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Summary: 18 year old Naruto Uzumaki is finally captured by 'Madara'. During the extraction process, knowing he was going to die anyway Naruto decides to release the seal confining Kyuubi and try to thwart the masked man's plans. Something unexpected happens though and now Naruto finds himself back in time, where fate has adjusted to account for his newfound existance in the past, one of these is making him the Jubi Jinchuuriki. Rating will be M for violence or sexual situations.

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War does interesting things to people, it changes them, some lightly, others their whole psyche. This was especially true for the older members of the shinobi joint army, those old enough to remember the horrors of great ninja wars past. Hatred for the enemy was the easiest way to deal with their emotions, a focus to contain it, to keep them saner then some of their allies. But with some, it isn't enough, they give themselves a goal, a purpose, a reason to keep on living.

For many of the shinobi, there was a simple answer, the desire to simply serve their kage and their village til their last breath. To die in the name of those that died before them, family, lovers, friends... Others, such as the many missing nin that have abandoned their village over the years search for a greater purpose for the existence, power, control, protection. This was seen in many of their fallen brothers and sisters.

Naruto was always the optimist, always trying to save others, protect them, create peace for everyone. It was his promise to his departed loved ones, his friends, even his enemies. A promise to create the peace that everyone deep down in the shinobi world longs for despite what they do to try and achieve it. But even Naruto wasn't safe from long term exposure to the war, with his Kage Bushin scattered around the battlefields, he witnessed true horrors that slowly began to eat away at those naive hopes he had created.

The initial battle for the allied Shinobi forces against the masked man calling himself Madara, had resulted in their victory... or so they thought. Their enemy indeed had superior numbers in the white zetsu clones, even more dangerous was their ability to turn into the very shinobi they fought against. The clones were so advanced that they even copied the chakra signature of those they copied, preventing even sensors or even the Byakugan to see the false fighters.

This zetsu clone army did manage to add a great deal of confusion to the war, but that wasn't what caused the most damage to the Shinobi army. Kabuto had perfected the Edo Tensei (Impure Resurrection), allowing him to bring back to life many of the greatest warriors from each village. As cruel as that alone was, he left their minds intact, causing hesitation throughout the shinobi ranks.

Thankfully leaving their minds intact allowed the resurrected fighters to aid whoever they fought, helping them to fight and counter their styles. Even with that important factor, the kage level opponents were still extremely difficult to defeat. Kage level shinobi reached their levels of rank for a reason and superior numbers would not help the shinobi army win.

As such, they lost quite a few of their number during this first assault, but the masked man had lost his entire clone army which gave them time to prepare for the next wave. Many in the army couldn't believe that they were able to defeat all the legendary shinobi that had been resurrected. Especially after Madara Uchiha had also been resurrected, somehow possessing not only the mangkeyou sharingan, the Wood style of the shodaime Hokage, but also the Rinnegan. The legendary warrior was decimating the forces standing against him. It took the combined force of all five current Kage to even hold their ground against him.

Many of the shinobi army knew it wouldn't have been possible to even survive without the one they were trying to protect, one Naruto Uzumaki. Thanks to his skill with nature chakra, he created many clones to aid his shinobi allies, the nine tailed Jinchuuriki weeded out the zetsu that had infiltrated, as well as helping defeat the resurrected Kage level shinobi, he himself took out the resurrected Sandaime Raikage.

That wasn't the biggest battle for Naruto though, wanting to end the battle quickly, he took off to take out the masked shinobi with the blessing of the Kages. This was planned for, as when he and Killer Bee found him, he wasn't alone, he had resurrected the previous Jinchuuriki and placed their Bijuu within their resurrected bodies.

It was here that Kurama, the nine tailed fox truly accepted Naruto as a comrade and not a jailer. Unlike the other Jinchuuriki, where their bijuu give them their chakra, to take on their true forms, Naruto and Kurama shared it, combined it, making them significantly more powerful than an ordinary full Bijuu transformation. Like his Nine tailed cloak, their full possession was similar in nature, a combination of their chakra to form a golden yellow instead of the dark orange chakra of the fox. Together they showed their power to dominate the former Jinchuuriki, with Gai, Kakashi and Bee sealing them, forcing the masked man to flee.

Kakashi and Gai had to stop Naruto from following the man down, they too knew they needed to regroup and losing Naruto would not aid them at all. All it took was to remind Naruto of the battle of the kage's, including Tsunade, against the resurrected Madara and the young Jinchuuriki took off in that direction to help the mother figure in his life. The two Jinchuuriki and Elite Jonin arrived to see all 5 Kage's looking beaten, worn out and furious, Madara had been returned to his coffin, to fight another day before they could successfully seal him.

The Kage's did count their blessings though, they had managed to seal the strongest members of their individual villages which meant the next battle should be easier with any luck. They once more hid Naruto and Killer bee and sent Ninjutsu specialists to them. With Gai, Kakashi and Killer Bee's description of the battle against the other Jinchuuriki, the difference in Naruto's complete beast mode to other Jinchuuriki, they thought teaching him as many Jutsu as possible while they had the chance was something they had to do.

The Kyuubi Jinchuuriki had even more chakra than Killer Bee, unlike other Jinchuuriki, Naruto had proven the ability to use Jutsu while using the Kyuubi's chakra. Something no other Jinchuuriki can claim. Thus the Raikage ordered the training as he believed that Naruto, might possibly be one of the only Shinobi alive that would be able to use all 5 elements in the high ranks due to the sheer amount of raw Chakra he had at his disposal.

Naturally Naruto was all for learning, after seeing the many shinobi throwing justus during the battle, he realized how little he knew in reality. He literally only had Rasengan and it's variants, plus Kage Bushin, despite training under one of Konoha's top Ninjutsu specialists for 3 years and his sensei being known worldwide as knowing 1000 Jutsu, he never bothered to sit down and learn from them.

Two years passed with still no sign from the masked shinobi, he had learnt quite a bit of Tai, Fuin, and Ninjutsu from various shinobi from the different villages, thanks of course to his godly use of Kage Bushin. He even got some instruction from Itachi, who had broken the Edo Tensei's control mechanism through Shisui Uchiha's Mangekyou Sharingan.

