Surviving Hearts

Chapter 29

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Everyone was now stood around the in the living room. Lori had Layla close to her making sure she wouldn't go anywhere near Carol and end up knocking her into an early grave. Layla was fuming she wanted to go over to Carol and knock ten bells out of her but she knew she couldn't do that. Yes Layla was the jealous type and she hated that Carol had feelings for the man she loved. The atmosphere was tense waiting for the men to return and Andrea had, had enough.

''I'm going after them'' she said walking towards the door

''no they could be anywhere, if Randall comes back we're gonna need you'' Lori said causing Andrea to stop

Then the door swung open and Glenn and Daryl entered causing Layla to breathe a sigh of relief as she walked over to him and stood by him.

''Rick and Shane back?'' Daryl asked

''No'' Lori answered bluntly

''we heard a shot'' Daryl said

''Maybe they found Randall'' Lori said with a worried expression on her face

''we found him'' Daryl confirmed causing Layla to look up at him with a frown

''is he back in the shed?'' Patricia asked

''he was a walker'' Daryl said

''did you find the walker that bit him?'' Hershel asked

''now the weird thing is he wasn't bit'' Glenn said a worried look on his face

''his neck was broken'' Daryl continued

''so he thought back?'' Patricia asked

''the thing is Shane and Randall's tracks were right on top of one another and Shane ain't no tracker so he didn't come up behind him, they were together'' Daryl said voicing his suspicions

''could you please get back out there and find Rick and Shane and find out what on earth is going off'' Lori begged to Daryl

''you got it'' Daryl said

''thank you'' Lori said

Everyone followed him out on the porch; Layla placed a quick kiss on his lips before he loaded his gun and turned around but instantly stopped his footsteps. The group only stared as they saw a heard of walkers heading towards them. Layla gripped onto Daryl's arm as they watched the walkers getting closer and closer.

''Patricia kill the lights'' Hershel whispered

''I'll get the guns'' whispered Andrea

Once Layla heard that she took out her pistol and began loading it before Andrea returned with the bag of guns and handed Layla a shot gun. Layla looked at her confused

''ya gonna need more than your pistol to fend off them'' Andrea said smiling causing Layla to nod

Layla then proceeded to load the shot gun while Glenn began to speak.

''maybe they'll just pass us like the heard on the highway, maybe we should just go inside'' Glenn said obviously panicking

''Not unless there's a tunnel downstairs I don't know about, heard that size will rip the house down'' Daryl confirmed.

Layla had now loaded the shot gun; she hooked her pistol and knife around on the belt and placed a box of ammo for each of the guns in her jacket pockets. She then looked around to see the worried look of her mother.

''Carl's gone he was upstairs and I can't find him'' Lori said staring straight at Layla who then began to panic

''mum what do you mean he's not upstairs?'' Layla screeched

''maybe he's hiding'' Glenn suggested

''he's supposed to be upstairs I'm not leaving without my boy'' Lori said worry clear in her voice

''we're not we're gonna look again and we're gonna find him'' Carol said running into the house

Before Lori followed her she placed both her hands on Layla's shoulders ''now baby you be careful out there and shoot as many of those mother fuckers as you can, I love you'' Lori said sternly before placing a kiss on Layla's cheek and followed after Carol.

Layla smiled at her mother whispering ''I love you too'' as she took a place by Daryl's side

Maggie grabbed a gun from the gun back causing Glenn to look at her in shock ''Maggie?'' he asked

''you grow up country you pick up a thing or two'' She said causing Layla to smirk

''look at the numbers it's no use'' Daryl said directing to Hershel

''you can go if you want'' Hershel replied

''can you take them all on?'' Daryl asked

''we have guns, we have cars'' Hershel said

''kill as many as we can'' Andrea said causing Layla to nod at her

''this is my farm I'll die here'' Hershel stated whilst loading his gun

''alright it's a good a night as any'' Daryl said jumping off the porch and Layla followed him

''DARYL!'' she shouted causing him to turn around

''yeah?'' he asked

''I love you, stay safe'' Layla smiling at him

Daryl smirked ''I love you too and ya best stay safe!'' he demanded as he climbed on his bike

Layla then looked at the rest of the group as they came up behind her.

''come on Layla in the bed of Otis' truck, ya can shoot from there while I shoot from the passenger seat window. T-dog's gonna drive us round'' Andrea said patting her shoulder

The three of them climbed into the truck and Layla set herself up into a crouching position in the truck bed leaning the shot gun over the edge. T-dog started the car and Andrea and Layla set themselves up ready to kick some walker ass. Once they were close enough the shots started and Layla went into a world of her own as she aimed and shot every walker she saw never missing her target. She spotted Daryl on his bike and smiled as she saw him take down a few walkers, she then spotted Glenn shooting as well as Maggie drove him around.

Layla reloaded her gun and began to shoot again but then she felt the car stop and saw Andrea get out and her mother and Beth climb in as she jumped out the bed. She felt Andrea drag her away from the car and get her back in the spirit.

