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As soon as Naruto felt sleep claim him, his eyes opened to find himself looking up at a giant eye like red moon and let out a loud groan. "Well so much for hoping I could get a quiet night's sleep. Suppose I might be able to sort some things out though"

Flipping upright he looked around trying to locate the Jubi, for such a large creature and a blank barren mindscape, you'd think it would be easy to find. Rememebering the beast's earlier words "KURAMA, WHERE ARE YOU?" Naruto roared, his voice seeming to echo endlessly. He waited 10 seconds before getting impatient and was about to yell again when his ears twitched, snoring, he could definitely hear loud snoring.

Following the sound of the snores, he found the giant shadow beast laying on his back, tails spread out evenly, looking very relaxed "Hey Jubi, wake up, we need to talk" One of the Jubi's rear legs kicked out a few times, followed by a dark chuckle. Annoyed, Naruto charged a Rasengan and slammed it into the beasts eyelid, holding it for 10 seconds he let it dissipate and let out a roar of rage, the beast didn't even twitch.

Naruto had experienced this before with Kurama, it was usually when the furball was in a deep sleep having an exciting dream, for him that usually meant massacring a village size area full of multiple red eyed people, in vicious, brutal and frankly disgusting ways. The main way Naruto knew to wake up Kurama while he in such a state was to burst out a large dosage of killing intent, the big guy would snap to attention thinking Naruto would need his chakra.

Unfortunately with Naruko so close near his body, that method was out. Another method is drawing on a lot of the Kurama's chakra, but that usually causes a disturbing feeling in the area for all other people, so that was also out as it could stir Naruko. The only other way, which Naruto hated using, was entering the beast's dreams and manually waking it up. He flinched recalling the last time he did it.

Sighing in resignation since he wanted some answers, Naruto placed his hand on the beast's, well it sort of looked like a nose... and let his mind meld with his giant partner, thank you Ino Yamanaka. He appeared on top of a giant lake surrounded by mist. Curious why he couldn't hear any screams or dark laughter, he closed his eyes and pushed out his senses, his eyebrows raised when he heard a feminine voice "Oh Jubi-dono, which one of us won that round?" Dark chuckling echoed throughout the area.

Confusion filled Naruto's mind, where were the painful screams and dark laughter? That chuckle was sounded familiar though, usually when Kurama was having his little Uchiha begging for mercy before he slaughtered them. Shrugging his shoulders Naruto made his way through the mist towards the area of the voices. "Impressive, you are both very skilled" Again the beast let out a stream of short chuckles "Yugito, you showed some unorthidox techniques that had... explosive results. But Mito showed the Uzumaki endurance to outlast those moves, as well as showed her own years of experience in the field. Mito is the winner, next round, begin!"

Naruto's eyes widened, Yugito was the name of one of the Jinchuuriki he met, well more like their resurrected bodies, but he did speak to her briefly. Mito? As in Mito Uzumaki, the first Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi? Why would the Jubi be dreaming of them? It sounded like he was holding some sort of tournament. Not exactly Kurama's style, but he did have personalities of 8 other Bijuu as well now, each of them sealed within their own Jinchuuriki, now as one being, perhaps this was his new revenge kick. Having his previous jailors beat the shit out of each other. Only Kurama had a really bad grudge against the Uchiha after all.

The mist began to thin out and the sound of grunts, slaps and multiple splashes were being heard. Naruto was sure now that Jubi was having them battle from the sounds alone and he felt himself getting excited. He only witnessed the abilities of the Jinchuuriki briefly during their battle, as they went into their cloaked forms and full Bijuu modes shortly after. He was already well aware of Shukaku's abilities thanks to Gaara. Running faster he kicked himself mentally, the Jubi had the experiences of all the other Bijuu, but that meant access to their Jinchuuriki's abilities too, the things he could learn, jutsu that only one with Bijuu level chakra could use, it was the feeling like the start of his training all over again.

