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It was a brisk fall day. The air was crisp, but the spells anchored to the walls of the garden would keep the air pleasant enough, even for the guests wearing dresses. Hermione's dress was held up as much by magic as anything else, just as a precaution. Her hair hung down in it's natural state, though it had been thoroughly brushed. Narcissa had been disgruntled to hear that Hermione wanted no smoothing or conditioning spells on her hair for the wedding.

Hermione's mother and Ginny stood behind her and she could see in the mirror that it looked like her mother had been crying again. Mrs. Weasley and Narcissa had both been present earlier in the preparations, but for the last few minutes before she became Hermione Malfoy (if she chose to take his name; she was still rather hesitant about that particular tradition) she wanted only her mother and best friend by her side. Narcissa and Molly had both been reluctant to leave, but they'd left, as had been agreed upon.

"You're sure you don't want to do a garter?" her mother asked. "I have one here in my bag."

"No, mum. Lace is itchy. I've already told you. Besides, Dad really wouldn't want to see Draco removing it. I'm not throwing the bouquet either, so don't ask. I'm not sure there are even going to be any single women present, except McGonagall and Tonks, and I don't want to see them fighting over it."

"Oh, come on, that would be a fight worth seeing," Ginny grinned.

Her mother nodded. Today was her daughter's day. However she wanted to do things was how they'd do it."Here is your something old." Jane carefully unwrapped a little tiara with a little lace veil from her handkerchief. "I wore this at my wedding." She brushed her daughter's hair back with her fingers and installed the tiara gently on top of her head. She lifted the little veil to hang behind her.

"Something new?" Ginny asked.

"The wedding band. You still have it, don't you?" Hermione asked.

"Yes, I've got it here," Ginny said, holding up a little silk pouch. They had no flower girls or young boys to be ring bearers. As maid of honor and best man, Ginny and Blaise would have the rings.

"Now, do you have your something borrowed?"

Hermione gestured to the earrings she was wearing. Narcissa had offered them to her—she said they'd been in the family three generations, and promised they weren't cursed. Draco and Hermione had both double-checked them for spells before Hermione put them on, but the only spell she found was one to keep them bright and tarnish-free. She did rather wish there was a charm on them to make the a little less heavy, but she wasn't going to add a charm to borrowed earrings.

"And something blue?"

"Molly brought this." Hermione took a bracelet off of the vanity. It had a handful of delicate blue beads interspersed throughout clear and silver and white ones. "Could you help me put it on?"

Her mother helped with the clasp and attached the bracelet to her wrist. Except for her bare feet, Hermione was ready. The women closest to her had provided her lucky accessories for the day. The ends of her hair tickled her back where it was bare. The top of her dress, with gauzy bits over the tops of her arms, but bare shoulders, reminded her of Belle's golden dress from Beauty and the Beast. She'd allowed just enough makeup to keep her face from entirely being washed out in the photos. She wanted to look like herself.

Glancing out the window, Hermione could just see into the walled rose garden where their guests were. There weren't very many of them. Narcissa hadn't been pleased to hear that Hermione and Draco refused to have a big society wedding. The guest list had been limited to immediate family and a handful of friends. The Malfoy matriarch had been a little mollified when Hermione and Draco had agreed to have the wedding in the gardens outside the Manor.

"Are you ready? Nervous?" Jane asked.

Hermione's stomach fluttered a little, but she shook her head. She wasn't nervous. She wouldn't have believed it a year ago, but she was absolutely certain that marrying Draco was the right decision. "I'm ready," she said.

"You don't wish you were eloping, like I did?" Ginny asked, impish.

"Oh, don't start." She looked at her friend, dressed in green silk. Ginny had offered to wear whatever color robes or dress Hermione wanted, but, Hermione wasn't insecure enough to want to put her in a color that would look unflattering. Besides, Draco had smirked at hearing that Ginny was going to be wearing Slytherin green, and she did have such a weakness for his smirk. "Where are my shoes?"

Jane assisted her daughter in putting her heels on. "I don't suppose there's any last minute advice I can give you?"

She kissed her mother's cheek. "You've already given it." She turned around, looking to see if she was missing anything, and her dress flared out around her. "I think that's everything but the flowers."

"Here," Ginny offered, handing her the bouquet.

There was a pop of air as Ivy appeared. "Is Miss Hermione ready? Master Draco looks very handsome. It's almost time." She was practically bouncing.

"Yes, Ivy, I'm ready."

"Miss Hermione—" the elf started to wheedle.

"No, Ivy, you need to stay at the Manor and take care of Narcissa," Hermione said firmly. They'd already had this argument several times over.

