. "Perhaps not," Shadow went on, "But when someone decides to demolish something within my vicinity at random, it becomes my business." Amy rolled her puffy eyes at that reasoning. "So, what happened? Did Sonic break up with you or something?"

"Don't say his name..." she growled. Shadow, however, did not hear that, and continued. "No, I suppose not. You'd have to be dating for that to happen, and he'd have to be interested in you in the first place." Amy clenched her fists tighter. "Shut up..."

His ears perked up at that. It seemed he wasn't that far off from the mark. Deciding that a lesson needed to be learned here, Shadow callously pressed the issue. "Judging from your reaction, and the way you stormed in these woods like an infant, I can only assume he finally decided to be honest with you and tell you he didn't want you."

"SHUT UP!" Amy yelled. "I don't think so," Shadow replied. "This has been a long time coming, Amy. For as long as I've known you, you've been hopelessly stuck on that fool. I'm surprised he chose to stop leading you on at all." Amy wordlessly glared at him, which dampened his interest quicker than one would think. "Hmph. Believe it or not, part of me was concerned, but I can see talking to you is, as usual, a waste of time. You can mourn all day for all I care." He then turned to leave.

As he did, he casually moved his head to the left, just as a red and yellow object blurred past him, and returned, causing Shadow to move his head to the other side. The Piko Piko Hammer then returned to its owner, whose head was lowered in barely contained fury.

"Take that back."

Shadow remained still. "No."

"Take it back, Shadow," Amy repeated.

Again, he said, "No."


Shadow, having been fed up with her attitude, was more than ready for what was about to happen. "MAKE ME."

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