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"Time will explain." - Jane Austen, Persuasion.

She possessed the understated beauty of the unpretty and the unremarkable character of the unnoticed. A woman of emotions and dreams, concealed by layers of unattractive armour, she felt safer on the realm of fantasies. There, she was the undisputed sovereign of a perfect kingdom, the beloved wife of prince charming, the dotting mother of gorgeous children. Within the confines of her imagined life, beauty came from the heart and status was achieved out of merit. Life was easy and love was a certainty, her fantasy didn't allow endings just the lightness of a happily ever after.

Unfortunately, reality was a far cry from dreams and prince charming came in the form of a less than perfect man who suffered the malady of a wandering eye and a loose tongue. But she was overweight and over thirty, resigned to the fate of accepting what she could have instead of waiting for what she truly wanted. So, Bella settled for Edward and tried really hard to make the best of it.

Most of the time, she resented Edward, viewing him as the jailor keeping her on the prison of mediocrity. However, sometimes she could almost taste happiness. Those occasions were few and far in between, but they sustained the fickle hope that one day everything would fall into place and she would finally be happy.