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Misaki inhaled the sweet scent of loss of absence. She was pretty sure her face heated up when Usui grazed his callused yet perfect knuckles on her soft cheek. The raven girl quickly shook her head as if to deny the event and narrowed her eyes at the ground. 'What was Usui planning?'

Misaki sighed; she could never really figure out anything that was happening in his mind. Except for when he openly states out things as perverted as he said moments ago. But … surely he thinks deeper, right? The girl shook her head hot heatedly.

Common sense picked her onto her feet as she packed up her books and left the school area. "Misaki," A ghostly voice hovered behind her. Startled, Misaki turned around swiftly and changed into combat position, ready to hit. Her mystery keeper, who was actually Kanou lurking about and not Usui like she thought rose his hands up defensively.

"Oh … Kanou," Misaki replied, regaining her posture. "What do you want?"

"I-I…" The boy stuttered. He then muttered something coherent and audible but not clear enough for Misaki to pick up.

"What?" asked Misaki.

"I want to make a confession," Kanou looked up at her with sad eyes. "I like you … and I want to be more than friends …" He said with a certain uncertainty. It was weird because he didn't feel nervous at all. How peculiar …

Misaki of course sensed this and her right mind jerked into proper function. "You … like me? A-a girl?" She said, flustered and confused as ever.

"Yes." Kanou ducked his head. "Do you … maybe like me back?" God, this was so awkward!

Finally, Misaki smiled as if she got everything that was middling in Kanou's head right now. Pure understanding scrambled to make adjustments. Usui wasn't the only one with quick wit.

Kanou closed his eyes, ready to get a backhand or a kick to the balls or anything.

"Kanou … I'm sure we can make this work," She said much to Kanou's shock.

"Th-that's great!" He replied, amazement hidden deep beneath the roots. "You're serious?"

"Yes. Are you?"

"Of course I am!" He blurted out, face redder than usual. "Do you maybe … want to go out on Saturday? There's this lovely Café I've taken a liking too … I'll pay for everything," He said, almost pleading.

To his surprise, Misaki laughed at his unusual shaky behavior. "I'll come." She nodded. "Ten am right?" She scheduled and only until Kanou nodded somewhat sheepishly before they said their good byes and swiftly headed their own way.

When they were separated by ground, Misaki smirked.

"Well," An openly voice spoke out from behind her, making her smirk disappear.

Misaki gasped, clutched at her chest and spun. "Usui!" She said heatedly.

"Hmm," Usui stroked his chin somewhat annoyingly. "Look here. My favorite maid has decided to run away with Kanou. I wonder if she even considered thinking about her poor master, burning himself with rage and jealousy."

Misaki spluttered. "B-but I-."

"But her master knows more, doesn't he?" He asked teasingly and made his way in front of Misaki, almost chest to chest and he swore and mused he could feel the girl's heart beat pounding from an inch away. "He knows that Misaki would never be as calm when facing a confession." He said seductively.

Usui suddenly took a spin to things and repeated the same actions as before; tracing her chin before lifting up slightly to face him. "He thinks that his maid has been naughty to lead the poor boy up like that."

Misaki hesitated before taking things into her grasp as she backed away immediately. "I'm not your maid!" She said quite weakly. "And secondly, what if it is true? What if I do have feelings for him?" She snapped, covered her body in her thermal top and turned on her heels.

Usui was left standing there. His hair over his face like a lonely night cat.


Kanou didn't feel as if the sun decided to shine on him for the rest of his life. He felt relieved almost. He exhaled a shaky sigh as he made his way through the gates.

"Usui's new boyfriend?"

Kanou froze. He heard a series of chatter everywhere but those three words was what made him pay attention. The boy gripped his bag as he listened for more.

"Usui has a boyfriend?" The voice sounded outraged. But Kanou knew she or he could not be as angry as him at the current moment. It might not be him though, Kanou said in a last prayer of hope.

"I never knew he was gay. I mean Yukimura was a little obvious, but Usui? Didn't he have a thing for Misaki?"

Kanou suddenly felt the opposite of when the sun decided to shine on his life. He felt as if the sun was never coming to come up. So, that perfect, stupid, damned little bastard decided to play on his feelings did he? Kanou thought as he choked in a sob. He swore he had never felt angrier in his life.

Instead of trying not to cry and think of his soon to be lover … in his dreams, Kanou took little satisfaction of what Usui's face would look like when he found out that he stole Misaki from under his nose.


"That was fairly nice," Misaki commented, contently, everyone once in a while looking at passengers nervously in case a school mate discovered her on a date.

"I'm glad you think so," Kanou forced a smile. In actual, the date went pretty boring – both of them didn't think it was enough to move onto the actual couples ground, much less kissing. Presently, Kanou agreed to walk Misaki home. And if Misaki's plan worked correctly (She relied on it with every bone in her body), Kanou won't even have to see her house.