Running into the area he halted on the edge of a short waterfall. He immediately saw the massive form of the Jubi directly opposite him, sitting on what looked like some sort of massive throne. Flanked by multiple red eyed males serving him human body parts. Cringing slightly at the disgusting sight, Naruto could now clearly see what it looked like thanks to the sunlight. Still as black as night as he was in the shadows colour wise, Naruto could now see its main body in greater detail. Like Kurama, Naruto thought the Jubi just had black fur instead of red, but now he could clearly see they were razor sharp, like Jiariya's hair when he uses Hari Jizo. He could also now see the 7 sharp horn like structures on its head appeared rock hard, with a darker grey colour to them, the 'fur' non-existent. A feral grin donned it's face showing his white teeth and dark grey lips, blood steins easily noticable. It's singular red eye focused intently on the match in front of him.

Following his gaze Naruto's face immediately went red and a small line of blood began to run freely from his nose. Direverting his attention quickly, he saw surrounding what caused his mind to nearly halt, was an insane number of shinobi... no at closer inspection they were all Kunoichi, and he recognized some of them. Mentally preparing himself, Naruto turned back to the middle to witness what definetly looked like the seven tailed Jinchuuriki Fu, wrestling with another red headed Kunoichi, that looked vaguely familiar but had her back to him. This wouldn't have caused the reaction Naruto had, were it not for the fact they were completely naked. The latter woman's hair was split into nine sections, she let out a battle cry and managed to trip and push Fu onto her back. The woman immediately straddled her and then... pinched her nipples.

Fu let out a loud moan, resulting in Naruto's legs beginning to wobble slightly, he felt his reaction pulse in protest beneath his clothes. His eyes widened considerably when Fu gained a green chakra coat with one tail, that tail navigated until it was positioning itself behind the red Kunoichi's rear. Realizing the intentions of the tail Naruto yelled out "WHAT THE FUCK?"

All eyes turned to him and Naruto for some reason felt very, very nervous for the first time in a while. He looked to the crowd of Kunoichi to avoid seeing the result of what that green chakra tail was about to accomplish and saw faces that had his eyebrows shoot up in shock, well specifically his old friends "Hinata, Ino, Kurenai, Granny Tsunade... Sakura-chan?" Thankfully they were all clothed though, not seeing or hearing the reaction from his friends after they had their names called. Naruto turned back to the naked 'fighter', in time to see the red headed Kunoichi looking back at him calmly, the young Jinchuuriki gasped and let out a quiet "Mom?" when he saw her face.

Kushina blinked before jumping to her feet, her breasts bouncing with the sudden movement and tilted her head, regarding Naruto with a curious gaze. Naruto's blush grew as he gazed slackjawed towards his mother, if she had lived, he would have been suckling those magnificent... Shaking his head vigorously of those kind of thoughts, he pointed his finger at his mother and shouted "WHAT THE FUCK JUBI? WHAT IN KAMI'S NAME IS THIS?"

"Uh, what's what kid?" Naruto turned his eyes to the strongest of the Bijuu in disbelief, he was sure the demon was trying to look innocent, but considering how vicious looking it was, well innocent was impossible for it. It picked up one of the Uchiha servents and tossed it in his mouth, the screams lasting mere moments before the sound of flesh being torn and bones snapping echoed in the area. Naruto knew the Jubi was trying to distract him from what he just witnessed, but it wasn't working. It definitely wasn't a battle he had walked in on, he couldn't fathom why the Jubi would find such a thing entertaining though. He was a fucking giant mass of chakra that thought humans beneath him right? So seriously... what the fuck?

"AAARRGGGGHHHH" As if not his choice at all, his eyes darted back to the source of the war cry to see his mother fully clothed, in what appeared to be red Anbu gear, with a sword lodged through the heart of the masked Uchiha he so loathed. He blinked as all the Kunoichi had weapons suddenly and were butchering red eyed males in ways that would make the best shinobi cringe. He looked down to see he was standing on thick red blood, not water.

