Chapter 2

I squeezed Oni-chan's hand and look at him afraid he might cry as hard as dad did because Oni-chan loved Mom a lot. He was always a quiet child. He didn't talk or show his emotion much especially to strangers but he was always happy when he was with Mom. In other word, he was open to Mom more than anyone else even more than dad. But, surprisingly he wasn't crying at all. His eyes were just as red as fire but there was no tear to fall down. I thought he was trying to hold back his tear.

After that day, Dad lost himself. He did not do anything besides locking up in his room looking at Mom's picture then cried awfully. We could not go to school as well because dad was completely forgot about us. He spent half of the money he earned to the hospital bill and the rest was spent on drinking and stuff. He also quitted his job and having his days doing nothing. It looked like he turned into someone else, someone who could not do anything at all. Our manly father became a drunken useless person in just a few days.

But if he didn't drink, I would catch him crying holding Mom's photo in his hand calling for her. That hurt me too.

As for Oni-chan, he became more and more quiet. He wouldn't look nor talk to me or dad. He would prefer to be alone by himself. That was the worst.

Few months passed, nothing had change. Dad kept staying at home and wouldn't go and find the job to support the family. I wanted to go back to school, so did Oni-chan but we couldn't talk about this with dad with his state like that. Whenever there were kids coming back from school to their home, Oni-chan would look at them and sigh as if he missed the old days. Oni-chan was an outstanding student though he was only 9 years old but he was very smart and talent. That was why dad blamed him so badly for quitting school..

A week later, there was an unknown man claiming to be Dad's friend came to visit us. That man owned a designing clothes company and he needed a talent worker so he came to ask dad to work for him but in one condition, was to take Oni-chan with him.

'' what? *gasps* '' I was secretly listening to their conversation.

That man said he liked Oni-chan and since he didn't have any child and with our living condition like this, he wanted to adopt Oni-chan as his son.

That was a surprised shock. Dad stopped his speech and he look deeply at that man as if he wanted to see through his heart. But in the end, Dad agreed to his offer even without asking what Oni-chan had to say.

Later in the evening, dad told Oni-chan about that story and as expect they had a fight. That shocked me to cry. Oni-chan raised his voice, that wasn't even happen before. He was always quiet but when he got angry, he wasn't a quiet Oni-chan anymore.

'' How could you do this, dad? Why did you do this? ''

'' Look Yuu, he said I can have you back whenever I become a successful man. '' *begs*

'' Why? A successful? Take me back? How can you trust him? '' *voice raising*

'' Because he's my best friend. I can trust him. ''

'' He Is your best friend, but I Am your son! '' *raises and about to walk away*

'' Yuu wait! *grabs Yuu's hand* I need this chance to make up for what I did in the past. I know I am not your good father but I need this job to support our family. I want you to go back in school too. You always want to go to school like other kids do, don't you? So this is the chance. Yuu, please understand. '' *begs*

'' Are you kidding me? *releases his hand* Need a job to support the family? Make up for us about what you did in the past? If you really thought of that, you would go and find one long ago. And school? Don't bring school up if you want to push me away! I don't need school. All I need is to live with my own family, and the only parent I have now is you, with you as my dad. Are you pushing me away because you don't want me? Because... I hate you? ''

'' No, Yuu. Its not like that. I did it because of your own good...''

'' Dont joke with me! What is it that for my own good? You're giving your own son away! I... hate you, dad! '' *runs off*

'' Yuu...! '' *sigh*

That was what had happened 9 years ago