''come on let's keep shooting these assholes'' Andrea stated

''I'm with you on that, stick together?'' she asked

Andrea smiled at her friend ''of course come on''

The girls took off running tacking out walkers as they went shooting them down. Suddenly they heard a scream and saw Carol holding up a plank of wood moving further back towards the shed. Andrea took off after her and Layla groaned shooting the walkers coming after her from a distance. Then Carol began running again and Layla saw Andrea fall, screaming Layla ran over and took the walker off of her. Andrea suddenly screamed.

''LAYLA!'' she shouted pointing behind her and Layla saw the walker and shot it straight in the head.

Then the girls continued shooting and saw the last car on the farm pulling away and they both screamed.

''HEY!'' they both shouted in unison waving their arms at the leaving car.

''Andrea they left us'' Layla said trying to hold back tears ''what are we going to do now?'' she asked

''we can do this, we have to keep shooting, you still got all your ammo for your pistol right?'' she asked

Layla only nodded ready to fight this ''let's get out of here'' she said

The girls then took off into the woods a bunch of walkers following them. They ran and ran shooting at all the walkers they could. Once Layla was out of ammo in the shot gun she hooked it around her back and pulled out her pistol, Andrea shot the walkers in front while Layla shot at the ones behind. Layla was beyond scared and not just because walkers were all around her and Andrea but Daryl was going to throw a fit when he realised she hadn't got off the farm.

Meanwhile on the highway...

The remaining members of the group had all made there way towards the highway where they had originally left supplies for Sophia. They all gathered around in a large circle.

''is that all of us?'' Glenn asked

''I guess so'' Rick said

Carl looked around and let out a loud cry ''LAYLA? LAYLA? WHERES MY SISTER?'' he screamed tears falling down his face as Lori pulled him into her arms.

''Rick have we lost her?'' Lori stuttered tears falling down her face

''I don't know... who else didn't make it?'' he asked the group choking back tears

''Andrea?'' Glenn asked

''I saw her go down... after saving Carol... Layla was with her'' T-dog said softly

This caused Lori to break out into sobs and cling to her already sobbing son. Daryl only stood frozen trying to process that he had lost the only person who had ever loved him.

''Patricia?'' Hershel asked

Beth looked up at her dad ''I lost her daddy, I tried to hold onto her but I lost her... what about Jimmy did anyone see Jimmy?'' Beth asked through tears

''he was in the RV... it got overrun'' he said as tears fell down his face as he realised he had lost his daughter.

''Shane?'' Lori managed to breathe out

''me and Carl lost him in the heard'' Rick said

''my baby... my little girl... she's gone... oh god... no... No... No ... No ... no... Layla can't be gone she can't'' Lori stuttered whilst rocking Carl back and forth.

''if she and Andrea got away they would have run into the woods... Right Daryl?'' Rick asked him as he was yet to speak a word ''Daryl?'' Rick repeated

Daryl looked at him blankly and then clenched his fists as a tear threatened to fall. Suddenly he erupted ''WHAT DO YA MEAN YA LOST HER! HOW CAN YA LOSE HER! FOR FUCK SAKE! WE HAVE TO GO BACK! I AINT LEAVING HER!'' Daryl screamed

''Daryl calm down... maybe she ran into the woods like Rick said'' Carol said placing a hand on his arm

''GET THE FUCK OFF ME!'' he screamed shoving Carol off him and punching his fist into a nearby car ''I'M GOING BACK I'M NOT LEAVING MY WOMAN BEHIND!'' he screamed again

''Daryl... if there is a chance she's alive she would have gone into the woods her and Andrea would do anything to keep each other alive'' Glenn said trying to reassure him

Daryl punched the car again several more times before he took a deep breath and breathed ''fine... but if she's dead I'm leaving'' he said honestly holding himself back from jumping on his bike and racing back to the farm.

Carl still continued to sob into his mother.

''she has to be alive right mum? She has to be'' Carl said through tears

''I hope so baby... oh my little girl out there with only Andrea'' Lori stuttered

Rick kneeled down by his wife ''we are going to find her okay? I promise I'm going to find our little girl'' Rick stuttered through tears.

All Lori could do was nod as she clung to her one remaining child.

Back to Andrea and Layla

Exhausted. Layla and Andrea were exhausted as they shot at the walkers around them trying to defend themselves with the remaining bullets they had. They came to rest behind a tree.

''I've only got one bullet left, what about you?'' Layla asked breathless

Andrea was digging through the gun back she had picked up back at the farm ''shit!'' she exclaimed ''I got nothing... I've gotta use my knife'' she said

Layla looked at her then looked out from the tree and shot her last bullet straight into an approaching walkers head.

''that's it I'm out, I guess we're gonna have to take these fuckers head on'' Layla said

''I guess so'' Andrea said

The girls shared a smile before taking off running, escaping the following walkers when one came close Layla would stab it in the head while Andrea covered her. This worked for a while but suddenly Andrea became tackled by a walker and Layla struggled to get it off as another one approached her. Suddenly a sharp blade shot threw the walkers head saving Andreas life and the girls came face to face with a mystery hooded figure with two disarmed and unmouthed walkers behind her.

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