Itachi informed the Kages that he was responsible for ending the Edo tensei controlled by Kabuto, at a great cost. As he unsealed not only Kabuto's deformed head, but Sasuke's as well. Kabuto had used a similar technique as Hidan, when Itachi beheaded Kabuto after their long battle, he watched in horror as Sasuke's own head was separated from his body. The masked shinobi had arrived at that moment and Itachi gathered the heads of his enemy and brother before fleeing the area. This of course meant that if the masked shinobi knew Edo Tensei, an indestructible Sasuke, Madara and Kabuto would be facing them in the next battle.

Itachi didn't know how long his body would last, as he no longer had a source of chakra to draw from, Kabuto was gathering nature chakra with his snake sage mode to empower the resurrected warriors, that source was now gone. After telling Naruto a simpler version of what happened to his little brother, Naruto had surprised him by asking to implant one of Sasuke's eyes (well his eyes but he didn't think Naruto needed to know that detail). He felt honoured in a way after Naruto had explained his reasoning "I couldn't save Sasuke, maybe this way, he can live on and see the world through me, one day he might witness me bring peace to the world" He hoped he would last long enough to pass on his knowledge to Naruto.

As if following a tradition, it was Sakura who had performed the operation, after Naruto's requested her and not Tsunade to do it. She was reluctant to do so and had given him quite the verbal bashing before breaking down to him. Sakura had mentally prepared herself for Sasuke's death, hell she had tried to go after him herself after realizing the boy she had loved was gone. But what Naruto was offering, to someone like the man Sasuke had become, she was shocked completely. But she couldn't say no to the smile he wore, the confident grin on his face, so she did as he had asked and gave replaced his left eye with Sasuke's.

It was difficult for Naruto to adjust to the eye, he had to close his normal eye when his sharingan was open as it was disorienting when he was sparring. The sharingan slowed movements down while the normal eye did not, he completely understood why Kakashi kept his covered. The Sharingan didn't seem to be able to turn off even after Itachi explained how, Naruto assumed because he has so much chakra flowing constantly, plus the fact there was no way for him to gain the control necessary to turn off the flow to his eye.

To test his theory, he had Neji hit the tenketsu points leading to his eye and the eye reverted to the black pit he always thought the Uchiha eyes looked like. Channeling some of Kurama's chakra opened the points back up and turned the eye back to the three tomoe state. After many weeks with instruction from Hiashi, Neji and Hinata, Naruto was able to hit the right spot to turn off his eye, when Kakashi saw this he looked completely shocked at the answer was in front of him all these years.

Some of the shinobi world's best Genjutsu users tried to teach Naruto, but it seemed like a lost cause, even with the Sharingan. Itachi stated it was possible he might be able to use the Sharingan eye illusions but ordinary Genjutsu was thought to be impossible to teach the young 18 year old Jinchuuriki. When asked why he wasn't teaching Naruto some advanced Sharingan techniques Itachi refused to answer, merely grunting and returned to watching Naruto's progress.

In tribute to his parents and Jiraiya, Naruto was taught Fuinjutsu from the shinobi worlds greatest experts in the field, surprisingly enough Killer Bee was one of these, although understanding what he was trying to say was easier said than done. Naruto, staying true to his family's legacy, learnt very fast and was considered a prodigy by the fields best, shocking all those that knew him well as Fuinjutsu was considered one of the most complex of ninja arts.

Taijutsu showed great improvements, he trained with resistance seals now, his strength and speed were drastically increasing each day, thanks to the regeneration of Kurama he didn't even need to rest. Naruto surprised his trainers however by mixing the styles he learnt together to match any situation during sparring, it frankly shocked many taijutsu experts as they thought he was a genius, but really he was used to improvising on the spot. Gai even taught him how to open the first gate, to teach him the lotus, from that Naruto somehow figured out from that how to activate the second gate on his own but didn't try to go any further.

Ninjutsu training ironically ended up mainly being his former sensei Kakashi, who might not have been able to perform all the ninjutsu he had copied over the years due to the amount of chakra required, but he could show Naruto the handsigns while explaining what each did. Itachi also helped out in this department and the Sharingan did wonders at memorising the hand seals of many of the ninjutsu experts of the shinobi army. Wind and Fire were his strongest affinities, while the other three required a much larger chunk of chakra to perform. He felt kind of dirty with learning fire techniques, since it is what the Uchiha clan were famous for, at the same time, he felt honoured that he had an affinity similar to his old friend. That thought alone made the blonde giddy in anticipation.

The third year since the end of the great battle finally had the masked shinobi strike again, this time with an even larger zetsu army. The allied forces were hard pressed and their numbers started to drop one by one. With great reluctance the Raikage once again decided to let the remaining two Jinchuuriki fight, since it appeared they wouldn't win this battle without severe losses. His decision proved to be foolish in the end. As soon as they arrived on the battlefield, they were shocked when Bee was seemingly pulled by some great force at an insane velocity to the waiting arm of the masked man, then taken away by the same Teleportation jutsu the dark skinned leader had seen 'Madara' use at the Kage summit.

They had all felt the wave of chakra and explosions in the distance, Naruto having begun thinking of Bee as his brother during their long time together, took out hordes of Zetsu with a few clones pumping out insanely powerful ninjutsu.

It had many of the lower ranked shinobi nervous, thinking that once the war was over, would the villages split again, thus making this boy the greatest threat in the history of the elemental nations and to each of their villages. Naruto, once done with his duty in defending those he cared for, launched towards the area of the battle ignoring everyone's pleas for him to stay. With his mastered Kyuubi enhanced form while in sage mode Naruto could move at speeds close to the Hirashin. Not even the Raikage with his lightning aura could match him in speed.

Reaching the battle he saw Bee unconscious on the ground behind Madara and Sasuke. One pair of eternal Mangekyou sharingan and another pair of Rinnegan eyes looked coolly at him. "Ahhh, the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. I can see you have improved greatly, my eyes can see the confidence and experience, I do hope you prove more capable then that fool" Madara stated throwing his head back slightly to indicate Bee.

