Ciel rang for his butler. It seemed that lately, Sebastian had been coming a few moments later than usual when called. A couple of times, he even appeared slightly out of breath.

"Something wrong, Sebastian?" Ciel asked in that irritated tone he always used.

"No, my Lord. What can I do for you?" Sebastian replied as he bowed. To himself though he thought, yes something certainly is wrong when a butler can not take 5 minutes to himself during the course of the day due to the 3 idiots destroying the manor and Ciel ringing that damn bell. It was hard enough, literally, being around Ciel all day, dressing and undressing him, bathing him, etc. Sebastian cravedthat 5 minutes here and there through out the course of the day to relieve that overwhelming pressure derived from wanting Ciel so damn badly.

"Very well, I am finished with the business and prefer to read for a while." Ciel said. Sebastian gathered the business books and replaced them on the desk with Ciel's current novel of choice. "That will be all, Sebastian." Though Ciel was looking at his butler curiously. Something is up with him and I intend to find out what it is, he thought. Ciel could order Sebastian to tell him but maybe a game was in order. Yes, a cat and mouse game-Sebastian could be the mouse. That would be very interesting.

So just after Sebastian left the room, Ciel went to the door and peeked out catching the butler disappear into his bedroom. Ciel silently snuck toward the slightly ajar door to peek in.

Finally, Sebastian thought. Those 3 idiots were off on a wild goose chase and Ciel was busy reading. It was time. He removed his coat and set it carefully over the chair. Then he rolled up his shirtsleeves and layed down on the bed. Next he unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall wide open. Finally, he unfastened his pants and slid them down just enough to expose his hard aroused length. Careful to be prepared to jump up if the bell rang.

Ciel's eyes widened and a wicked smile formed as he thought, so this is what you've been up to. Ciel was taken back by the sight of Sebastian's size but it was also sooo delicious to watch Sebastian run his long fingers down his body to finally stop and grasp his own hard shaft with one hand and rub his nipples with the other. He started pumping himself leisurely enough but that quickly turned into a firm and fast rhythmic motion.

Sebastian laid his head back picturing Ciel in his mind. He dressed and undressed, even bathed, that body everyday but could not touch it the way he most craved. It was a demon's hunger for the body he wanted to possess, for he already owned the soul. His head flew from side to side, that inky straight hair became disheaveled and his body writhed on the bed twisting the white shirt under him as he continued pumping….and rubbing….pumping….and rubbing.

Then he got what Ciel could only describe as a one-sided painful pleasure look on his face. Since Ciel had hit puberty, he had a few moments where he felt the need to release that pressure and did so with thoughts of Sebastian flooding his mind.

"Nnhh….my Lord…." The groan escaped Sebastian's throat while pumping vigorously and squeezing on taut nipple. In that moment Ciel didn't know whether to think his butler a perverted mad man or that it was delightfully satisfying to know he was the object of that sort of passion from the usually guarded demon. Then it happened. Sebastian groaned inaudibly, stiffened, and squeezed his eyes shut while the white liquid gushed out of his tip, covering Sebastian's pale flesh of his stomach.

Before Sebastian had even regained control of his breathing, Ciel was back in his office ringing the bell. Sebastian casually opened the door, "What can I do for you, my Lord?" He said bowing. Ciel observed that his butler. Pants fastened, shirtsleeves down, coat on, but his hair was messed up a bit and he seemed to still be catching his breath.

"Are you sure you're alright Sebastian? You seem a bit winded." Ciel smirked. "Quite fine, my Lord, just trying to be prompt." He smiled humbly. "Good, now then, I would like a snack and make sure it has cream on top." Ciel said amused with himself. "Very well, my Lord." Sebastian said before departing.

Ciel clasped his hands together thinking, this game is amusing. I wonder what will happen tomorrow?