Words from the Heart

(Hello all! This is just a one shot into how Ratatosk may feel about Emil deep inside. Indication of love and loss in the verses. Reviews are appreciated)

A hollow heart, an emotionless shell which burdens the soul as another day comes to pass. To think all along I was right in my beliefs, that someone as wretched and abhorred as I could not find salvation.

I was indeed mistaken.

I tried my utmost using every ounce of evil in my cursed frame to destroy your mentality, to reduce you to nothing but a shadow of your former being.
It worked but only for a time, it seems you saw through my ominous veil and reached out to the frightened child behind the mask as the curtain rose when the performance reached its end. You were not lead astray by my wicked tongue and my demonic stare.

No, you were different.

You surpassed everything I threw at you, you allowed my words to carve deep into your flesh, you allowed my mind games to rip your soul apart yet you never gave up. Strange to say you did not give up on me, on us.

You understood me, comforted me and showed me that there was something more than just causing pain and torment to the wretched creatures of God's Earth. You gave me the light to show me the way out of the dark abyss.

I would like to thank you, even after everything I put you through you didn't cave in nor give up on us. You remained strong and valiant just how I always knew you would, even if I mocked you and constantly called you a wimp.

It is weird, this feeling that consumes me. It is a foreign feeling to which I am not accustomed to but I do not detest it, I guess I am content for once in my sordid life.

I do not wish to bestow hate and wrath upon the cursed heads of humanity for once, no, I wish to remain safe and secure with you and no one else because no other person has ever managed to reach my emotionless heart in the same magical manner that you have.

You are one in a million and you should always be thankful on how God created you, I would not want you any other way.

Now I know my time is scarce and one day the bell will toll for me to finally depart from this world into the next, but do not be saddened. I know now when it is my time to leave I shall disappear content and happy unlike how I used to be and I have you to thank for that.

I will never forget our memories that we have shared, the good times and the bad times, they are all precious to me.

Now I shall leave you with these last few words: No matter what anyone says or does to you, never change because if you ever changed it would destroy us.