Naruto growled lowly at the statement and his right eye widened, his left being covered with his headband, when he saw the masked man materialize in front of Bee's body. "GET AWAY FROM HIM" Naruto roared, his Bijuu cloak flaring out pushing a powerful wind in their direction, his voice far more feral in nature.

"Brother, Sasuke, take him down, soon it will all be over, the Uchiha clan will rule the world at last. Kabuto and I shall extract the Hachibi using Edo Tensei" The masked man stated in a cheerful tone before he and Bee vanished in a warp.

Naruto still in his enhanced form snarled, he deactivated his sage mode for the moment to converse its use for later "Brother? What the hell did he mean brother? No matter, look at you two, the mighty Uchiha clan reduced to pawns to a madman"

Madara began chuckling darkly "You mean it hasn't been figured out yet, only one Uchiha was as skilled as me, his body vanished the night I took his eyes" Naruto's eyes widened after remembering Itachi explaining the story "Yes boy, that was my younger brother, Izuna, do you know how he is still alive? No? Once the Jubi is formed, I will be given new life and the Uchiha clan will once more rule the world"

Naruto's eye widened once more at the revelation and the eye flickered over to the man he once called his brother. Sasuke stood there calmly and raised his eyebrows in curiosity noticing his former comrade's headband. "It's been a while, dobe. Getting fashion tips from Kakashi? Hn. So you stole something from the Uchiha clan too huh, you too realize how great we are. I thought you were different, BUT YOU'RE JUST LIKE THEM, I hear you're Konoha's hero, then you will be the first step to making them suffer. Goodbye, Naruto, Susanoo"

A great chakra surged forth and enveloped Sasuke taking the shape of a giant purple demonic humanoid being, with a strangely shaped bow that was large enough to act as a shield. Naruto said nothing, he had made a promise to Itachi before he dissolved, he would purify Sasuke. He merely lifted his headband and opened his left eye and closed his right, his Sharingan eye glaring at his former friend.

A Kage Bunshin seal-lessly popped into existence next to him and he formed a Rasenshuriken. Sasuke's eyes widened when the clone blew a stream of fire into it. "Sasuke Uchiha is dead, he died long before this war, he died years ago, he died the day he abandoned Konoha. I'm not a naive child anymore Sasuke, everyone was right, while I was just foolish, I realize that now. I'm sorry I failed you Sasuke... goodbye, brother. Inferno Rasenshuriken"

He tossed the red Rasenshuriken straight towards Sasuke who merely brought the bow up to block the odd shuriken shaped jutsu. His eyes widened when the jutsu hit the shield and expanded outwards, the strange chakra human taking the hit. Madara whistled when it hit, the sight was impressive, a large dome formed, red chakra needles infused with fire chakra rained down on the young Uchiha within a raging inferno of fire.

Dust was kicked up from the attack making it difficult to see if he had succeeded, even if he did, Naruto knew Sasuke would reform soon enough, Madara was the greater threat. Naruto stood calmly before his eye switched to Madara who raised one eyebrow, no word needed to be said between them. They both vanished in a blur and began a fierce Taijutsu battle. Bangs seemed to erupt in the area from many locations, in reality it was the sounds of each blow being blocked or parried.

"SHINRA TENSEI" Madara roared blasting the Jinchuuriki back "Impessive Taijutsu for one so young and excellent use of the Sharingan, it won't be enough though" The man took off towards the flying Yellow figure before it vanished in a poof of smoke "A clone!"

He was suddenly grabbed from behind "BOOM" Madara got a smirk before he exploded into wood pieces that dispelled another shadow clone. Madara rose out of the earth a moment later a short distance away "Yes, I was told you love clones, so do I. Tajuu Mokuton Bushin" Multiple stumps formed on Madaras form before rapidly growing and becoming exact replicas, 50 of them total "Let us see which clones are more durable shall we, boy"

"Earth Release: Great Divide" Four Large sections of Earth rose to surround the large group of Madara's who immediately began their own handsigns. "Water Release: Water Pressure Wave" "Lightning Release: Bolt Stream" "Collaboration Technique: Lightning Bath"

Naruto knew from talking to the Kages, Madara wouldn't even consider that a warm up, but it was only to distract him briefly. He was finishing off a complex array of seals onto 4 Iwa bushin he had created earlier. "Done, hopefully he still underestimates me"

"Wood Release: Deep forest creation" Was heard as masses of roots burst through the rock walls, many Madara Wood clones began to burst through the gaps formed.

"Tajuu Kage Bushin" 500 Shadow clones burst into existence around Naruto. And leapt against the smaller number of Madara wood clones. Jutsu was flying all around, due to them all being clones they didn't bother holding back at all so explosions were going off all around. Naruto and the Iwa clones charged towards the real Madara and began a renewed Taijutsu battle, this time there were wind blades, hardened fists infused with Earth Release and Madara even set a clone alight with his Amaterasu.

"ENOUGH OF THIS FARCE" Suddenly rocks began to rise from the debris of the field high in the sky, then collide together, forming a massive ball of rock above the fierce battle "Take this" The Meteor erupted into the black flames of Amaterasu and began descending fast, right towards himself and the real Naruto.

Madara underestimated Naruto, expecting him to halt to see the attack, the Iwa bushin latched onto him and Naruto sped through the 10 required handsigns "FUIN" Madara gaped openly as he was sealed a moment later, Naruto channelled chakra to his legs and feet, grabbed the sealed rock containing Madara, tossed it as hard as he could in the direction of the army and bolted out of the area.

Skidding just as the massive flaming chunk of rock smashed into the earth dispelling all of his clones, he panted slightly as the exhaustion from its use, then he calmed himself and activated sage mode. His eye widened as he saw it happen just before it did, but he wasn't quick enough to react, a large purple arrow pierced his stomach.

How could he have forgotten Sasuke, the insane laughing giving him flashbacks of the last time they met years ago. Sasuke stood up cackling madly to himself as the giant chakra beast was regenerating until it was complete once more, armor and all. "You are still a dobe, Madara thought they were training you, I guess he was wrong if that is the best you can do. Just like every fight you've been in, you beat him because you got lucky, lucky he didn't notice what you were planning" Before he fired off an arrow that Naruto barely avoided.