When Kanou stopped dead in his tracks, Misaki gasped as the sight of Usui blocked their path, an eyebrow raised. And on his side, holding his hand tight enough for the skin to become a painful white was Yukimura. The height difference was fairly amusing and it was a great treat to realize they were two very different guys.

While both were witty and took things to the next step while feeling the urge to put things in order, on the other hand, Usui was quite tall, Yukimura was quite short, Usui had a devilish aura around him while Yukimura gave you an impression of pure innocence. Now in an expert's eye, Usui would be the pitcher and Yukimura would be the catcher. And in other words – seme and uke, dominant and submissive, top and bottom and so on.

But what was rather ironic was how Kanou noticed nothing on that. Because he was too busy looking at something else.

For a while, none of them spoke and they just stood there awkwardly facing each other.

"Well …" Usui finally said. "Fancy meeting you here … Kanou," At this, said spoken jerked up angrily. "Misaki …" He said as an afterthought and Misaki demonstrated slightly the same reaction as Kanou. Yukimura was blushing madly, avoiding the other pair's gaze.

"And you … Usui … Yukimura," Kanou replied in a forced calm voice. So calm, Usui had to stifle in a smirk. And he didn't even have to lift a finger to get the boy mad.

"What are you guys doing here?" Misaki demanded. After a while, jealousy had started to replace embarrassment in her case.

When Usui made no action to answer Misaki, Yukimura bravely answered for him. "We're on a date," He said and Usui looked proud at him. Openly proud. Wow, what was missing here?

Kanou suddenly felt his head warming up. Heating up most likely. "Yeah, well we're on a date too!"
"Yeah!" Misaki seconded, both of them looking outraged.

Yukimura tried his best to look confused. "Okay." Usui said with a terribly, awfully straight face.

"We best be going then." He concluded. "Let's go, Yukimura," He whispered loud enough for all of them to hear. How he did that, Misaki had no clue. Maybe she was just paying more attention to him more than the others. But no, of course. She was wrong. Kanou heard it. And boy was he upset.

"You hurt me last time," Yukimura whined.

"I couldn't help it." Usui's response. "After all … you're more like a pet to me then a friend." He said, making cheeky eye contact with Misaki who looked like she was about to pop. Yukimura couldn't help the embarrassingly dark red blush that dominated that face as they took off.

Kanou and Misaki were left standing there. "Misaki … if you don't mind, I'm going to go home now." Kanou replied hot headedly. Misaki nodded stubbornly. Me too was her answer but Kanou didn't hear it because he went after Yukimura and Usui.

"Hey!" Misaki yelled out after him desperately. "Don't do anything stupid!" She groaned frustratingly and ran after him.

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"That wasn't part of the plan. It wasn't even necessary!" Yukimura snarled, exclaiming or complaining to Usui who smiled at him.

"I thought I was the evil master mind here." He replied coolly.

"You are not a master mind!"

Usui arched his eyebrow. "I'm not, am I?"

"-And if we were holding hands, Kanou is sure to have his head explode."
"How do you even know he likes me back?"
"It's obvious Yukimura."
"You did not figure it out yourself and you know it!"
"I thought your opinion didn't count?"
"… I read his diary."

"You evil master mind …."

"I wasn't thinking when I said that!" Yukimura explained.

Yet, Usui raised an eyebrow again.

"You're the vice prez and you're not even listening."
"I am! I'm listening to every word you say!"
"Are you absorbing the whole lesson?"
"Yes, the whole lesson! Everything you said! But you're making me think too hard!"

Yukimura looked baffled. "Did you plan this?"

"I plan everything." He said in a neutral voice.



"Why do you know me so well?"

Usui gave him a firm look that truly well said 'Seriously?'

"Right, right. You read my diary." Yukimura actually shoved him on the shoulder, obviously annoyed. He was about to reply back when-

"You're coming with me." A horrifying voice suddenly said behind Yukimura. The boy jumped up in horror and tried to squeal but a hand covered his mouth and pulled him backwards.

He tried reaching for Usui but the boy just smirked at him. That evil devil.

The two disappeared from Usui's view because he turned around to face Misaki who came in, wheezing. "Have you … seen Kanou?" She addressed him.

"Yes. He's quite handsome actually." Usui replied.

"That's not what I meant." She said, a pissed expression dominating her face.

"Do you consider me as your friend?" Usui said out of the blue. Misaki frowned at the sudden change of subject.

"I'm friends with people who want to be my friends. I'm enemies with people who want to be my enemy. I think you're in between." She replied smartly, telling him unintentionally of how annoying he was.

