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'"Oh god yes!" Yukimura hissed in pure bliss as Kanou equipped one long, smooth thrust into him earning a guttural groan from both of them. The smaller boy's lovely red cock bouncing on his stomach, sensitized and fully hard as Kanou had his wicked ways with him.

And Yukimura's lips were apart, forming amazing shapes as he thrusts into him. Said lips were battered red and swollen from what Kanou can only assume, their brutal kisses from before as they pant heavily, moving in each way on instinct.

Kanou's partner had his hair muffled up sexily and his fingers clenched and stretched into the clear white bed sheets to help stifle the moans. "Don't hold in." Kanou chided softly and both of them seemed surprised at the coolness of his voice when he was inches deep inside Yukimura.

"Let me do this to you and we'll see if you ca-" Yukimura ventured out an outburst, his voice raspy and heavy as a soul.

"Don't. Hold. In." Kanou had cut him off, his words firm and strict and bound to turn Yukimura on more if possible. He punctuated every word with a particularly hard push in and each earned a yell from his little boy's mouth.

"Mmm...yes...be a good girl Yuki...be good for daddy." Kanou heard himself say at a familiar rasp tone. He knew how Yukimura 'loved' dirty talk.

Said boy moaned louder at the words. "Will you be a good girl, Yuki?" Kanou asked teasingly casually as he bent down and traced the shell of Yukimura's ear with his talented tongue.

The younger boy bit his lip as he moved with the strokes, the bed hitting the wall as they moved each time. Kanou clicked his tongue in irritation and aimed his latest thrust, if he could just...right...there!

Yukimura howled as the quivering member inside him battered his bundle of nerves. His sweet spot. "Fuck!" He squealed. Kanou took excitement in that; his darling Yuki barely swore.

"Fuck, daddy! Let me come, please, let your baby girl come-PLEASE!" He screamed, obviously sex deprived and Kanou moaned and kept himself from coming right there, right now. No, his baby girl needed to come first.

"What will I have in return, hmm, baby girl? Looks like I have no need in hypnotizing you and 'bending your will' when your legs are spreading by themselves. Aren't you the slut, Yukimura?" He smirked as the boy below him shuddered and squirmed at his words.

With an exhalation of lust seeing Yukimura flushed and panting heavily, he continued. "I hope someone comes into my dorm to see you on all fours, seeing you take it up the ass. I'm going to give them a fucking turn baby girl!" Kanou roared, his eyes getting cloudier by the minute.

With a violent shudder and the grinding of teeth, Yukimura screamed out Kanou's name so loudly, the other side of the apartment could of heard it. Barely suppressing a shout, Yukimura came, dotting the white bed sheets with his cum. The force shocking quivers nailing into his petite form. Spasms around his body and the clenching of one's asshole when they came was what did it for Kanou as he examined his illegally sexy boyfriend, willing and slutty and mouth opened like they were born to suck cock. But the best of all, the damned boy had his frilly dress curled up at his waist while Kanou was inches deep. He should really buy more dresses for his boyfrie-

Kanou shot up in bed, panting in a pile of cold sweat. He took his time to gaze at his surroundings. Long deep gulps of air as he saw the alarm clock, reading "3:26 am". He closed his eyes as he raked a hand through his raven black hair and intentionally flanged his head back onto the wall.

Had he really just dreamt about ... Yukimura...?

He shook his head as an encased shudder met his wrath. He can't even bloody think of the damned name without blushing. With a sigh, he gently lifted up the thin blanket to reveal his easily seen erection in his pajama pants. He closed his eyes in ecstasy as he placed a palm on it.

Gingerly, Kanou opened his eyes in weariness as he decided to get up and shower.

He groaned contently as warm water coated his naked body and his still-there erection. He closed his eyes and let his mind take him. He tried imagining himself with a boyfriend. At first, he didn't have a face so he automatically assumed a plain person. Well, until it evolved into a shorter, vulnerable-looking raven boy that goes by the name of Yukimura...in which was definitely not plain...

Kanou shook his head in frustration again. Don't think about him. Don't think about him. He chanted a mantra softly in his head as he placed a sleep warm and wet hand on the base of his cock and jacked himself off. His thoughts instinctively went on thinking to that certain raven haired boy in his fantasies...that boy he was pounding into...that boy he was-Godammit, get a grip on yourself!


it all went back into when he first saw Yukimura in a girl's costume. And that was, what, a month ago? This was getting bloody ridiculous. The boy just looked so fragile-

He didn't even know if the god-awful boy was straight! He had definitely gotten close to him...he wondered if the awkwardness would be warded away if he'd asked that question in person. He snorted. Dream on, he told himself. There was no way he could ask that question casually.