"But you just used your ace in the hole, what do you plan to do about me, huh, NARUTO" Naruto was staring in shock at the fact the arrow was still lodged in his stomach and he didn't seem to be able to yank it out. Even with sage mode and Kurama's chakra flowing through him. More than that was the fact the arrow had come at him faster than anything he had seen, easily matching his speed, he barely was able to dodge the second one that was fired. One of the next 5 connected with him though and again he was unable to remove it from his thigh.

Coughing up blood he looked up just in time to see Sasuke giving him a sad look "Not good enough Naruto, goodbye... brother" and bringing down the bow like a sword and slamming into him. Then his world went black.

Naruto groaned when he woke up noticing he was inside his mindscape on Kurama's head "You just had to get cocky didn't you boy. Underestimating your opponent that much, did you forget he was able to take down that rapping fool and survive an encounter with all 5 kage's as well? Not to mention you should have realized he could have reformed quicker than the reports stated, that other Uchiha has had 3 years to plan this assault"

Naruto merely responded with a "Stupid fox, how was I meant to take that into account, I thought I had another 30 seconds at least to prepare to take down Sasuke"

The mighty fox let out a loud roar "What did I just say? Are you really that stupid? Here I am, starting to realize that you might be a worthy host, than you say something stupid like that? Now I'm about to get sucked out of you and forced to become one with the others again, meanwhile you will die because of your stupidity"

Naruto threw his hands up in the air "Then what the fuck am I meant to do then huh Kurama? I've already lost, the shinobi world has lost. I might have fucked up, but there's nothing I can do, so stop bitching like Sakura in her fan girl phase"

The Kyuubi let out another roar "You think I want this, to join with the others again. Shut your mouth and think for a change you fool. Wait, what did we do to further enhance our union?"

Looking at the strongest Bijuu in confusion Naruto snorted "What would... wait... no, all that would do is likely just speed things up, or what if it..."

The Kyuubi let out a sigh, knowing that he would fuse with the others one way or the other, the mighty beast would much rather serve an idiot than who he believed the masked shinobi to be "We are now connected, a soul bond if you will, perhaps we can use that to bring the other 8 to us instead, although it would probably kill us both, the combined powers of all 9 of us Bijuu would likely destroy your body. With luck the backlash will kill that bastard Uchiha though, he would need to be solid to perform the technique, meaning vulnerable"

Pausing the mighty Kitsune let out another roar "As much as I don't want to be a part of that damn raging beast again it's going to happen anyway, I'd rather die being bound in an idiot like you then serving that bastard Uchiha like a pet after I combine with the others. The Uchiha have caused both of us grief over the years, I think it's time to mess up their plans. It's wrong, being able to control even a being as great as me with nothing but a glare. You never thought to use me as a tool, even after you got that damn eye, for that at least, I have grown to not want to rip you apart on sight. Best case scenario, it frees the other bijuu at once.

Naruto stared up in shock at the Kyuubi before he sat down and let out a sigh "But you are linked to me, if my body dies, so would you... but you still want to do this don't you Kurama. Sigh, this isn't how I wanted to be remembered, but hey, I already proved I'm the strongest shinobi ever hehehe. Sitting back and just quitting was never my style. So let's see what fate has in store for us, eh you great furry bastard"

The mighty fox chuckled, Naruto looked shocked since he only ever heard the evil cackle from the beast in the past "Yes I too am curious to see what will happen to us, in a way, we Bijuu should never have been born into this world in the first place. That old fool never told us how the Jubi was formed, just that we were born from it. If I somehow survive, I will protect your precious people in your stead. You have my word"

The beast roared again and seemed to be in great pain "Fuck that hurts, worse than your mother's stakes. Well now it's just a mind game, let's win this... Naruto" Naruto gazed at the Kyuubi with a smirk before nodding, walking over to him he placed his hand on his snout, the mightiest of the nine Bijuu muttered out "Thank you brat, for what it's worth, I'm glad you were the one chosen 18 years ago. I hate to admit it, but you could have wiped my existence when we fused our chakra, that damn red eyed freak plans to do just that I'm sure." The beast closed his eyes and began to glow

Meanwhile outside the seal

"HAHAHA, finally I have all nine, with my brother sealed, once the Jubi is formed I will become the new Jinchuuriki of the Jubi and bring this world to its knees, they will forget all out Madara Uchiha, Izuna Uchiha will be cemented in history" Izuna happily gloated. Nine chakra dragons burst forth and connected with Naruto's body, causing it to lift in the air, his mouth and eyes opened and began to glow. Small amounts of Red chakra began to leak out of the body into the dragons and flowing towards the statue.

Sasuke looked over at him and impassively stated "What do you mean, you told me you were going to cast a genjutsu on the moon to bring peace"

Izuna continued to laugh "Peace, I once thought like that, I was considered the weaker brother because of it. Now look at where I am, why would I want peace to a world that has wronged me, I am an avenger just like you Sasuke. But I have waited far longer to get my revenge, all will suffer, all will die, I will be a god while the rest of the world will lay dead at my feet. The Jubi is too powerful to be controlled by any kekkai genkai and with my sharingan and Rinnegan, I would be unstoppable HAHAHA"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes but said nothing, not that he could do anything in his body right now, as Naruto said, he's already dead, powerless to do anything but watch. This main had outlived his time, if Sasuke had survived, he would have surpassed him and the Jubi would have been his to use for his vengeance. Now, he was nothing but a puppet, a tool to be used and he could do nothing to stop it, he kind of wished Naruto had beaten him, perhaps he would see his family on the other side.

Izuna suddenly stopped laughing when Naruto's body became shrouded with his odd yellow bijuu cloak, Izuna found this strange as no other Jinchuuriki he had witnessed over the years ever took on such an odd form when using their Bijuu. There was mild rumbling coming from the statue containing the 8 Bijuu "What is this? It is like he is fighting the pull of the statue, this should be impossible" He stated seriously. His eyes widened when the yellow chakra followed the red chakra to the statue eye, suddenly all 9 eyes opened at once and the chakra flow suddenly changed direction and began heading towards the Kyuubi Jinchuurki. He shouted out "What, NO, WHAT TRICKERY IS THIS?"