"Do the same rules apply in sexual terms?" He said at once.



When Yukimura felt a shade of dark surround him, he sensed he and his captor were in a room. He felt scared enough to cry. Gathering up the courage, the Seika boy bit down on the fingers, hard enough to draw blood.

"Ow!" Yukimura gasped as he heard that voice. That voice that belonged to Kanou his protector.

"Kanou?" He asked nervously.

The person glared at him. "The Kanou you know is gone." He muttered darkly. "And what stands before me is a lamb. A small, innocent, defenseless lamb."

Yukimura looked up confused. Before he noticed the lamb standing in front of Kanou, was him. With a yell, he ran for the door but Kanou was too quick, grabbing him by the waist and with a haul, he dragged him back to sit on his lap. Yukimura, still startled yelped loudly and Kanou delighted in the sound.

"None of that, Yuki. You're going to fulfill my fantasies." He muttered darkly and his iron grip tightened.

Yukimura did nothing but stare blankly at him. A series of rage, confusion and shock addled to his head … and … lust?

Kanou shook him once more until the smaller boy was straddling his lap, and their eyes were aligned – no, locked was a better explanation. Yukimura felt his clear eyes being teased out of him, swarmed into Kanou's firm gaze and locked him inside.

"K-Kanou … what-mmmph!" Whatever question he was going to ask, Kanou didn't get to figure out because he forcefully gripped the other boy by his prominent jaw-line and all but smashed their lips together.

Rough was a harsh commitment to the smaller boy, but whatever Kanou was giving, to his pleasure, Yukimura was accepting it. Encouraging it, even. Yukimura didn't try to pull away or stop him. He pulled away in the same sense he pulled them together at first.

He pulled and paused enough for them to signal each other soft gazes. To his delight, Yukimura grazed a knuckle over his cheek affectionately before throwing his arms over Kanou's broad shoulders, embracing him.

"How long?" He said between deep breaths.

"How long what?" Kanou asked, attempting to regain coherency.

"How long have you liked me?" he said.

Kanou ducked his head and lowered his eyes. But he found himself smirking instead. "Maybe if you're good, you could seduce it out of me."

Yukimura's breathing hitched by the words and slowly, he raised his chin up. The smaller yet older boy's eyes fluttered briefly then dropped closed just before his lips reached his captor's. They both released a soft sigh and it was like opening a flood gate, Kanou felt desire rush up inside him like a boiling pot bubbling over. He urged the boy of his fantasies' lips apart and thrust his tongue between them.

Yukimura drew even closer then sighed in relief when she immediately melted into him, his mouth opening obediently. He dropped the sense of sight when he figured his other sense would operate to its max.

Kanou explored his sweet's hot mouth with a ferocity he never thought he would have. The obvious seme felt himself leaning for anything to touch, starving for some bare skin, he pulled away quickly to flip Yukimura's top off and caressed the stomach, resting his bare hands on the hips.

It elicited a small moan from Yukimura that had him wanting for more; he bit none too gently on the raven's shoulder emitting a small gasp and an arch. The thought of what they'd look like right now made him moan. He pulled away and nibbled softly on the bruise he made, lapping it up like imaginary blood as he gently traced Yukimura's abdomen with his fingers, trailed his way up and down, and loving the way the warm body jumped underneath his fingers.

He drew his own shirt off but resumed his work to please Yukimura, instead finding his nipples but Yukimura shied away.

He suddenly gasped to see Yukimura arching to his touch and picked him up, lying him with his back to the bed and continued his work, fondling with Yukimura's black belt, kissing his stomach in reassurance before tugging his pants and underwear off.

Yukimura didn't need reassurance. He hadn't felt alive like this his whole life! Christ! He was feeling too bared and lowered his eyes, a blush spanned his upper body and he found his prick, painfully hard and lapping against his stomach, begging for attention Kanou was willing to give.

Kanou bored himself out of his own shorts and toed off his shoes in quick succession, Yukimura crying out when he placed a warm hand on his erection and pressed, squeezing the base before working up the fore-skin. The smaller boy felt like he was in heaven. Or it was heaven, working him, giving him the best hand-job made to be. He never thought of Kanou's hands rough and callused being the one that would take it simply he was. Though they were and Yukimura wouldn't have it any other way.

He paused for breath and Yukimura found himself whining, whimpering incoherently.

Just…a little…more. Yukimura pleaded, almost coming to climax. He let out a soft wail which he regretted releasing because Kanou heard it and clamped his hand down hard on the base of Yuki's cock, refusing to let any traces of his climax come out.

"Uh uh." Kanou chided softly and Yukimura let out a soft groan of disagreement. "I want you to come with me inside you at the very least." Kanou said and got the tiniest satisfaction when Yukimura stilled completely.