"As I said, what's what kid?" Naruto could practically hear the mocking in the beast's voice and he began to shake, just as he was about to let loose the beast roared. "I take it you want to talk, we'll take this outside" Naruto blinked, then turned back to watch his mother slaughtering Uchiha like she was a mystical dancer, weaving in and out of every successful kill, was it wrong that he somehow thought that carnage looked so beautiful?

When he realized he was in the mindscape again with the Jubi's eye directly in front of him, Naruto jumped back 20 ft and pointed a finger accusingly at the demon. "Oh calm down brat, it was just a bit of fun?"

Naruto once more donned a look of sheer disbelief "What the fuck, Kurama thought slaughtering was fun sure, not, not... my mother... chakra tail... the fuck?"

The beast let out a loud roar putting Naruto on alert and shutting him up at once. "Don't forget, you little shit, I am NOT Kurama alone now. When I was split into 9, each took on a main trait of me. Shukaku, my insanity, Matatabi my perversion, Isobu my paranoia, Son Goku my honour, Kokuo my etiquette, Saiken my patience, Chomei my uh... immaturity, Gyuki my logic and Kurama my rage. Those traits grew more concentrated over the centuries, now I am one once more"

The Jubi stared at Naruto intently with it's massive eye to see if the boy understood, Naruto sat down with that look on his face that clearly stated 'I don't really get it, give me a minute'. The Jubi knew from Kurama that it would take a small while so closed his eye for a moment "I get you're now perverted" The eye snapped open to glare at the boy "but why were you looking at 'human' females, aren't there female demons out there to fantasize about? Not that I'm suggesting you ever actually did that, as that would be truly disturbing and something that would probably scar me for-"

Another roar stopped the rant from continuing "I have been sealed in a total of 323 humans as you put it, 237 of them males, 185 of them were perverts of some degree. I have assimilated all of these hosts memories, as well as the... females, as in memories of their... private moments. Do you honestly believe, even if the 7 others cared nothing for it, that the perverted mind of Nibi and the... immaturity of Nanabi that are now a part of me, is not on overdrive from all these... memories?"

Naruto just blinked, here he had a source of endless supply of perverted material. If Ero-sennin was in his shoes, Naruto was sure the super pervert would have a heart attack. Especially cause he could physically watch the scenes as if he were there, if the Jubi allowed it, he had done that a few times with Kurama, like showing him what he looked like when he first was split from Jubi. Hell maybe Naruto should start his own series to compete with Jiraiya, when he was still an innocent, naive little 14 year old, he proof read all the man's drafts. He knew he could write a much more appealing story, especially if he used scenes like Fu was about to do earlier.

Naruto couldn't help the blush that came and the perverted giggle that followed, but he did jump with the teeth baring and the loud feral growling that the beast had. "Uh, I see..." Naruto looked around the area confusing the great chakra beast before whispering slowly "What kind of memories are we talking about?"

"So you finally show your true colours... pervert" Naruto looked up at the smirking Cyclops with an annoyed frown, he looked close to retorting before Jubi decided to cut him off "What did you interrupt me for child? It better be important"

Blinking in surprise, Naruto got his head on straight "Fine. Well first off, why was I pulled here when I fell asleep?"

The Jubi looked at Naruto with a narrowed eye "You mean you did not come here willingly?" When Naruto shook his head, Jubi closed his eye and seemed to be in thought "Interesting, this only happened when there was a problem with the seal, a way for the Bijuu to torment their host or trap their mind and take control of their body while their mind rests. I believe you are aware of such a case, with the one called Gaara"

Naruto's eyes widened and looked close to going into panic mode, then the Jubi snorted "Kid, even if I could, I don't really feel like rampaging right now, I just got my body and mind whole again. Besides, I'm not bound here unwillingly by a seal, I chose to reside here when I reformed. Although if I did leave, you would have died"

Naruto found this interesting, though it would make sense since he wasn't blown up by the formation of the Jubi as Kurama expected, saying that, if the legends are true, the body that can hold the Jubi is in the moon. Somehow Naruto thought that the Jubi would have had to find a host to reside in even if it wasn't Naruto, as the chakra body constructs of the 9 other Bijuu were destroyed when they merged. With Jubi's body on the moon, he chose to reside in Naruto rather than the nearest other vessel, the Uchiha. "So you want to be in here?"