Each of the 9 dragons now took on a colour representing each Bijuu. Izuna, fearing the result, tried to cancel the Jutsu with his Rinnegan eye but nothing happened, the rumbling just got louder and the chakra flow got faster.

His eyes then noticed the seals that were on Naruto's cloak form became more defined and each began to glow a different colour, each matching the chakra dragons. "What is happening, is he, no... NOOOO" The 9 dragons then left the statue completely and the last of the chakra went into Naruto.

Nothing happened and Izuna stared in disbelief for a moment, then the seals on Naruto's form started to glow silver, it began to get brighter and brighter, then suddenly the glowing stopped, the cloak faded and the body dropped to the floor of the chamber. Laughter reigned suddenly in the chamber and both Uchiha's turned to see Kakashi, the Raikage A, Gai and Itachi, sharingan ablaze. It was clear that A was the one that laughed "That brat really is the most unpredictable shinobi isn't he, even in defeat, somehow he pulled out a win" A then activated his lightning armor, Kakashi unveiled his sharingan and Gai was already in his 7th gate mode.

Izuna let out a loud roar in frustration before he activated his Mangekyou Sharingan and used Kamui on the nuisance that had ruined his plans making him disappear forever, "NARUTO" Kakashi roared but Gai beat him and slammed a fist that went straight through Izuna's stomach, Kakashi finished him off with a raikiri through his heart.

A performed a lariat on Sasuke beheading him before he could react as he was focused on Itachi. "Goodbye, foolish little brother" Was what Sasuke read with his Sharingan eye as Itachi beheaded Kabuto who was trying to make an escape, now he was free from Izuna's control.

With Naruto

When Naruto opened his eyes he found himself on his back in an open field. Confused at where he was he stood up and gazed around cautiously, the place looked completely barren. He gasped when he looked up to the dark cloudy sky to see a red moon, well more like a giant eye that looked to be projecting a combination of the Rinnegan and Sharingan, 3 tomoes on each Rinnegan line spinning wildly. Then he heard a mighty roar from behind, gulping he slowly turning around to see a massive four limbed creature although it was sitting on its hind legs, its body shape seemed very similar to Karuma's. The head like the rest of the body was shadowed by the darkness, but Naruto could make horns protruding out the back of it, but the significant feature he saw, were the 10 tails swishing behind it.

"Well fuck me" Naruto muttered to himself as the beast seemed to grin widely at hearing this, showing off rows of razor sharp teeth, again similar to Kurama when he's being a furry bastard. Suddenly it's eye opened and Naruto blinked a few times, as it was basically a red Rinnegan with 3 tomoe on each line like the moon in the sky. "Uh, hi there big fella"

The beast let out another feral roar before looking at Naruto again. "Well this was unexpected, it would appear we all survived"

Naruto's blinked at the familiar tone in the beasts voice. "Kurama, that you?"

The beast roared again "Sort of, not really, I guess. Argh fucking shukaku, crazy bastard is messing up our mind, I am the Jubi, so no I'm not Kurama, completely. However looking at the memories I contain, you are most familiar with Kurama and Gyuki, but you have come into contact with the others, but you may continue calling me one of these if you wish, unless I think of a more fitting name"

He gazed around the area they were in before he continued "Interesting, no cage, but different to the fusion Kurama and you went through, none of the others experienced it either. It is most similar to that however. Hmmm it appears you retained most of the chakra from Kurama before our fusion, so your body survived the process. However I will warn you, do not release more than 4 tails worth of my power so never go beyond that until your chakra reserves increase. I am over 5 times the strength of Kurama from what I can feel. But that is a probably underestimating my strength"

The massive beast grinned once more. Very creepy in Naruto's opinion "Thanks to me your chakra will start increasing to compensate you for holding me. Luckily since you already contained the strongest part of me you are able to handle me in the first place. The Hachihi's host would not have survived the process. I'm surprised we did too."

Naruto scratched his head for a moment then sat down and looked at the beast with narrowed eyes "So how are we still alive though, scrap that, probably just my insane luck streak. Where are we, are we still in that cavern... cause I'd bet that Uchiha guy is pissed off right now"

"I do not know where we are" At Naruto's startled look he elaborated, it's red eye spinning, as if trying to bore into his mind. "You need to wake up to discover that"

Naruto sweat dropped at that obvious statement before focusing on waking up. He was launched back to consciousness, opening his eyes he saw it was night and he was in a forest that looked very like the forests surrounding Konoha, if slightly different. That made no sense to him however, as he should have been nowhere near this area, in fact he was at least a week away and he doubted the man that spent so long hunting him would just dump him in such a place. Standing up he felt slightly stiff, making him wonder how long he was there, then again, it might be due to his chakra reserves getting a boost, so did a few stretches to loosen his joints.

He did a few katas as a test before bit his thumb along a seal on his left bicep. A scroll poofed out of it and the seal faded away. Naruto knew how messed up his clothes looked after his battle with Madara and the two large holes from Sasuke. The scroll contained spare clothes, Black Anbu style pants, a black shirt with a red Uzumaki symbol on the front and his usual black and orange jacket. He left it partly open at the top before he put on his sage cloak on his back (Red cloak with black flames on the bottom). He tapped his tenketsu point to shut off his sharingan and launched into the trees heading in the direction of his village.

Naruto eyes immediately widened when he saw the destruction at the entrance to the village with bodies and blood scattered around the village, he swore loudly as he thought this was some sort of sick revenge request of Sasuke's. Ninja were tending to the wounded and sealing up the dead into scrolls. He saw a ninja nearby and jumped towards him. He didn't recognize the man but he didn't know many of the ninja's in the village before he called out "Hey what the hell happened here? Was it that fucking masked bastard?"

The ninja turned to the new voice and narrowed his eyes at the stranger, since he didn't recognize, him, the mismatching eyes threw him off too, but he quickly shook off any suspicion. The man looked much like their beloved Hokage and he was looking at the wounded with barely concealed rage, he meant them no more harm. Naruto raised an eyebrow after gazing around the area again, waiting for a response. Unlike many in the shinobi army, Naruto only wore a Konoha headband, since he wasn't officially a part of the army, the man sighed when he finally looked at it. "Where have you been hiding, the Kyuubi just attacked the village, Yondaime-sama just took the beast out of the village with his teleportation jutsu."

