Chapter one


"Edward!" My beloved Bella shouted me from downstairs, well it wasn't much of a shout, I heard her anyway. In one split second, I was in front of her, putting on one of my sexy smiles that she loved. She smiled and put her arms around my neck

"What's up?" I asked and kissed her cheek

"Nothing, I just wanted to see my sexy husband!" She smiled and moved one of her hands up my shirt. I loved when she did that, it felt so good, ot made me smile.

"Well that's good … 'cause I wanted to see my hot wife!" I bit my lip sexily, she loved that too and I guessed if she was still human she would have blushed about now. To hide it, she burried her face in my neck and began kissing from my collarbone, up my neck and over my chin until she reached my lips and kissed her soft and pationately, i did the same. She shown all her love and care for me whenever she kissed me, eventhough i already knew it all.