"It's not right. Ivy should move with Master Draco to care for the little Malfoys," the elf said stubbornly. She was in a clean and pressed pillow case with a little embroidery on the edge.

Hermione's face went red and Ginny did her best to stifle her laughter behind her hand. "Ivy, there are no little Malfoys. Narcissa is going to need you much more than we will. You said Draco is ready?"

"Yes, Miss," Ivy said, her spirits only slightly dampened. Hermione was sure the elf would try again, but she couldn't worry about it right this minute. She had a wedding to get to. There was a knock on the door and the elf scampered off to answer it. "It's Harry Potter and Mister Granger and Master Blaise."

Deep breath in, deep breath out.

"Draco is in position with the bloke with the collar," Blaise said. He eyed his wife appreciatively. His dress robes were black and white with green accents to match her dress. "All that we're waiting for is you."

Harry turned to Mrs. Granger. "I'll be escorting you to your seat." He took a moment to hug Hermione and kiss her on the cheek. He didn't do her the discourtesy of asking if she was sure about what she was about to do. He knew she was. "I wish you all the happiness in the world, Hermione."

"Thanks, Harry."

Harry paired off with Mrs. Granger and they began the walk through the Manor to the garden outside. Blaise took Ginny's arm, and she grabbed her flowers as they followed. Hermione was left alone with her father.

"Anything to add, Dad?" Hermione asked.

"I wish you a long and happy life, Hermione, with the person you love at your side. It's all I've ever wished for you." He kissed her forehead and pulled the veil carefully over her face. "Draco loves you. And you love him. I think you'll be happy together."

Hermione's heart pounded as her father took her arm and they walked through the Manor and how to the door leading to the back garden. At the door, she could hear the music playing and the processional started, first with Harry and Jane, followed by Blaise and Ginny. Hermione and her father brought up the rear.

She could see the Weasleys off on one side, and Luna waiting for Harry. Neville and his wife were there as well, sitting near McGonagall. Mrs. Weasley, and Narcissa were in the front row, with a seat saved for Jane. Tonks was there and winked up at Hermione as she came down the aisle.

It was a small gathering, but it was the people most important to them. As put out as Narcissa was at not being allowed to invite all of the people she wanted to include, which seemed to be everyone she'd ever met, (Draco had said, "Mother, I swear, we will have the wedding somewhere else and make it entirely Muggle if you can't be reasonable"), she was pleased that Draco and Hermione had agreed to letting her put a piece in the paper with photos after it was over ("It's the least you can do after all, the very least."). Not that they had imagined they could really stop her from putting something in the paper, so really, they weren't giving up any ground.

As Hermione started up the aisle, she caught sight of Draco. He was wearing a Muggle tuxedo, which was a surprise to her. The last she had heard, he had custom ordered dress robes that were rather a cross between wizarding and Muggle fashion. He looked handsome. Hermione knew the exact moment he saw her, because his face lit up. She might have been hurrying down the aisle a little faster than was appropriate for the music.

The man at the alter asked who was giving Hermione away and her father responded. Amongst all the other things they had to decide was whether to have a Muggle ceremony or a magical one. To make it binding in the wizarding world, a magical ceremony seemed a necessity, but there were certain aspects of the Muggle ceremony Hermione liked. Of course, once Narcissa knew what they were looking for, it only took her a matter of days to produce a friend of a friend's brother who specialized in performing custom combined ceremonies and was ordained in the Anglican church as well as authorized by the British Ministry. David put Hermione's hand in Draco's and went to take his seat.

The ceremony passed in a blur. At the right time, Ginny and Blaise each gave Hermione and Draco their rings, and the man performing the ceremony performed a charm over them—they were tied together now, heart and soul, in the bond of matrimony—with the rings as the physical reminder of their love and commitment to one another. If Hermione let her thumb rest against her wedding band…she could feel Draco's heartbeat there, as pounding as her own. At last they repeated their "I do" for all assembled to hear, and they kissed.

Draco was pretty sure he was beaming rather than smirking. Hermione had clearly instilled some bad habits in him. As they walked back down the aisle together as husband and wife, Hermione asked him if there'd been something wrong with his robes. He shook his head, a hint of a smile. "I realized if I wore robes, your parents couldn't put out any of your wedding pictures or share them with your relatives. I thought you should have the option."

There wasn't exactly supposed to be a second kiss before the new couple had made it back down the aisle—in Muggle or wizarding ceremonies—but Hermione kissed him again anyway. Happily ever after might not look like all the fairytales, but it was theirs, and they'd fought for it.