Naruto took in the information calmly on the outside, but inwardly he was swearing up a storm. "I'm sorry it's just you look just like him, I was under the impression he had no living relatives, never mind, excuse me, I have to get these guys to safety, can you help-" Naruto didn't even respond, just created a few Kage Bushin and nodded to the wounded.

Naruto's eyes carefully turned towards the Hokage monument and he ignored the man's gasp at seeing his nonchalant use of such a chakra costly technique. "These guys are yours, they'll follow your orders" He stated as his eyes widened in shock at what he saw, only 4 faces, where was Tsunade baa-chan? The Kyuubi just attacked? The Yondaime is fighting it? How can this be? The Jubi hearing his thoughts stated 'Hmmm, Somehow our merger caused a tear in space and time, or you just got lucky again, could also be that eye technique Kumui'

Naruto froze in place and tried to calm his nerves 'Back in time, does that mean that mum n dad are still alive...' He heard a roar in his mind before a menacing growl 'Focus kid, you're from the future, this must never be revealed... to anyone. Yes your parents might still be alive, if you hurry'

Naruto took a deep breath before he responded 'Well you don't need to tell me twice, time to kick some Kurama ass' The Jubi made a whining like sound 'How did I ever deal with such stupidity on a daily basis. Kurama must have built up a tolerance for it. Be cautious, if this is a past, we don't know the rules, this might not be your time, it could be another dimension for all we know, tread carefully'

Naruto paled and muttered under his breath "Oh god, what if Orochimaru is my father here" Before he turned to the Ninja who informed him "I'm going to go help him out if I can, if you need more clones, tell one of them to dispel I'll send some more" Naruto was about to take off towards the faint red glow in the distance but he found he couldn't move.

"I'm afraid we can't let you leave until you tell us who you are" Shikaku Nara stepped into view flanked by Chouza Akimichi and Inoichi Yamanaka. Much younger looking but they still looked relatively the same as he remembered seeing them only a few short hours ago.

"My name is Naruto, hmm shadow user, scar on your face, you must be Shikaku Nara." All four shinobi present stiffened at the knowledge. "No offense, but I have no time to talk, I have to aid the Yondaime"

Naruto channelled chakra to the point it became visible, then he broke out of Shikaku's shadow hold with ease. He nodded to them, ignoring the looks before vanishing. Being highly trained ninja they followed his movements making him look like a red and yellow blur.

He arrived just as his father yelled out "FUIN" sealing a large portion of Kurama's chakra into himself, weakening the furball considerably, at least temporarily. Bijuu regenerate their chakra using nature energy so the beast would only be weakened for a few minutes.

Landing nearby the Sandaime and two Jounin who were looking at the new arrival in shock he muttered "For fuck's sake, damnit I'm too late... wait, no I can still do that" Before he charged up a Rasengan and slammed it into the barrier, pushing more and more chakra into it until a hole opened up and he dove through it, before it closed up.

"Uh Lord Sandaime, did he just easily force his way through the barrier we tried ourselves to break through with no success, with ease" The grizzled old warrior just looked dumbly at the blonde stranger that ran towards the Kyuubi with a battle cry and simply nodded. The jonin sighed before stating "I hope he's on our side then"

'I suppose you want my chakra now eh, let's see if you can handle it' Because Naruto hadn't mastered all the Jubi's tails like he did Kurama, when he channelled the beasts chakra, he was shrouded in a chakra coat, channelling more of the Jubi's chakra. His eyes turned silver with black slits, he shut his right eye before his left eye began to morph due to chakra channelling through it. When he channelled Kurama's chakra, his sharingan remained red, due to that being the colour of the chakra. However oddly enough, the Jubi's chakra caused the Sharingan to turn into a silver eye with three tomoe. His whiskers thickened considerably, 1 tail stuck out, which split into two, shortly after 2 more tails came out.

Naruto let out a feral roar that echoed throughout the area, he appeared behind his mother and father in time to block Kurama's claw from piercing them. He threw the claw back making the nine tailed fox land on his back, he quickly went through handseals and pinned down the beast with chakra chains like his mother had shown him in his mind, hers required no handsigns, Naruto just used an imitation. "Fuck you Kurama"

The beast that was writhing around in rage froze in place and stared and Naruto with his jaw actually open. The mighty fox's eyes were just as wide, more so when he saw the number of tails and the sheer power for chakra "H-how? Who? Wha-" Naruto ignored the stunned beast, released his shroud, turning off his sharingan with the tenketsu point and turned to his parents who were watching him in shock and awe.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head in a familiar manner to all present and put on a big cheesy grin before he stated "Uh Hi" The witnesses eyes widened in complete shock before Naruto turned serious.

"I'm sorry but you need to finish what you started Minato. I didn't get here in time, if I did maybe you could have survived but you've made the deal with the shinigami with the shiki fuin. There was a reason the seal was forbidden. Kushina you also are too low on chakra and having a Bijuu ripped from you is fatal. I'm shocked you're still alive but you are an Uzumaki after all."

Naruto sighed before he looked at them intently "However I might be able to help you be a part of your son's life in a way, if you each have enough chakra to create a kage bushin that is. It will be far more permanent then just left over chakra you were planning on inserting into him anyway. Once his chakra reserves are big enough, you will be able to enter his mindscape, technically be able to see and talk to him as she sleeps or enters her mindscape herself. Since I stopped the furball here you should have enough chakra to be put into the seal I'll create"

Minato got over his shock, processed the information given the fastest and stated "While I'm impressed of your knowledge, power and obvious sealing skills if what you state is possible, you did get one piece of information wrong" At Naruto's questioning glance wondering what he got wrong, his mother had told him this story first hand after all "I have a newborn daughter, Naruko, not a son. But if you can what you stated, then I would be grateful, I hope I'll have enough chakra left"

Minato checked over the sealing pedestal he prepared for Naruko so only Kushina saw Naruto's eyes bug out and jaw drop in shock. Kushina looked at her currently crying daughter to the speechless man in front of her and noticed the similarities, blonde hair, blue eye, the other eye kind of looked like Mikoto's, hell even the whisker marks on their cheeks. Hell he could probably pass as the father to her little girl at first glance.

