Danny is the first one to walk through Smallwood's hospital sliding Emergency doors, followed by Doug and Carrie then Deacon and Kelly, Carrie's father, Arthur and Spence's mom, Veronica , follows. Smallwood hospital is a small country hospital compared to Queen, New York. The lobby is a semi-large with chairs around the room and two rows of leather back chairs in the middle and modern art deco are on the walls. Two nurses are behind the large desk over in the corner and another beautiful art iron on the wall, and Danny goes over to them and he says. "We are here for Spencer Poole". The brunette nurse who is slightly overweight says. "Good, the surgeon was hoping family would come soon, he'll be out in a minute". Danny turns to Doug and he says. "Doug...surgery" Doug gently pats him on the back for encouragement and Veronica cries on Arthur's shoulder then a few minutes later, the doctor with salt and pepper hair, blue eyes and small wrinkles around the eyes comes out and he asks. "Spencer Poodle?" Everybody looks at him and Danny says. "That's Poole and we're here for him". The doctor looks at them then says. "I'm doctor Griffith, Spencer is being prepped for surgery now". Veronica pushes herself up front then asks. "Doctor, I'm his mother, what kind of surgery are we talking about?" The doctor looks at her with sympathetic eyes then he says. "For a slight release of fluid on the brain". They all wail and groan then the doctor says. "Now, all type of surgery on the brain is risky but he is young and strong. I will keep you updated". He turns and leaves while a numbing silence falls on the group, and they look at each other.

A little while later, Doug and Carrie are sitting in one of the chairs near the front of the room and Doug looks over at his Cousin, Danny, sitting in a chair in the far back corner of the room, looking out the floor length window. Danny watches the rain come down making the time seem slower and drab. Back at Doug, Carrie rests her head on his shoulder and Doug whispers to her. "Hey, hey". Carrie slowly raises her head then asks. "You need to take a leak?" He looks at her sarcastically then says. "No, I wanted to talk to you about Danny". He points to Danny with his thumb, then she asks. "About?" Doug looks back at Danny who is still staring out at the rain coming down and the puddles it is making, then Doug says to Carrie. "Yesterday when I went to their apartment, Danny admitted something to me". She looks at him then asks. "Yes?...Doug, you obviously want to tell me something so you tell me because if you interrupted my fantasy about Shemar Moore for nothing, I will hurt you" He starts to tell her. "Well, it's just that...you fantasize about Shemar Moore?" Carrie then says with her voice a little raised "Doug..." He goes on. "Well, you seem to have this thing about African-American 's, first my friend Deacon then Shemar..." . She hits him hard in the shoulder and raises her voice a bit louder than says. "Doug!" He says "Ow" and rubs his arms then says. "Danny told me yesterday, that he has feelings for Spence". She rolls her eyes then says. "So?" Doug looks at her and says. "Feelings. Sexual. Romantic. Not the 'just a roommate' kind". She rolls her eyes again then extends her arms and says. "Doug, we have teased and harassed them for years about this, why are you saying this now?" He still rubs his arms then quits and says. "Well, it's just that. It's been jokes but now, it's weird" Carrie then says. "Yes, it was weird because those two acted like an old married couple for years but wouldn't admit anything but now..." . She looks at him then asks, "What? You are freaked out by this?" He looks at her then asks. "And you aren't?" She then says. "Doug , at the real estate firm where I work, two of our biggest clients are gay, three of the secretaries on the floor above me are and one keeps giving me the eye every time she sees me. WE LIVE IN QUEENS FOR GOD'S SAKE!" Doug looks back at his cousin who is still looking out the window and he says. "I know, but...". She shifts in her seat then asks her husband. "What did you tell him when he told you?"

He shifts in his seat and rubs his pants than says. "Well, I told him that it wasn't a big deal, he loved Spence; it just took him a long time to find out". Carrie looks at Danny who chews on his fingernail of his right thumb, then she says back to Doug in a low voice. "WELL, that was good, so what's the problem now?" Doug looks around then says. "Well..." Just then, Deacon and Kelly show up and Deacon asks. "What's going on? Is something wrong? Is it about Spence?" Carrie looks at him and says. "It's about Spence but he's okay...at least as far as we know. He's still in surgery but it's about something else". Deacon and Kelly sit down then he says. "Is it about him being gay?" Doug looks at him in shock and surprise then asks. "You know?" Deacon then causally says, "doesn't everybody?" Kelly then says. "Thank God, it's about time. We need a good gay wedding around here". Carrie nods her head and the girls squeal then Doug says to Deacon. "You okay with this?" Deacon moves his hand around and says. "Sure, it's cool. I know most brothers don't go down with it, but just as long as he doesn't put the moves on me, it's cool. What's your problem?" Doug shrugs his shoulders then Carrie says. "I think Doug is just now really realizing that he has a gay cousin". Deacon then says. "Man, get with the program!" Carrie then asks her husband, "Doug, let me ask, would you rather that Spence and Danny just go through life wondering in a weird circle of life dance alone?" Doug looks at her then says. "No"

Arthur then comes in the room with 5 cups of steaming hot coffee on a serving tray and says. "This is for everybody". Carrie then gives grateful sigh then says. "Thanks dad" They all reach for a cup and Arthur picks up his and sits back and asks. "So, what are we talking about? Spence and Doug being gay?" Doug looks at him in complete shock then asks. "YOU KNOW?!" Arthur then tips his head then says, "Doug, I've lived longer than any of you and I know gay when I see it and those guys are walking fruit of the looms!"

Everybody snickers then Doug says. "I know I shouldn't be so freaked out, I just had to calm down". Carrie smiles and takes his hand in hers then they see Veronica walk in the room sniffling then Carrie asks everybody in a low voice. "How do you think Veronica will take it that her son is gay?" Everybody looks at her and when she looks at them, they all go back to drinking coffee then Doctor Griffith comes out. You can tell that he is haggard and tired and everybody jumps up and goes over to him and he says. "I have news on Spencer Poodle" All of Spencer's friends and family say together. "Poole!" The doctor then says. "I don't know why I got such a blockage against that name, anyway, I have news" Everybody looks at him in anticipation.

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