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Day 1:

Thor stayed with them until Loki's…prison, for lack of a better word, was finished.

"Here." He said, handing a silver cuff to Sigyn before taking Loki's arm and putting a matching one on. It shrank so it was flush with his skin and fused together so there was no seam. "This will bind Loki's magic and bind him to you."

Sigyn nodded and slipped her bracelet on.

"Fantastic." Loki muttered.

"You can't honestly believe we allow you to keep your powers unchecked, brother." Thor told him, frowning.

"Well, it sounds like the stupid kind of thing you would do, brother." Loki shot back.

"Stop." Sigyn said softly, getting between them. "Can't you two stop fighting for a moment? Loki, you lost. This is the time for you to recoup, and you don't do that by starting petty arguments with your brother."

"Who are you to stand against me?" he sneered.

Thor moved to intercede, but Sigyn held up her hand.

"You forget yourself, my lord." She told him. "I have been, and always will be, your equal in magic. Oh I may have turned my focus to healing and protection, instead of your path of trickery and deception, that does not make me any weaker than you. And as the only one of us who hasn't had their powers stripped, perhaps you should take care how you speak to me."

Loki studied her for a moment.

"You have grown strong, my lady, in my absence." He told her, smirking.

She didn't return his smile.

"I had to." She replied simply.

"My Lord Thor?"

They all turned to see a servant standing nervously in the doorway.

"The rooms are ready." He told them before fleeing.

"I will escort you down." Thor said, but Sigyn shook her head.

"I am sure the others are anxious to see you." She said, laying a hand on his arm. "Go. We will be fine."

Thor hesitated, but nodded. He left the alone and Sigyn sighed.

"Come." She said, taking his arm.

"And if I will not?" Loki demanded.

"Do not test me, Loki." Sigyn told him, her green eyes flashing blue with power.

Loki looked at her closely. The young girl he had known had grown into a beautiful woman. She was tall, only a bit shorter than him, with red hair falling down her back in a tight braid.

"When did you grow from the shrinking violet to the strong oak?" he asked curiously.

"When you were off waging war against your brother and his allies." She replied. "Come."

She took his arm again, and this time, he didn't fight her. She led him down and down, into the deepest bowels of Odin's palace. Finally, she opened a door and ushered him inside. The rooms were not what he expected.

"What is this?" he demanded.

All around them was a beautiful suite, with every accoutrement he could want, every comfort. Not in any way the prison he expected.

"Thor demanded you be paid the respect a Son of Odin deserves, even one in exile." Sigyn replied, moving further inside. "The court is simply respecting his wishes. All of your things have been moved here, well, with the exception of your weapons. Those have been taken for safe keeping. But all your books, your clothes, your treasures. They're all here."

"And the Allfather believes this will keep me docile?" Loki demanded. "What is to stop me from slitting your throat and walking out of here?"

"Go ahead." Sigyn said, holding out her arms. "But you needn't do anything as drastic as that. Walk out. I won't stop you."

Loki looked at her warily and she nodded to the door.

"Go." She pushed.

He slowly walked to the door and reached to open it, only to be met with a bright golden barrier.

"Oh, perhaps I should have mentioned that." Sigyn said, lowering her arms. "I raised the protections on this room myself. I am the only one who can lower them, so if I were to die, you would be trapped her for all eternity."

He glared at her and she sighed.

"My rooms are here as well." She said, pointing to another door off the main hall. "I will be here every day. If you wish, I will fight you every day, from dawn to dusk, and when you are too tired to continue, we can start again the next day. But I will not be leaving here. You are stuck with me, my lord."

"STOP CALLING ME THAT!" Loki exploded at her.

Sigyn looked down quickly, but took a deep breath and met his eyes again.

"I am not a Lord." He growled at her. "I am nothing. Less than nothing. The adoptive bastard of a ruined house. And no matter who nice this little cage might be, I will still rot here for eternity. Alone with you. Is that what you are hoping for? That if I'm forced to spend enough time with you I will do what I have never done, despite the fact that we have known each other all our lives, and fall in love with you? You stupid little girl. I will never love you. So if that is your goal, you might as well leave now, my lady."

Sigyn closed her eyes for a moment before looking at him again, all emotion gone, buried deep.

"My goal is to make you well again, my lord." She said, ignoring his growl. "To cleanse you of the darkness that is festering deep inside your soul. I do not care if you love me or not, it does not change what I feel for you. I care for you, Loki. I always have and I always will. Your feelings on the matter have no bearing. That is why I stay."

"Then you are an idiot." He told her.

"Perhaps." She agreed. "I'm sure much of the court will agree with you. But I will not abandon you."

"Why?" he demanded. "Why do you always insist on doing the stupid thing? Like when we were children and you insisted on training with us even though you were never going to be a warrior? Why do you not just give up? For your own good?"

"Where would that get me?" she asked.

"Safe." He replied.

Sigyn studied him.

"Do you want me gone because you cannot bare my company, or because you are afraid you might hurt me?" she asked.

"I care not whether you are hurt or not." Loki replied haughtily.

"I know you better than that, Loki." She told him.

"You do not know me at all." He shot back angrily.

Sigyn nodded slightly.

"You're right." She replied. "I do not know this new you. But I knew a man very similar once. He was a young prince who knew I was never going to be a warrior. He knew I was never going to be able to face an enemy and attack him head on. So instead, he taught me everything I would need to know to protect those around me. How to fight to keep people safe. He taught me how to expand my magic so nothing would ever threaten those I cared about. He taught me how to heal them when they were hurt. I knew him very well. But he's gone, lost to this madness."

"He is dead." Loki said viciously.

"I am not so sure." Sigyn replied calmly. "But he is very lost. And very alone."

Loki turned away from her and she sighed.

"It is late, my lord." She said. "We should retire."

She headed to her door, but stopped when he spoke.

"I will be free again."

She turned back and looked at him, meeting his eyes without flinching.

"Perhaps this time, you will deserve that freedom."

She turned and walked into her room, closing the door behind her and leaving him alone.

A/N2: Just a little vignette into Loki's captivity that I set up at the end of Faithful. I'm thinking of doing random days, just showing them together. Let me know what you think.