Seeing as her husband trusted the stranger enough, she too focused her chakra for one last time, she could feel the life fading and knew even without the offer she would die. She was stubborn but not stupid. Naruto nodded seriously before he bit his thumb and ran it along the back of his right hand, producing an inkbottle and brush. He asked for a sample of their blood, knowing the reasons as both being seal masters themselves, they did as instructed.

Naruto mixed the blood into the ink and began drawing fluidly and quickly, when done he nodded and they each took their turn to channel enough chakra for a Kage Bushin into the seal. Naruto nodded before he ran through rapid handsigns, "FUIN" the seal glowed before fading from view. Minato then summoned the toad to hold the seal key and ordered the toad to go and store itself within Jiraiya.

"Who are you?" Kushina asked, she looked weak and her eyes looked slightly glazed over. Showing she didn't have much time left. He closed his eyes for a moment and entered sage mode briefly, he scanned immediate area and made sure no one, even with chakra enhanced hearing should be able to hear if he answered her.

As he was remembering the Jubi's warning, said beast interrupted "Kid, she's gonna die anyway, this might be the only time you can talk to your parents in the flesh."

Minato had done the hand seals for the sealing, so his chakra was ready to perform the action, the shinigami was floating behind him, but he waited a moment to hear the strange man's answer. He still had strength enough left for that, Naruto, not taking any chances with the old monkey so close, walked over to them and talked low enough so the Sandaime couldn't hear "I don't know how but I think somehow that masked bastard you just faced Minato sent me here... from another time."

At the look of disbelief on his parents faces he sighed and ran his hand through his hair "We don't have enough time for a full rundown so I'll give you the simple version. I thought I went back in time but it's something else since you have a daughter, not a son, trust me it should be a boy. I should know..."

Confusion was written on both their faces for a moment, playing his words through their heads, Kushina looked back and forth between her baby and the strange man, suddenly her eyes widened in shock and she gasped catching Minato's attention "Y-you're our child, aren't you?"

Naruto smiled at his mother "Well I guess I wasn't as vague as I thought. Yeah, 18 year old Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, nice to meet ya, Mom, Dad" He finished with a chuckle.

Minato looked at him with narrowed eyes, as if he saw him as a threat, but after a moment he suddenly got a bright grin "Well I see that you turned out strong... son. I have to ask, since you changed my original plan with that seal, I take it I did that with you, so did I, uh, ever explain to you why-"

Naruto held up his hand, there wasn't much time left to finish up "You did, when I went berserk when I thought someone important to me was murdered, I had almost released the Kyuubi in my rage, you stopped me before I tore off the seal. I was angry at first because of how I was treated by the village growing up but I got over it. I strove to make you both proud of me, I might not have known you were my father until I was 15, but I always wanted to surpass the Yondaime Hokage though"

Kushina was crying even harder "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" Naruto wasn't sure what to do at first, he looked at his father for some sort of idea, then noticed a very distraught look in his eyes too. Naruto didn't understand when his mother seemed even more upset than before at his reaction, until he remembered meeting his mother in his mind, when he apologized and she hugged him, causing him to stiffen. Naruto's brain was on overdrive, thinking of what he could say to fix what he did 'Are you really such a fool?'.

A memory from one year ago popped into his mind, Kurotsuchi smacking him over the head when he upset Hinata, from how... close they were training together and how often they looked ruffled. Then having no idea going to fix the misunderstanding, Kurotsuchi, remembering her uncle Roshi, sighed before whispering in his ear once she realized he truly had no idea what to do.

Naruto eyes widened and he pulled Kushina into a hug and kissed her on the forehead. "I forgave you years ago Mum, I was never angry at you, as I told you in my mindscape, it was your love for me that kept me going. Somehow, despite everything everyone said, I just knew you didn't hate me, somehow I knew, that no matter how alone I felt, what people said about what you thought of me. That my mother and father did love me, I'll make sure your daughter doesn't experience that sort of life, that's a promise of a lifetime."

Then Naruto backed up and gave a "Gai" pose "And that's my nindo, I never go back on my word, dattebayo." Kushina glomped him even harder than before and began crying her eyes out and what sounded like howls. "Uh, last time I tried this on someone it worked..." Then he mouthed help, his eyes wide towards his father who had his own tears coming down his face with a smile, then he realized advice he gave to young Inari in wave "It's okay to cry if you're happy"

Naruto then beamed back at his father, with a matching big cheesy grin on his face, Minato was shocked at the insinuations his 'son' was making. It was a dream, he knew, for his village to treat his daughter as a hero, but his hope for the old man to keep watch over her, gave him hope at least. He realized how foolish and selfish his current move was, but his son had forgiven him, looking back at his newborn child. Minato sent a silent prayer that his daughter would forgive him one day too.

At least he could die at the very least knowing that his daughter would be protected, even if wasn't him or Kushina, he wanted to ask him about his life, his skills, his ninja missions, girlfriends, friends. But he had a job to do and his chakra was fading fast, with that seal his son made, maybe one day some form of him will hear all that. With that in mind he shook his head with tears coming down and nodded once before he clapped his hands and yelled out "Hakke no Fuin Shiki" (Eight Trigrams Divination sealing style).

The Ghostly hand of the shinigami shoved its way through his gut causing the young Hokage to grunt in pain, the hand latched onto the Kyuubi, going through a few handseals he placed his hand gently on his daughters stomach. The chakra beast was pulled into the seal cursing the whole way and Minato fell to the ground, his life slowly fading away. Kushina also seemed close to death, she looked up at Naruto and cupped his cheek softly "Please... pro...tect her... my son" She was smiling with her eyes closed as her body slumped "Min...a..to" Naruto understanding her last wishes carried her over to his father and lay her beside him, her hand reached out and held his.

