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Well, as you may or may not know, this is the fourth and final sub-story to Anxol's adventure - if you haven't read the first three, they are called 'The Girl Who Set the Spark', 'Panem's Angel', and 'Caged In'. For those who did read the first three sub-stories, a massive, massive thank you to all of you for sticking by for so long! It really is incredible to know that you've stayed with the story after all this time.

This story does take place in the book Mockingjay, so I suggest you read that book first. And, if you've read the previous sub-story, 'Caged In', you'll know that I will be following along with the book, though I will change a few things to accommodate Anxol's story. However, in this sub-story, I'll probably follow along with the plot a bit more loosely.

Well, not to delay you any longer! Here is the first chapter to the last sub-story!

Disclaimer: The Hunger Games trilogy belongs to Suzanne Collins.

I constantly wonder why I wish so much.

Why do I wish for things that I knew were impossible?

Why did I daydream about things, hope that luck will shine on me, wish that my dreams will come true?

One after one, my dreams are knocked down. My wishes are burnt to crisps.

Please let Enkol come back home.

He is dead. He has died in the Hunger Games. The only thing that came back was the burnt remains of his body.

I wish I didn't have to go to the Capitol tonight.

But yet I loyally return every night, to keep my sister safe. I go every single night, even though I didn't want to.

I hope Donnie will be safe.

Her screams must have come from somewhere. Jabberjays record noises. By those screams, it is obvious that Donnie is not safe.

I tell myself to stop wishing. Tell myself to stop dreaming, to stop hoping. Stop, because when your dreams are crushed, it will only hurt more.

When I wished for a hovercraft to come, and for Haymitch and Plutarch to pick us up, I honestly thought that something would go right for once. That my wish will come true.

But my wishes never come true. My hopes are always shattered.

Haymitch and Plutarch are not in the hovercraft.

President Snow is.

They put us in a small, dank, room.

There is nobody here but me, Peeta, and Johanna. Peeta is terrified, worried for Katniss. Johanna is defiant and rebellious, ready to take on anything the Capitol throws at her.

I forbid myself from wishing. To stop pleading to whoever is up there, because they are not listening, they have stopped listening seventy-five years ago. But I still let one last wish blossom in my mind.

Please let Finnick be safe.

If Donnie is not safe, if I am not safe, if Peeta and Johanna are not safe, then at least Finnick should be safe. He must be safe. After all he's done, all he's been through. He must be safe.

Katniss, Beetee, and Finnick are not in the room with us. But that does not mean they are safe. They could always be put in another room, could always be just as endangered as we are.

We will only have to wait and see.


If there is anything good with being thrown into a dark, dirty cell, and used for torture, it's knowing that the ones you love are safe.

When the hovercraft lands, some Capitol guards drag us to a cell and throw us inside. Johanna and Peeta's cells are next to mine.

Peeta is not safe, even after all we did to protect him. Johanna and I are not safe, either, though we both knew that there was a risk of dying when we signed up for this.

Haymitch never mentioned anything about torture. We probably would have thought about what we were signing up for if he mentioned torture at the Capitol was a possibility.

Peeta still has a chance for the smallest sliver of safety. Because he is so close to Katniss, the face of the rebellion – or the 'Mockingjay' as Haymitch calls her – they might not do too much damage to him, spare him a little.

But there are only three cells. Katniss, Finnick, and Beetee have all escaped the arena safely. Donnie is not here, either. She must be safe, too. Flourishing in the underground District 13. Planning for the rebellion.

This is the only happiness that I can hold on to. The only bit of light in this situation.

I may be not be safe, but the others are.

I will sit and wait in this cage as the rebellion brews on; as long as they are not hurt.

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