When they became a sort of not-so-unofficial team of super heroes Fury nearly went on a rampage, he had little to no control over them and it irked the director to no end. Tony would mostly point and laugh whenever he saw the man JUST to spite him.

Speaking of Tony, the genius had finally manned up and confronted Rogers about his little (read: huge) crush. Though Clint suspected Natasha and sassy Jarvis had a finger or five into that situation. No one knew if they should smile or puke upon walking in on the rather intimate and adorable moments those two shared which was whenever they weren't discussing (read: arguing)which was always followed by what Tony proudly presented as the-most-awesome-make-up-sex-of-all-time. Half of the time Clint would just make a grimace and groan "too sweet", but not ruin their moment. He had learned the first time, wonder of wonders.

Natasha complained the mansion felt stuffy with two couples in it, both Clint and Tony had scoffed and told her to deal with it.

It became really stuffy however, the day Clint walked in on a rather undressed Loki in the library together with a kneeling Thor.

"You leave or you join Barton" Loki had said with narrowed eyes, causing Clint to do a hasty retreat. Whatever it was that was between the two gods it wasn't as glaringly obvious as it was with that between Tony and Steve, which Clint was ever so thankful for as he managed to walk in on kitchen sex brought to you by Steven Rogers and Tony Stark.

"You know, I really hope dear old Bucky will come visit soon"

"You hate Bucky, Clint" Bruce un-buttoned his shirt and slid it off.

"He should just come and experience all the love around here, it would do that asshat a world of good" Clint was having one of those sit-on-bed-and-philosophize moments.

"Uhu and team up with Natasha on her "too much love" crusade?"

"…maybe Bucky should stay with Howard, he's probably lonely now that he's too old to hunt skirts right?"

Bruce chuckled and climbed into bed after slipping on his plush PJ-pants, he wrapped his arms around Clint's shoulders from behind and kissed the archer's neck.

"C'mon Clint, bedtime"

"Cus I mean, I don't like him, Tony don't like him and-"

"Clint, bed, now" Bruce said into his ear, making Clint turn around and notice Bruce was holding that look.

"Why don't you help me out of these jeans then, Freckles?" after Bruce's jealousy attack upon learning Clint had nick names for Hulk, Clint had come up with a nick name for Bruce rather quickly. The first thing that popped into his mind…? Freckles, not because Bruce was showered in them or anything, it was just that little group spread out over his nose and barley reaching his cheeks. And it sounded adorable, Bruce was adorable, it made perfect sense.

Bruce chuckled lowly and reached down to open the fly of Clint's pants, making sure to brush his hands against the archer's abdomen in that way he knew made Clint bite his lip in excitement.

The zipper was dragged down slowly, the sound alone making Clint's heart start pounding heavily. It was not that Clint had been a virgin before Bruce, not at all. There was just something about Bruce that got to him every time, Bruce was a very compassionate lover though he had a mind filled with very interesting ideas on his own.

This time though it seemed like Bruce wished to take the slow angle, which was perhaps Clint's favorite even if he didn't wish to admit it.

The scientist's lips dragged down from his neck and down to his shoulder blade where a wet and warm tongue snuck out to get a taste of his skin, sending delighted shivers down Clint's spine. He let himself fall back gently as Bruce tugged, easing himself out of his pants as he went. Bruce slid his hands over Clint's chest until Clint had his head placed snugly in Bruce's PJ clad lap. The scientist leant down and pressed an upside-down kiss against the archer's lips slowly. Clint made a content noise in the back of his throat which became a little whimper as Bruce's hands continued to wander down the length of his body till they reached his thighs and continued to push the jeans off.

"Come here…" He said quietly with that seducing smirk on his lips as he inched further onto the bed. Clint wasted no time in turning around, kicking off his pants and crawling over to where Bruce lay with open arms, he dipped down and met Bruce's waiting mouth.

Both gasped as the proofs of their arousals brushed each other, both clothed. Clint grinned at his scientist before slipping a hand down to rub at him through his PJs and boxers-

"Why you little slut, no boxers hm?"

"At least I don't walk around commando outside of the room" Bruce countered with a small grin of his own. Clint chuckled and leant down, taking the hem of the PJ pants between his teeth and dragged them down with some helps from his hands that were rubbing Bruce's hips. He dragged the pants down to Bruce's knees before he leant up again, kissing Bruce's length tenderly before kissing his way over to the scientist's thigh and then abdomen, stomach, chest and finally the mouth.

"Nh…Clint" Bruce sighed and raised his hips somewhat to try and gain some more friction. Clint reached behind himself and pulled down his boxers wriggling out of them which caused Bruce to moan quietly. Oh Clint had ways to get his dear doctor to make very clear noises of want and lust, but not tonight. Tonight was sensual.

Clint took a hold of Bruce's arms as he rolled himself over, pulling Bruce on top of him. Bruce felt so comfortingly warm lying on top of him like that, Clint could think of no better place to be in the whole wide world. Bruce lowered his head to kiss at Clint's neck, knowing the man was sensitive there. The man's gentle hand rubbed Clint's side lazily as their arousals pressed together in the same manner.

"Let me love you tonight?" Bruce's voice was a whisper pressed against the other's nose. Clint smiled lovingly with his eyes closed.

"Whenever you want Freckles" Clint replied.

It felt amazing have Bruce move within him in this slow paced manner which left you itching for something harder and faster, at the same time you wanted to keep the slow pace because it was simply so complete and just plain wonderful.

Clint let out a drawn out, quiet moan as Bruce brushed against that one spot that could have him see stars if the pace was a faster one, at this kind of pace there was just and intense heat that kept building in his abdomen that only increased as Bruce wrapped slender fingers around Clint's weeping member.

"Bruce…" Clint muttered hazily, looking up at the other and reaching for him, Bruce leant down and let himself be pulled in against Clint's shoulder. He moved almost lazily as he pressed heated kisses against Clint's shoulder.

Clint let his hands wander up and down Bruce's back, swallowing heavily as his spot was brushed slowly again.

"Keep that up Freckles…" Clint didn't even bother finishing the sentence as his attempt ended up in a sensual moan he would have been embarrassed about in any other situation or together with anyone else in a similar situation.

"That is the purpose of this Clint" Bruce just whispered into his ear, his warm breath going along the shell of his ear. The archer just whimpered as a reply and clung to Bruce as he felt himself nearing the end.

The aftermath was Clint's second favorite thing together with Bruce, it was where the heat from their love-making just simply continued in a very pleasant manner. Clint looked over at Bruce who had his eyes closed and that little pleased smile on his lips.

"You know those types who you never really notice until you suddenly stumble over them battered and bruised in an alley?" Clint broke the silence.


"You're one of them Banner"

"Didn't know I came in types, Barton" Bruce opened his eyes and looked over at him, smiling still playing at his lips.

"My mystery man" Clint drawled and pushed up to kiss Bruce.

"My Cupid" Bruce chuckled and met Clint's lips with his own.

And with that ladies and gentlemen, Mystery Man is finished, only a couple of hundred words short of becoming 30 000 words long and a lot of not yet beta-read (so sorry about that) It might or might not be beta-read later if by a miracle my old beta pops back or I get a new one who would like to do it, we'll see!

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