Arthur put up the last remaining missing poster at a tall telephone pole next to an old fashioned mercantile store with a large porch and the pounding of nails brings the store owner out, a tall man with shoulder length brown hair and black hair and he looks at the poster and asks. "How long has he been missing?" Arthur looks at him then he says with his hands in the air, "A few days but I don't think he is "missing", I think he just got up and walked away. After all, he was just a subway token man then that was taken away, so I think he just got up and walked away, it has happened think that Elvis guy 'died' ? No, no my friend, he's somewhere on some island singing 'Hunk of burning love' to some girl wearing coconuts!" The man looks at him and cocks his eye and picks up on how 'NUTS' Arthur is and he looks at the picture and says, "Yeah...his name is Spencer?" Arthur nods his head then says, "Spence Poole". The man just looks at the picture then goes back inside the store.

A little while later, the old farmer drives up to the mercantile shop and gets out of his truck and he goes and sits down on the steps then the same owner comes out and when he sees the old farmer, he smiles then goes over and asks him, "Mister Taylor? What are you doing here?" Mister Taylor doesn't answer him for a few minutes, just looks out at the trees swaying in the wind and the grass and the owner just silently waits then finally the owner says. "My son...he told me to meet him here...I think". The store owner nods his head yes then says, "He did Mister Taylor, he called me" The farmer looks at the store owner then asks, "You're...Steve, aren't you?" Steve smiles then he says. "Yes, I am Mister Taylor...Andy and I have been friends since grade school" Mister Taylor smiles then says. "That's nice". Mister Taylor turns and looks back at the surroundings and a blue Ford Fusion drives up and a young man in his 30's/ 40's gets out.

Andy goes up and shakes Steve's hand and they say hi and pleasantries to each other than Andy says. "I'm glad he's here, I was worried". Steve looks at the road then says, "He's been driving back and forth with packages in his truck...says he's getting ready to move to California". Andy nods his head then says, "He is, with me. I'll feel better with him near me" Steve looks at Mister Taylor then turns to his friend and says. "He also says he is going to join a nudist colony". Andy muffled a laugh then he says, "We told him that to get him to come..." He then bends down and says to his dad. "Dad? Let's go back to the house". His father looks up at him and asks in a small, little voice. "Will your mother be there?" Andy looks at his friend with tears in his eye then says. "Yes dad, mom will be there". Mister Taylor smiles then gets up with help from his son and friend then he sees Spence's face on the missing poster then says. "I know him".

Andy and Steve look at each other than Andy asks. "What dad?" Mister Taylor looks confused then says, "I just saw him...but I don't know where". Andy looks at Steve and whispers, "He goes in and out from the present to the past so quick these days" . The farmer looks at them and agitated, he says. "I'm here! Don't talk about me like I'm not!" Andy then says. "Yes dad, I'm sorry. Let's go home" Mister Taylor looks the picture of Spence and says. "I hope they find him". Andy looks at it all.

Andy and his father start down the driveway and through the twisting roads than Andy looks at his father who is between this world and his own. Andy sighs then he smiles and says, "Steve and I spent many happy times on this road, do you remember dad?" He looks over at his father who just keeps looking at pictures in his own mind. Andy just looks around at the sight of the trees swaying in the wind, mister Taylor looks at a broken section in the road guard and he says. "That shouldn't be there". Andy looks confused then he looks over at the broken section, stops the car and says. "What is that?" He looks over at the car scrapings on the ground for about a mile then sees the broken trees and he looks further down and sees Spence's car and Spence laying beside it and he gets his cell phone out of his shirt pocket and dials 911 and gives them directions then he hangs up and looks back at his dad sitting in the car and he hollers out to him. "Dad! Someone is hurt down there ! I'm going down there after him!" His dad hears him, gets out and goes down and he sees the boy and says. "That's the boy on the poster! He came by my house to see about buying it but I don't know why". Andy looks at his dad in wonder then goes on down to Spence.

At Doug and Spence's apartment, all the friends are sitting behind the phones they have lined up for people to call in tips then Doug says, "Will somebody call?" Carrie looks up and she says. "We did get two calls". Doug looks at her then says. "Yeah, one that said they saw a leprechaun in Yonkers who matches Spence's description and another one from a woman who is convinced that Spence is her son reincarnated and the only reason he's missing is because he ran away to keep from going to school!" Carrie sighs then says. "Let's just give it time". Doug looks over at her and says. "I'm going to send Arthur to check out that one in Yonkers". Everybody looks at him with a 'How stupid can you be?' look than Doug says. "It will keep him out of our hair!"

The phone rings and Deacon answers it. "Hello?...yeah, we're the ones looking for Spencer Poole...yes, that's him, yes, he does remind us of a leprechaun...he is? Great! Yes, we'll be there shortly" . He hangs up and everybody looks at Deacon in anticipation than Deacon tells them, "That was an officer in Smallwood...Spencer had an accident. He's okay but he's unconscious and they are getting ready to fly him to a hospital in Queens" Danny points to Deacon and says. "I know where that is! One of the houses that Spencer wanted to look at is there!" Doug then says. "Let's go!" They all grab their jacket and begin to run out and Arthur comes in and as they are filing out, he asks. "Where's everybody going?" Doug tells him. "They found Spence, we're going over to the hospital". Arthur claps his hands then says. "Ah, he's back, I knew he couldn't stay gone. Let's just hope he has learned that you can't leave home" Doug looks at him and shakes his head and says a sarcastic "Yeah" then they leave.

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