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Sebastian held his sleeping young master in his arms. When the contract was made, he had no idea they would end up like this. He should know better, being a demon after all. Eventually, the time would come when his young master's revenge would be had and then….then….he would devour that soul.

He had taken care to shape and mold Ciel Phantomhive's soul by feeding it hatred, anger, and the need for revenge. It would taste that much sweeter in the end.

But the feelings and thoughts of love that the boy had for Sebastian would hinder all that preparation. Not to mention, giving the demon a reason to love in return.

Falling in love was just not something that demons should ever do. It went against everything he was. How….how would he take Ciel's sweet soul when the time came? He was a demon first and for most, that's how. His personal, twisted thoughts of love would not factor in to the equation. They couldn't.

Ciel dreamed pleasantly, thoughts of his beautiful demon making love to him. The ultimate trust that Sebastian would always take care of him no matter what, whether it was pleasuring him or saving him.

The anxiety in the back of his mind that the end would be frightening was gone. When the time came, he trusted that Sebastian would not cause him pain in any way and if he was going to die, he didn't want it to be by anyone else's hand. No, he had made the contract and would stand by it. At least in the meantime, he could live. He would feel love and freely give his heart to his butler….and eventually his soul.

That would be the ultimate sacrifice for love. To have Sebastian beside him until the end was worth it. He wasn't alone as he once thought, he had Sebastian, the demon who couldn't, wouldn't leave his side. No one could separate them like the rest of his family. That thought gave Ciel comfort and a sense of security.

*Four Months Later*

To anyone witnessing the daily running of the Phantomhive Manor, everything therein was as it should be. The upkeep of the manor was impeccable as always and those within adhered to their strict schedules. No one thwarting their duties and obligations, just as it always was.

At nighttime however, the schedule changed for some. If Sebastian was not out gathering information about which ever case they were currently working on for the Queen, he was lying in his young master's bed, holding him as he fell asleep after making love. Then the butler would go about his duties and return so that when Ciel woke, he was still in Sebastian's arms.

Over the course of that time, Ciel found that while it was wonderful to have Sebastian take him, his own sense of bold determination was coming out and if Sebastian's responses were any indication, they were thoroughly appreciated.

On one such occasion, Ciel was sitting on the edge of his bed.

"Come here Sebastian," he demanded in his don't argue with me if you know what's good for you tone.

Sebastian stepped up between Ciel's parted legs and stood still. Ciel reached up starting at Sebastian's neck and slowly ran his hands down the front of his butler's body, while still fully clothed. When he reached Sebastian's hips he moved his hands around to grasp his butler's firm behind through the snug black pants. God it's so hot to touch him like this, Ciel thought to himself.

Then he brought his hands to the front, unfastened the pants, and slid them off those slim hips. Grasping Sebastian's exposed erection in his hands and working it over was so erotic but it was enhanced by the raw look of lust in Sebastian's expression.

Usually so in control, Sebastian caved under the assault. His eyes closed to savor the feeling of his young master's manipulations and he even reached out to grasp the bedpost to steady himself.

"Oh, my Lord," Sebastian groaned, which only made Ciel try harder. Funny thing was, Ciel liked Sebastian to call him that or young master, not Ciel. He groaned again when Ciel took him in his warm mouth.

What Ciel lacked in experience was overshadowed by how erotic he looked when he glanced up at Sebastian with those huge eyes. He worked Sebastian over with his tongue and by sucking hard. Those red eyes starred back in amazement.

At the same time, Ciel grasped his butler's behind, pulling him in. This demon had a beautiful body and something inside Ciel had snapped! He wanted that body more than he wanted air.

Sebastian reached his limit and pulled away to haul his young master to the center of the bed, tearing of the night clothes, and kissing every inch of his body.

"Sebastian….Mmmhhh…." Ciel whimpered.

Sebastian quickly prepared his young master after oiling his fingers, sliding them in and out of that tight ass. Then he lubed himself and slid into his young master.

Ciel's head flew back and he cried out, "Nngghh….yes…."

Sebastian took his young master savagely that night thrusting deep and hard….over and over.

Sebastian had just started stroking his young master when he felt Ciel tighten around him and a strangled cry, "Ahhh….I'm going to come! Ahhh…."

With a couple more thrusts, Sebastian tensed and hissed, "Oh yes… Lord."

Sebastian was too heavy for Ciel so he moved to the side when he pulled out. He cradled his young master as they lay together in the bed, panting and sweating.

"Sebastian," Ciel said breathlessly, "that was incredible. You are amazing."

"No, my Lord, I am simply one hell of a butler."

With his head still buried in his butler's chest, Ciel whispered, "Sebastian, I….I love you."

Sebastian pulled Ciel on top of him sitting up so they were eye to eye. Then his perfect sweet smile donned, "And I love you, my young master. I will be here with you until the very end."