"Hey Yukimura, I recently had a wet-dream about you and all I would like to know is, are you a ruddy bloody fucking poofter?"

He applauded himself for his private amusement before realizing how sadistic that was. Still...as he thought about the boy. He had a rather feminine build. And that was public knowledge. He had a rather firm ass that bobbed and weaves as he walked too - oh god, Kanou sighed, shaking head in disapproval before realizing the action was sadistic 'yet again'. Maybe he was a sadist. He wondered if the young boy had ever been kissed. That was a slightly less awkward question wasn't it? Yes, he would ask today.


A sturdy bell rang, the noise of brilliancy in the making as the majority of the class yelled, screamed and trampled out of the classroom to get as far away from this hellhole. Kanou straightened up his glasses on his nose before scowling as he recalled promising that he was going to ask 'him' today. With a tsk, he finished the last two questions in quick succession and packed up his stationary books before exiting the classroom, leaving a flustered, pissed substitute teacher who had to face the wrath of his almighty class and the dickheads who dominated it. He felt sympathetic. But that's because he was thinking about Yukimura, and when things were about Yukimura, how can he be mean? But then again, if this theory was one hundred percent full-proof, he would've been nice all the time judging that Yukimura never left his mind.

Nevertheless, he really felt like knocking Usui's teeth out. Why can't he just FREAKING TELL HER! Misaki's about as clueless as a muggle in the wizard world and Usui knows that! Is he just trying to lead her on? Usui was smarter than that!

He groaned, just thinking about it made his blood boil. It was so irritating. The two were obviously made for each other and now that fate had put them in the same school, he was trying to avoid the fact they didn't do a bloody bloody thing to repay this gesture that nature had finally given them.

Wait a minute...he was angry. Could that possibly mean...he has feelings for Misaki? He gaped mentally. Of course not, he didn't even find girls attractive in general and Misaki was no worse! But-he was just angry and...why of all people did he have to be Kanou? Kanou the confused hypnotist who can't have a damned clue about his feelings.

Yukimura, in his opinion was a thousand more times attractive than Misaki, but if he had feelings for both of them...he might confront Misaki tomorrow rather than Yukimura. In fact he thinks he might just do that. The boys in her class might of thought he was insane about thinking that. And he believed them maybe, Yukimura was as adorable and as cute as everybody. So why? Because he'd get hurt so badly if he...rejected. He had this feeling that he felt the need to get together with Misaki just so it could distract him from Yukimura. He quickly shook his head, dismissing the thought.

"Kanou!" A cheery voice yelled, and said person turned around swiftly to find Yukimura waving and smiling at him brightly. The taller boy ducked his head go fight a blush. Damn it. Damn him. Damn his feelings!

"Yukimura." He smiled, pretending to acknowledge him casually. The conversation had turned into 'Have you finished this' and 'Have you finished that'. So Kanou decided to switch to the next topic.

"Yukimura..." He breathed out and inhaled, preferably to regain his composure nervously as the boy turned to him curiously.

"Have you...have you ever been kissed before?" He spoke sheepishly. Yukimura was fascinated at the sight of Kanou's Adam's apple bobbing slightly to signalize he was swallowing nervously. What would he possibly be nervous about?

"Y-yes..." He answered, blushing brightly. Kanou felt the heat on his face rising, an emotion of jealousy and embarrassment. He had never been kissed or initiated one while the other did.

He nodded, not trusting himself to reply. After an awkward pause and a sip of their juice boxes, Kanou finally had the courage to ask 'who?'

Yukimura was as bright as a tomato as he spluttered. Kanou would have thought it was cute if he wasn't so curious. "I-I..." Yukimura stuttered embarrassingly.

"U-u" He pronounced the letter shakily and Kanou felt his patience beginning to wear off.

"Just tell me!" he yelled, casing a few people to look in his way. He didn't care.

Yukimura flinched at the tone of his voice, hurt seeping in his eyes. Kanou had yelled at him...why? He never did! Kanou immediately felt regret and he was ashamed of what he did. Quickly, Kanou sprang into action. He mentally slapped himself, chiding his mind and his short temper trait firmly.

"I'm sorry Yuki-"

"Usui..." Yukimura said in a barely audible volume before fleeing from the scene, his legs taking him as far as he can.

It was like a peasant woman who had been promised one thousand...only to figure out she had one. It was like a bomb shelter tumbling down. It was like figuring out Santa wasn't real as a seven year old kid.

Usui...had kissed Yukimura? HIS Yukimura? Kanou sheltered his eyes as he felt hot tears prickling at the back. He leant on the closest wall and hid beneath the wall of his fringe as he cried freely. He covered his hands with his eyes as he slid down, sitting down and hugging his legs close to him. That Usui really did make his blood boil.

