Surviving Hearts

Hey this is my story about Lori and Rick having a daughter as well as Carl, I hope you like it! This is an eventual OC and I've put him a little younger in this than he is in the show. Thanks Vmk-xx

You would think that an 18 year old girl would easily die during a zombie apocalypse. Well you're wrong my name is Layla Marie Grimes and I am survivor on this earth that we now call hell. It all started with a normal day...

Waking up to the screaming of my little brother was all part of my day to day routine but today was different

''Layla! You have to get up! Layla!'' Carl screamed in my ear as he shook me I shot up into sitting position

''what the hell do you want? It's a Saturday piss off!'' I growled at Carl

He glared at me then spoke ''mum said we gotta go that virus thing has spread! You have to pack we are going to Atlanta'' Carl said this all to quickly I only just registered what he had said

''oh... okay! What about dad?''

Our father had been shot a week ago by some thug in a road run and now he was in a coma oblivious to what was going on in the outside world

''Shane's gone to get him''

Of course Shane dad's deputy he was a cool guy but had a bit of a temper

''alright well get out then so I can get ready and pack'' I said to him

Carl smirked at me but left speeding out my room and this was followed by rustling and banging coming from his own room. I climbed out of bed grabbing a bobble from the side and shoving my deep long cherry red hair into a messy bun, it came down to my waste when it was down in messy loose curls. I pulled on a tank top, an over sized chequered over shirt and a pair of shorts. I was tiny doe my age barely standing above 5ft 3 I had a tiny frame due to my mum and 15 years of gymnastics but still inhabited a visible chest and curves (what do you expect from an 18 year old?). I ran around my room shoving all my possessions into my duffle bag, clothes, toiletries, iPod, cell phone and some photos that were hanging around my room. I ran into the bathroom and got all the medication that was mine and shoved it into my bag. I ran downstairs and shoved my blue lace up boots on over my knee high socks, my mother was in the kitchen frantically shoving food into bag after bag along with our family possessions she turned and looked at me

''oh Layla thank god your awake come on help me put all this stuff outside''

She handed me some of the bags and we out them outside it seemed our neighbours had had the same idea as us since they were running around like headless chickens. Carl came outside to join us and my mum pulled him into her arms sometimes she did baby him he's 12 not 5. Finally Shane's jeep pulled up in the driveway but our dad was not with him

''where's my dad?'' I asked Shane as soon as he stepped out the jeep

His face dropped ''the electric went down in the hospital there was nothing I could do there was no pulse I'm so sorry I couldn't... those things... the army... I blocked the door''

''dad's dead?'' Carl asked me and mum

I felt tears leave my eyes as I nodded my head at my little brother. Mechanically we put our bags in the back of Shane's jeep and me and Carl climbed in the back with mum and Shane in the front, Shane had the roof up which was nice because it meant my hair wouldn't be blowing everywhere. I reached into the back and grabbed my cell phone... no service typical I grumbled and turned it off and threw it back into my duffle bag and slumped into my seat pocking at my paw print tattoo on my hip. I had four tattoos in total, a blue butterfly on my back imbetween my shoulder blades and then a big black star at the bottom of my lower back then smaller stars following up my spine until the final smallest star met just below the butterfly and on my left wrist I had the lettering 'dare to dream' in fancy italic writing. Mum and Dad had not been happy about me getting tattoos but she couldn't stop me I got them all for my 18th birthday Mum and Dad paying for the butterfly while I paid for the others with the money Ii earned from my part time job at the local grocery store. Carl looked over at me then rested his head on my arm

''I can't believe dad isn't coming back''

I ran a hand through his hair ''I know kiddo but he's always going to be with us in here'' I pointed to each of our hearts and I saw mum smile through the wing mirror.

He nodded and we relaxed into each other's arms, I closed my eyes thinking about that only yesterday I had been in the school gym practicing my gymnastics with the schools teams and now we were running for our lives. School life was nice for me I had nice friends and was good at the academic side as well as the physical side. Parties were amazing especially with being a senior they were so much better there would have been a party tonight but I don't think that was going to happen. I continued to think about what life was like and wondering if it would ever go back to normal, the news had been speculating about a mystery disease for the past month its said to take over your body and make it shut down but then you come back and you are no longer you just a flesh eating monster and if you are bitten by one you become one too. I had seemed to have been pending through my thoughts for a long time because when I opened my eyes we were on the highway with the landscape of the city up ahead which must of been Atlanta there was a sea of cars in front of us which didn't look like it would be moving for a while.