The barrier fell and the Sandaime turned order the two Jounin to silence to what they witnessed and cursed when they weren't there, they would now surely notify the village of the young Jinchuuriki before he approached the group. To at least hear his successors wishes and perhaps discover what the hell had happened that night, his wife still hadn't contacted him and he felt the truth, she was killed.

His gaze turned to the newcomer who looked down at the young couple with an odd expression, the man known as 'the professor' didn't need to hear what was said between the 3 shinobi, however he clearly saw they were trusted him so he didn't attack the stranger. "Minato you fool, I could have done it in your place, why did you erect the barrier? Why did you use such a sealing in the first place... your own daughter"

Minato managed to let off a grin and tried to focus on the old man "You wouldn't have been strong... enough old man...ugh... I barely managed it... Kyuubi can't... be contained in anything but a person...an ...uzumaki..."

The aged Hokage nodded with tears starting to come down "What would you like me to do Minato, as a Jinchuuriki of the demon that just attacked, the villagers will not see her as a hero holding back the beast, you know this from the cases from other villages. I can only do so much..." Here Minato smiled weakly once more "...Naruto...will raise her... we trust him... he is... family"

His eyes widened at the request before he turned to the newcomer who had tears coming down his eyes and he let out a sigh "I will see to it my friend, on the lives of my family, I will see it done" Minato died moments later with a smile on his face, his wife turned to Naruto and smiled at him "Good...bye...na...ru...to..." With that last word, Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze joined her husband, the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze.

Naruto kneeled and closed both their lifeless eyes "If only I was faster, I'm sorry for not protecting you. Rest Kushina Uzumaki, Minato Namikaze, I will take care of your legacy, you have my word" Pulling out a blank storage scroll, he wrote a quick seal before sealing his parents into them. "To protect them from those who would want their secrets, they both have their enemies, I will find an appropriate place to bury them"

Hiruzen Sarutobi bowed his head in respect before he turned to the newcomer "We have much to discuss, Naruto..."

Naruto sighed again before mentally considering what to say, Minato already said they were family, and he did look more like her than his mother "No last name, I never knew my parents, Namikaze I guess, Minato was considering officially adopting me, but considering I'll be raising young Naruko... I think I better take her mother's name."

Hiruzen let out a sigh of his own "Yes that does sound like something Minato would do, and you are right, it would be safer for the village and young Naruko that she not take on her father's name. The fact you broke through that barrier with ease and that you appear to be a Jinchuuriki yourself, shows you are more than capable of defending her. But you can't be everywhere at once. Yes your idea is sound, we should discuss this in more detail in the Hokage tower, sigh, I just can't get out of that seat, damn you Minato"

Naruto cringed slightly at the words, he trusted his jiji with his life, but this man wasn't his jiji. Naruto was nothing more than a stranger who happened to look like his successor and claimed to be family, but with Minato's own words, it was clear there was some truth. A DNA test would fix any queries up easy enough. Hopefully the fact Naruko is a girl won't cause his DNA to be identical to hers though. He sighed internally but didn't panic as he would have in the past "Lead the way... Hokage-sama"

The old man grumbled and looked to age drastically in a short span. To Hiruzen however all he could think about was all the paperwork this disaster will cause, the funeral planning, costs to rebuild as well as the sheer military losses that were caused that night. It wasn't something to look forward too, thankfully young Naruto would be a quick fix for Naruko so he wouldn't have to worry about the girl. He had a few plans to discover if this boy was being truthful anyway, for now, he sensed no ill intent so he wasn't too concerned. "Yes as a fellow Jinchuuriki you would be the most suited to raising another. However I will need you to attend a council meeting with me to go over the details with them all, such as your admittance into our forces, since I know all the shinobi in the village and I do not know you from our ranks. There is also another matter that would be throw off the council"

At Naruto's questioning glance he continued "Few civilians knew about Kushina being pregnant, she had a powerful genjutsu on her to hide the fact, many shinobi from main clans would likely know unfortunately. Now Naruko is the child of the feared Yellow Flash of Konoha. If word of her existence got outside Konoha walls, there would be assassins knocking all the time, meaning diverting resources to keep her safe from outside and within our walls."

The wise old Hokage made a point to look at both the baby on the pedestal who oddly enough was sleeping and himself. However, you and Naruko are both so strikingly similar, with your whisker like facial marks, you could claim she is actually your biological daughter. Hell we might even convince some of the clan heads, especially if we do a DNA test to prove it, you are so similar to Minato, your DNA might be as well. But I can arrange for results to be altered if need be. I don't wish to do this to Kushina or Minato of course, it is in a way disrespectful, however it would keep people from learning the truth and you could tell Naruko the truth when you feel the time is right"

Naruto blinked before chuckling softly to himself "I see now why you are known as the Professor. Hmmm the issue I have is that would that mean if those DNA results were leaked, they may assume I'm actually the one that knocked up Kushina?" The Hokage had a sparkle in his eye, as if it were an ingenious idea, meanwhile Naruto was shitting himself. How could he state he was romantically linked to his own mother, he let out a loud sigh but the Hokage let out a soft chuckle.

Naruto looked down at Naruko who looked so peaceful and innocent, he couldn't help but wonder if that was what he once looked like. With the additional appendage attached to the lower region of course. Frowning in thought he saw the baby squirming and gazed down at her in fascination, so tiny and vulnerable, a small tuft of blonde hair and the similar whisker marks on her cheeks.

Pulling out another scroll he pulled out a blanket, with his kunai enhanced with wind chakra, he cleanly cut a section out. He felt the intense gaze of the Hokage but ignored it to focus on his task. Resealing what remained of the blanket, he carefully lifted Naruko and expertly began wrapping it around the baby up as gently as possible.

The worried look in his eye caused a soft chuckle to escape the newly reinstated Hokage's lips once again, he remembered seeing that look from the memories of kage bunshin watching him handle his own sons. Naruto looked up at the sky and thought to himself 'I really am one lucky, unpredictable shinobi, eh Kakashi-sensei'

He found himself not wanting to return to the war-torn future, the many deaths of those he called friends over the years, Jiraiya's death. He really hoped this wasn't a dream and began walking towards the village besides with the Sandaime Hokage, the first person that showed him love.