Only disclamer you will see: I DON"T OWN ANYTHING

Authors notes: this is in script form because I plan to make it a youtube series.

Uni-heroes episode 1 season 1 the beginning part 1.

In the mushroom kingdom.

Mario is relaxing at his house when all of a suuden he hears this bang!

Mario: what was that!

He goes outside to see all of toad town in a gaint floating dome!

Mario: Bowser show yourself!

Enter bowser

Bowser: Bwahahahahaha! You finally came like the nuisance that you are prepare for death!

Mario: Fat chance you giant fat turtle!

Bowser: but I have a secret weapon on my side! (pulls out all the grand stars!) You see I charged them before doing anything with them now you will see for the first time real giga bowser!

(gaint flashes of light)

( earth trembles)

(bowser growing)

Giga bowser: bwahahahaha! Nothing can defeat me I am now and forever invincible bwahahahahaha!

(punts Mario)

(Mario flies)

In boo forest

E gadd: Man im bored I wish something would happen

Mario: waaaaaaahaha!

E gadd: I had to say that.

(Mario lands)

Mario: ow!

E gad: what happened!

(Mario tells E gadd what happened)

E gadd: looks like you need more help in this. This is good to test my new invention.

The universal travel machine!

Mario: sounds good lets do it I will need all the help that I can get!

E gadd: here goes.

(machine turns on)

(Mario jumps into it)

Meanwhile in dream land

Kirby: hey whispy.

Whipsy woods: hey Kirby whats up.

Kirby: bored I wish something would happen

Way up in the air

Mario: I will kill E gadd

Near the ground

Mario: waahahaha!

Kirby: I had to say it.

(Mario lands)

Mario: ow!

Kirby: what happened!

(Mario tell Kirby what happened)

Kirby: wow that is intense man.

(waddle dee on wheelie drops note)

Kirby: hey Mario can you read that note I can't read.

Mario: sure.

Dear Kirby,

I have your cake if you want it come and get it


Kirby: oh just a suaside note okay.

(chef comes in)

Chef: help all the food has been stolen form the kingdom!

Kirby: DeDeDe!

Mario: wait I'll help any way I can you guy look like your in trouble form this DeDeDe guy.

Kirby: no I got this you just wait here.

Mario: trust me I know what im doing,

(Mario runs off)

Kirby: He has no idea.

(Kirby runs off after him)

At DeDeDe's castle

(Mario bashes in)

DeDeDe: Kirby you wait your not Kirby!

Mario: That's right its worse It's a me Mario!


Mario: Just try and stop me from stoping you.

(Mario defeats DeDeDe)

DeDeDe: OW!

Mario: Yea man no messes with Super Mario

(Kirby enters)

Kirby: DeDeDe time for you to woo what happened

Mario: I deafeated him

Kirby: wow I was going to but you know how hard it is to go though every single level.

Mario: well at least you can get your cake.

Kirby !

(DeDeDe wakes up)

DeDeDe: Ah Kirby is here time to release my secret weapon.

Kirby: oh boy I can't wait to see this.

(DeDeDe pull out star rod)

DeDeDe: you see I know have mixed this powerful weopon with some invincabilty candy and now im invincible!

Mario: where have I seen this before?

DeDeDe: enough time to end this. Hey Kirby you want the caaaaaaaaaaaaaaake?

Kirby: Give me the damm cake!

DeDeDe: then come and get it.

(kiby comes for cake)

(DeDeDe whacks Kirby to space and back down)

Mario: Ok im sure this has happened before, I just can't put my finger on it.

DeDeDe: Ok time to end this.

(DeDeDe whacks Mario to space and back down like Kirby)

Mario: ow!

Kirby: yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Mario: we need to go to another universe for help.

Kirby: well for you again but this is MY first time im stoked to another universe wooooooooo!

Mario: you just hope there is food there don't you?

Kirby: yeah.

Mario: what ever let's get going another universe is bound to have some one to help

(Mario makes a call)

(portal appears)

Mario: let's a go

Kirby: okie dokie

Mario: uhhh you sound like my annoying brother!

Kirby: sorry

(they hop though the portal)

( they hop out really high in the air)

Mario: E gad thinks hes a comedian

Kirby: well this aint funny

Mario and Kirby: !

Sonic: come back here eggman!

Eggman: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA sonic I have the emeralds and now it is time to unlease them upon the world!

Mario: Uhhhh how come every universe we visit it is in trouble.

Kirby: well I think it is exciting

Mario: you just wanna be the hero for food!

Kirby: yea you got me.

Mario: lets just save him now. Heee yaaaa!

(Mario jumps on eggmans head)

(eggmans ship crashes)

Eggman: time to die who ever that was!

Mario: please I've fought gommbas tougher than you!

Eggman: grrrrr ill make you wish you never said that.

(eggman pulls out his gaint bazooka)

Eggman: time to die!

(every one explodes into the sky but eggman)

Mario: who are you?

Sonic: im sonic sonic the hedgehog

Mario: what happened?

Sonic: well you seeā€¦..

2 hours later

Mario: wow same thing happened to us basically so we went to other universes to find help we thought that with enough help we could beat each universe one by one.

Sonic: count me in! soo what now?

Mario: I guess we travel again.

To be continued.