Then he cried out when Kanou's slick (saliva covered) fingers sunk inside him, stretching his pucker successfully. All those dreams where Kanou would fuck him harshly against the wall…Yukimura should have known better. Kanou was loving and caring.

After Kanou thought that was just about right, he rutted against Yuki's hips. Their clothes have been off even before hand.

Yukimura was not innocent. A virgin, yes but definitely not an innocent.

The older boy moaned softly, feeling overwhelmed with the series of sensations rushing down to his cock, swelling even more, if that was possible. Finally he felt the head of Kanou's cock at his entrance and he moved his hips, letting it slide around his pucker: teasing them both.

He gripped Kanou's shoulders as he slid down carefully onto his cock, moaning as he felt every inch of Kanou inside him, growing rapidly until his buttocks was resting on Kanou's hips.

Kanou's pulse rate and breathing quickened as he moaned, attempting not to buck up but to no avail. He grew dizzy by the fact that he was actually inside Yukimura.

Forcefully, yet tenderly, he angled the other boy by his hips and hauled them both down so he was on top of Yukimura, on the bed and gazing into each other's eyes. It was too late. They were so lost, it was hard.

Groaning, Kanou started to build up the pace, slow at the start but gradually becoming harsh and punishing. Yukimura squealed and moaned and gripped Kanou's shoulder blades with his fingernails digging in.

He wrapped one leg around Kanou's waist to get him in deeper. In quick succession, he was screaming out every time Kanou's hips snapped in. Kanou tried to grin but it came out as a weary grimace. Who knew Yukimura was a screamer in bed?

He just needed that one thing, he decided as Yukimura felt his new lover angle his hips with every thrust. Yukimura's virginal tightness was already driving him crazy and he was scared that he'd come way to early as he felt his lover envelope around him like he was some new limb ready to be introduced to every other body part.

Then a part of Kanou snapped. Probably his control. He grounded hard on Yukimura before sliding in him merciless, hitting his prostate in one go, judging by Yukimura's terrifying, arousing yell and the fingers gripping his biceps.

Yukimura was about to come, Kanou thought and he stilled his actions completely, draining the life out of their moans. Yukimura wailed out in disappointment and snapped his eyes up at him angrily.

"K-kanou …"

"Fuck, you're taking this so good …"


Kanou smirked. "Yes?"

"Kanou …"

"Tell me what you want … tell me what you want and you'll receive." He said, though there was a little waver in his voice. All he wanted to do was fuck him so deep he goes blind.

"Please," He whimpered. "Please fuck me …"

"Fuck you?" Kanou repeated.

"…Yes …"

"Yeah?" Kanou said, sliding in deeper until he was buried to a hilt. Yukimura nodded frantically. "You want me to keep fucking against that little spot that makes you scream? Keep wanking you until you come extra hard, just for me?" He said. And gradually started fucking him back to the past pace halfway between his words.

Yukimura moaned like a true whore and nodded his head, his fingers about to make delicious red welts across Kanou's biceps and he tried grinding back, much to Kanou's pleasure.

And they were both coming, Yukimura, dotting all over his sweat covered stomach and Kanou's hand. Kanou filling Yukimura within an inch of his life.

Then he looked up. Yuki. Naked. Yuki. Panting. Oh fucking bliss.


After a second round and a fourth and a fifth, the two were laying in Kanou's bed, panting like they had just won a marathon. Kanou's arm was slung over Yukimura's abdomen lazily and Yukimura had a calming grin that usually made his lover swoon.

"So…" Yukimura said somewhat sheepishly. Kanou snapped his head up to gaze at him acknowledging.

"Are you my boyfriend now?"

"I hope so," Kanou beamed at him. "Can I keep you?"

"Keep me?" Yukimura snorted. "Good luck trying to get rid of me."

Kanou grinned and settled into a long hard embrace. "How did you know how I felt about you…?"

"I didn't, but," Yukimura bit his lip. "Usui did."

Kanou frowned at him. "How did he—"

"He read your diary."

"He read WHAT?"


Usui and Misaki were on the bed, equally as naked, Misaki's raven black head on Usui's strong arm and Usui looking as smug as ever.

"I can't believe you just …"

"Destroyed the only thing that makes you a woman?"

Misaki tried to glare at him but it came out in a dazed look. "You didn't like Yukimura in that way?"

"My heart only beats for you." Usui nodded, repeating himself from earlier. "And you and Kanou?"

Misaki rolled her eyes. "Any idiot could see he had feelings for Yukimura."

"And, because of that, you went out with him?" Usui drawled.

"I just wanted to see if Yukimura would get jealous." Misaki said embarrassingly.

Usui ducked his head and smiled and nothing in particular. "You're sly, Ayuzawa …"


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