It was far from the wedding her mother and Narcissa dreamed of. Neither church nor any Malfoy Manor loomed behind them. Instead the open sea stretched infinitely to the horizon behind the altar. There were no hot dress robes and no designer gowns. She was donned in a plain, white, cotton dress that flowed past her feet and dragged on the sand. Her hair was just laid down, with a crown of weed flowers and a tattered veil.

The music ceased, and then played into a glorious crescendo. Hermione stepped out from the tent, her bare feet feeling the sand. The sea breeze whipped around the skirt of her dress and danced with her hair. Clutching her bouquet of randomly picked wild flowers, she started her descent down the aisle.

The promise of today and the life ahead of her made her so happy she couldn't stop smiling. People beamed at her from the aisles and murmured to themselves. It was the most peculiar group of guests in the world. They varied from Narcissa's socialites and Lucius' contacts to her dearest friends like the Weasleys. She didn't see any of these people though. All she could see was Draco, standing in front of the driftwood altar and fidgeting with his corsage.

Perfect. Everything was perfect.

Then all the perfect things went horribly wrong.

Draco looked up and met her eyes. But he wasn't smiling like she was. Hermione's smile faltered away as he looked away almost immediately. Something was wrong. She continued her march down the aisle a little quicker, impatient to ask Draco what was bothering him. She looked at her groom, willing him to look up.

Finally he did. He looked straight in her eyes.

I'm sorry. He mouthed, shaking his head.

Then he apparated out of sight, leaving Hermione in the middle of the aisle without a groom.


It was 9 o'clock in the evening when somebody wrapped a cloak around her.

"Hermione, it's time to go." Ron said.

"No." She whispered, tears still flowing. "I have to wait for Draco. He'll come back. He won't leave me like this."

"Hermione, I'm sorry. I can't believe Malfoy did that to you, too. Listen, all the guests have gone; we're the last ones. We're about to apparate back to the Burrow." When Hermione didn't answer, Ron pulled her up. Hermione shook off his arm.

"No! Leave me alone, Ron!" She ran away and apparated just when Ron caught up with her.


Why is it that she always ended up in Tottenham Court Road?

"Hermione!" Ron shouted.

Great. She brought Ronald with her. She ran, desperate to lose him. It started to rain. As she crossed the street, cars honked and drivers shouted obscenities at her. What could she have looked like to them? A crazy barefoot girl wearing a beach dress and clutching flowers. Did they know? Can they tell that her fiancée just broke her heart and ran away in the middle of her wedding?

She felt Ron's hand wrap around her arm and whip her around.

"Hermione. Would you please-"

He never got to finish. A honking ten wheeler truck barreled toward them, brakes screeching in fury. Hermione could only look as the oncoming headlights glared at her, blinded her as they got closer then fade into absolute darkness.

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