Kanou felt a series of anger and frustration. He really, really hated him! The boy roared in frustration before standing up almost immediately and taking a run for home and crying himself to sleep on his mattress.


Kanou never shows his anger outward. Nor sleep until noon on a Sunday. This night, he did both. He tossed and turned during the middle of the night. As he lay in bed, eyes squinted to avoid thinking about Yukimura, he clenched his fists around a fistful of quilt.

"Yukimura..."He whispered before awaiting for Monday.


His eyes never left those raven haired strands. Even when he glared daggers behind his back. Kanou was about to move through the first entrance of the school before spotting Yukimura's soft touchable mop of hair and deciding to move away.


Too late. He sighed as he turned around to face that little cause of his wet dreams recently. Kanou nodded his greeting at Yukimura before walking away.

"Wait!" Yukimura grabbed him. Just above the elbow. Then he realized his actions and jerked his hands away instantly. Kanou longed for that tingly presence again.

"Kanou...I think it's maybe my imagination but..." Yukimura sighed, the hurt showing in his eyes. "Are you avoiding me?"

Kanou felt his eyes widen. He didn't plan for him to acknowledge it! "What made you think that?" He growled angrily in a force louder than was meant to be.

Yukimura flinched and ducked his head at the harsh intent of his tone. "I don't-I'm sorry, I just thought-"

"You thought wrong! What the hell is going through your mind?" Kanou roared, his fists clenched terribly wrecked at his firm sides.

Yukimura opened his mouth as if to prove a statement before closing it, obviously hurt. He did that for about five more times. "What's your problem?" He asked, not exactly harshly.

"I just asked if you were avoiding me! If this is about the thing with kissing Usui-"

"I don't give a bloody damn who you're kissing!"

"Just listen to me!" Yukimura said, belatedly. "I didn't kiss him!"

Kanou scoffed as he felt his glasses shift uncomfortably. "Then what were you doing? Trying to learn the cure for cancer in Usui's mouth?"

"He initiated the kiss!" Yukimura shot back as he felt hot tears prickle at the back of his eyes. Why was Kanou shouting at him?

Kanou just simply shook his head in an answer. He stormed through the crowd ditching Yukimura. He gasped softly as he met a familiar blonde head. He narrowed his eyes at Usui's raised eyebrow before stalking past. Had that idiot Usui been listening in on their whole conversation? Why that little...


Usui looked just as shocked as Yukimura as the Kanou boy stormed past him. His eyebrow had risen up as he tried to mentally knit things together. That's what Usui was good for, his quick wit and good reflexes were what would make him popular if not for his looks. A quick glance at Yukimura who stared back at him before bursting into tears and running out of the scene, and a whiff of the hot aura that Kanou left while storming out, he fidgeted with his blood red tie as a handsome, mischievous grin formed on his lips. The result, smelt so good.

Kanou had feelings for the boy? Oh this is going to be fun! He strolled down the halls, amusement marring his face as he took time to think about things. A quick turn and he stopped in his tracks. Right in the dent of the boy's lockers, he came to face a tearful boy, crouching down to hide his face from, preferably, the world. Another stare and he figured it to be Yukimura, the star of Kanou's world.

He took pity on the boy as the concern showed in his eyes before opening his locker and throwing an unused sweat towel at Yukimura's feet. After a few shaky sobs, the boy looked up to present his tear laden eyes and gently patted the towel onto his wet face. He still had difficulties looking Usui in the eyes though; instead he simply stared ahead, fidgeting with the sweat towel in order to keep his calm.

Usui's brain clicked curiously as he realized the boy was not the type to make the first moves and crouched down next to him, one leg folded and the other straight to lie on the ground. He stared ahead and Yukimura did so as well.

"T-thank you …" The younger boy said in short gasps. The perfect tone to figure out he was crying so openly.

A few passers stared at them on the way by, whispering and even talking loudly but the blonde encouraged Yukimura to ignore them.

Usui nodded. "Consider it a sickle for your thoughts …"

Yukimura rubbed his eyes again, on the back of the sleeve this time. "He hates me …" He mumbled audibly.

"Oh?" Usui acknowledged.

"And just when I thought we were making progress! The things is … I'm gay, Usui." He said, on the verge of tears again. Usui didn't feel the need to comfort the boy, because he already accepted the given fact.

"Oh really, now?" He deadpanned, sarcastically.

Yukimura squirmed in his seat. "Is it that obvious?"

"What are you referring too?" Usui said at once. "The fact that you tried confessing to Kanou a number of times but failed miserably, the way you look at him with a sick puppy expression on your face, your opinion on woman's wear or because you're wearing pink underwear?"

Yukimura stared blankly at him. "Now what gave it away?" Usui said with a smirk.

