Sixty years ago in faraway Japan, the magi of three families, under the supervision of the Second Magician Kaleidoscope, came together to conduct a ritual of rare power. This ritual brought into this world a great object known as the Holy Grail.

It is an omnipotent wish-granting device, an artifact that replicates true magic. It is capable of granting any one wish in this world, but only one. With one wish that could not be shared, the three families split and fought for the right to make that wish, and the opportunity to make that wish was lost.

After a slumber of over half a century, the Holy Grail has awakened and seeks to fulfill its purpose. It has chosen those who will be given the right to fight to make their wish, those who created it and those who truly need.

In order to truly bring forth the Holy Grail, it requires seven magi. Even so, a wish cannot be granted based on the strength of such puny souls. In order to grant any wish, the Holy Grail requires a greater fuel, something that embodies the hopes and dreams of humanity. That fuel would be Heroic Spirits.

To fill the Holy Grail, six Heroic Spirits must be sacrificed. These are summoned by the chosen magi, who become the Master of the Heroic Spirit, a familiar similar to a Ghost Liner. The familiar, a Servant, joins forces with the Master to seek the miracle.

Seven Masters have been chosen, their hands marked with the holy symbol. The ritual is known. The Servants will be summoned.

The Second Holy Grail War will begin.