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We roll around in the sand, closer and closer to the pounding waves beside us, the soundtrack to our lives. I laugh when he pins me down, kissing me on the lips, laughter dancing in his bright green eyes. His bronze hair flies around in the wind, his limbs showing no sign of the metal where the bone should be.

A little boy, only five years old, is a walking reflection of his father. Finnick says our daughter, who is two, is a mirror of myself.

The little boy shares not only his father's looks, but also his name. That's just how you do it in Four, isn't it?

My children build sandcastles on the beach, the same way Panem rebuilt itself. Slowly, carefully, but pieced together in the end. A masterpiece. We make sure it is never washed away by the waves that threaten to engulf it.

President Paylor is quick to invite us to the Capitol and send us gifts; the wise, just ruler of Panem. Johanna is not a frequent visitor in our home, but we are ones in hers. Peeta and Katniss send their love and treats, and their children play with ours when they are guests in our home. Beetee, who has become a grandfather to my beautiful little sister Donnie, they both send gifts and the latest gadgets, and Donnie sends her love with letters every week and frequent visits. We are family, after all.

Finnick and I keep to our promises. We are together, and we both help each other heal.

Panem heals, too, and Finnick and I help restore it. But this time, for the better. There is a wall, a statue, in every district, with the names of all that were lost in the long making of this new world. The lives that were sacrificed, engraved into stone as heroes. Books filled with names of heroes and their deeds, a reminder, to never forget them - even past death.

Finnick and I are content with our lives, a life filled with kisses, happiness, and laughter. Of course, the waves get rough at times, but he promised to be with me during the storms, and I promised to never to leave his side. We are a family, and to Finnick, we will always be his Angelfish, Bubbles, and Sharkfin. To me, all three of them are the light of my life.

The nightmares no longer exist. The visions are less frequent, until they ultimately stop, the last of Snow gone from me at last. With Finnick, he douses any fear, any doubt, any last remains of Snow and the dark chamber of torture. He holds me close when I would shake at night, or when I would cry in my sleep.

I hold my baby daughter in my arms, as my husband holds me tight, his hand resting on my son's shoulder. Our old families are no longer with us, but Finnick and I have made our own, together. A family that loves, one that stands in a world where there is no more Hunger Games. We'll have to tell them one day, for they will hear about the rebellion that gained them their freedom.

The past is not forgotten, but it not taken out to be remembered often. It made me who I am today, gave me what I have today, but I prefer to look out to the horizon and think of tomorrow.

There's no fairytale ending when the girl is in pieces and her world has just finished crumbling around her. There is no happily ever after when hundreds have died and when she has seen blood on the streets of her home.

But there is life, and there is fixing it.

And piece by piece, put together with Finnick by my side, I make the masterpiece of my life.

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