"I'm not wearing pink underwear! I don't even own a pair!"

If possible, Usui's grin plastered wider. "That confirms my theory of three months ago."

"What does?"

"I don't check your underwear, Yukimura. But when you PMS'ed about not wearing some to me, it proves that you care about homosexual opinions." Usui said cleverly.

Yukimura hesitated for a while. "Really?"

"No, I read your diary." He told in a complete straight face.

"WHAT?" Said Yukimura. "You read WHAT?"

Usui covered his mouth with his hand. "Shh. We might get witnesses in your oh so private coming out."

Yukimura batted his hand away. "So that's why my lock wasn't working! That's a violation!" He yelled through his teeth, hands clenched. Well, at least he wasn't crying.

"Well, if I asked, I don't think you would have given it to me." Usui shrugged.

"THAT'S COMPLETELY BESIDES THE POINT!" He raged, his arms waving about, yet he only received a smirk – which annoyed him even more. "You weren't even supposed to read it! No one should! Just me, that's the whole point of a diary!"

"Yeah yeah," Usui waved him off as if this was the whole process of admitting he read someone's diary. "I don't blame you for liking the kid though. He is a good lay." He grinned at Yukimura who was blushing fiercely.

"I-I…I wasn't thinking when I wrote that!"

"I have explanations to prove you wrong, if not for the fact that Kanou is a walking wet dream." He snorted, well naturedly.

Kanou blushed so hard he was about to combust. The red immediately turned into anger. "Now listen here, Usui! That was a serious violation and since that I am part of the school council, I think you should go. Preferably now." He rose up, clenching his fists. If Usui was startled, he clearly didn't show it.

"But I don't want too." He pouted.

"Then I will!" Yukimura growled exasperatedly as he attempted to thrash out. Usui's grip on his wrist stopped him.

"No, don't go …" Usui said in a perfectly clear voice. "Don't leave me …" This tone was shaky and sounded miserable. Shocked gasps echoed through the hallway and whispers filled his ears as they heard that one statement.

Yukimura jerked his hand back and tried communicating to the people. "It's not what it looks like!" He reasoned, but too late, it was already far gone. He stared down at Usui who was grinning triumphantly.

"You idiot! Now everyone's going to assume wrongly!"

"That was my intention, yes."

"No! You don't understand!" Yukimura broke down in sobs again, sinking to the ground. "He's going to find out … he won't ever talk to me again!" He said the best he can while talking into his hands.

Gingerly, Usui passed the abandoned towel from the ground and made Yukimura wipe his own face. "Why do you think that?" He asked softly.

"Because I told him my first kiss was with you!" He balled out.

"Hmm …" Usui smirked. This was what he was looking for, the source of Kanou's frustration. A plan formed into his head. "Thank you for sharing, Yukimura." He said, patting the boy's back as an apology before strolling away.

So if the series of events just happened, Usui recalled. Kanou had feelings for the boy, maybe lust … he corrected himself into something deeper. Kanou loved Yukimura … maybe, and Yukimura definitely loved him back, as he thought back to the sticker covered diary. Then after a mishap of harsh words, including that he himself kissed Yukimura, Kanou got all hot and bothered. He must be thinking of a distraction. An object to reassure that he didn't have feelings for anybody. Then Usui's eyes widened! What if that object was a somebody! It makes perfect Usui logic! Kanou was obviously refusing to consider himself bent and homosexual! So it had to be a girl.

But who? Usui thought. He had no interaction with girls. Except for … Just maybe …

"Hey!" Misaki's angry voice belted out, jerking him out of his thoughts. He smirked, pausing in his tracks but not turning around.


"HEY!" It rang out again, informing she was closer judging that the sound was too loud for possibly, a human's ear drums. He wasn't a human, Usui grinned, he was an alien wasn't he? A clever alien as he applauded himself for reading Kanou's feelings without asking him. He was an empathic alien, maybe. "USUI!" Misaki screamed out frighteningly and almost desperate.

He turned around, shoving his hands in his pockets and his eyebrow rose coolly.

"You – ." She stopped before him, panting as she leant down, her palms on her knees as she caught her breath.

"You made Yukimura cry!" She accused angrily, giving him a well practiced death glare. "And now all the girls are crying because now they think that you're with -."

"I can't help but imagine you in that maid's outfit whenever you come in my vision." Usui said casually.

All the blood rushed from out of Misaki's face. "You PERVERT!" She roared.

"Jealous now? My, what a beautiful emotion." Usui said and smiled. "Don't worry my maid." He whispered and lifted Misaki's chin with a finger.

"My heart only beats for you." He said and left as quickly as he came with a smirk onto his face. Tomorrow, his planning starts.

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