A/N-To me this a episode that should have been done if the show didn't end. It does contain male slash-just a warning.

Characters-Danny and Spence. Danny and Spence became roommates one season and over the years, their friendship elevated higher and higher, they became like a old married couple at the end so I'm just taking it to the next level.

Danny woke up late Saturday morning and he looked at the sunlight streaming in and he wipes out his eyes then looks over at his roommate's twin bed and sees that it is empty and already made up. Then he smells coffee being made and bacon cooking and he smiles and knows that all is right with the world. He gets up and goes to the bathroom then after a few minutes, comes out and goes to his dresser and pulls out a pair of blue jean shorts then goes to the closet to get a shirt. He thanks the Lord that it is Saturday and he is off. He loves working at IPS but a fella needs a couple of days off after a long weekend, now, the only question is; what will he and Spence do today? Oh, look for a house...ever since Spence lost his job at New York Subway station, he's been obsessed about buying houses and flipping them.

After he puts on his socks and shoes, he goes out to the living room/ kitchen and he sees newspapers all over the table so he sighs and goes over to the refrigerator and he reaches for a ice cold beer and he hears Spence who is sitting at the table with his back to him say,

"I got coffee brewing and orange juice on the table, don't get Bud light"

Danny looks surprised and he looks at his beer then asks,

"How did you know?"

Spence looks at him then says,

"I know you"

Danny puts the beer back in the frig then Spence says as he gets up to go check the bacon,

"Don't forget to come to the park this afternoon, they are having a birthday party for Doug's daughter"

Danny sits down and pours some orange juice in a little glass then asks,

"Aren't they supposed to have some kind of Chinese theme?"

Spence takes up the bacon and says, "Yeah, I guess to try and keep her in touch with her background"

Danny takes a gulp of the cool morning drink then says,

"Why not just order Chinese once a week?"

Spence just shakes his head then says,

"I'm going to drive around and take a look at those houses we like"

Danny shakes his head then says,

"I still like that one that is only two blocks from Doug's house"

Spence breaks open some eggs to make some fried eggs and he says while cooking them,

"I do too, but we have to look at them all...consider everything , not just the price...I like that house out in the country"

Danny then says,

"Eh, I'm not sure about that one"

Spence asks him,


Danny tells him,

"Well, it's 4 miles from any other house and that farmer is like somebody left over from the 1800's"

Spence serves him the eggs and says,

"Oh, he's not that bad"

Danny picks up a fork to eat then says,

"Spence, he plows the fields with a horse and mule!"

Spence puts the skillet in the sink and Danny says,

"Besides, I would rather have our neighbor be of the more feminine kind to dance with"

Spence just gives a grunt to that then says,

"I'm still going to go check it out"

Danny shakes his head yes then says,

"Okay, well, I'm going to go see my dad. Let me know how it goes"

Spence sits down to eat his breakfast then says,

"Don't get into a argument with him"

Danny chews his egg then says,

"I'll try...but the man thinks I can't do anything!"

Spence tells him,

"You can, just not the things he like"

Danny smiles and they finish eating breakfast and doing things round the apartment then Danny picks up his keys to leave and Spence says,

"The party is at four!"

Danny nods his head okay and Spence goes to the newspapers and folds them up and looks up at the clock that says 9:53.

A/N-This is my 2nd rewrite of the show, I hope you enjoy it!