Chuckling darkly once more the beast simply replied "You managed to convince all 9 parts of me to put their faith in you, I am all 9 in 1 form. I'm interested in what you will accomplish in your lifetime. Besides, you'll only live for like what, 90 more years, I'm immortal, I will go on long after you are gone. It's much more interesting in here then it would be rampaging and destroying all of life anyway"

Conceding to the Jubi's point, he wanted to know the next major question floating around in his mind "So these silver Sharingan, what exactly makes them different to the normal one?" Naruto sweatdropped when the bastard began scratching himself before he gave a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders. "Great, so you altered my eyes and have no idea what it can do... just great"

"Stop whining, I did it based on pure instinct. But you are the combination of the sages descendents, the Uzumaki are relatives to the Senju, and you had a Sharingan eye. Body and soul are one again, meaning with me now inside you, you have all the pieces that the old man himself had, I wouldn't be surprised if he cast some sort of instruction for me to give to the person who puts me back together and becomes a worthy Jinchuuriki. Not that I actually remember anything form that time, he wiped our minds when he split us"

Naruto sweat dropped as he was sure the Jubi was doing it's own version of a pout. Processing the words, Naruto muttered out "Except the RInnegan, isn't that what the sage was famous for?" Naruto responded with a huff, it would have been cool to have those eyes, Nagato was pure awesomeness with all those gravity like attacks, then Madara and his bullshit spamming too.

"Kid, I wouldn't be surprised if those eyes make the RInnegan look like child's play" After all, the sage was a true master of the chakra arts, able to create life from nothing with his knowledge and ability, but the man knew he couldn't bring true peace with the creation of life. The Jubi truly was curious what Naruto would do with all the power he obtained, perhaps succeed where his original host could not.

"Great, so all I find out from you after all this is one, you don't want to escape and two, you're a pervert. I'm probably going to be brought here every time I try to go to sleep... sooo, about those memories" With a roll of his gigantic eye the Jubi lowered his head allowing Naruto to connect to his mind. Then they entered one of his first host's memories, by the end of the night, he was sure to have Naruto whimpering.

Naruto was awoken three hours later when his clone dispelled, the first hosts memories were okay, the guy was spying on two very attractive women doing some very... interesting things. But once that ended and Jubi saw the enthusiasm Naruto had to see the next one, he showed him something else completely. Naruto just had the horrible experience of witnessing his own conception while the Jubi blocked off his ability to escape with some sort of weird body bind, he couldn't even close his eyes, with the beasts continuous insane laughter. The young time traveller should have realized it would try something like that after what he witnessed earlier, but seriously, his parents were going at it for nearly two hours! He couldn't deny his mother had some crazy... no, he wouldn't even go there.

Once he took a few shaky breaths to make sure that he was indeed awake, he heard the crying of Naruko. Reality once more smacked him hard mentally. Naruto really was stuck back in time with the younger version of himself being a girl. He would raise her, give her the family he never had and make her the strongest Kunoichi the elemental nations had ever seen. He even considered if it might be possible to pass on his new Doujutsu on to her, maybe use that interrogation technique Ino taught him to enter a prisoner's mind and have Jubi teach Kurama how to give it to her.

Opening his eyes he saw his Kage Bunshins race out of the room as he got himself up. Walking over, he looked down into the cot to see Naruko had stopped crying when he had come into view, she was watching him with large curious eyes. Did the girl somehow know that the others were merely clones, because from the memories he got from the clone that dispelled, well it was doing the exact same thing he was now. With a sniff not smelling anything and a sigh he stated "You're not going to make this easy are you Naruko-chan?"

The first clone ran back into the room holding basically half of the 'Infant Room' As Naruto had dubbed it. The clone breathed heavily and managed to get out "Boss I've got everything, what do you need?"

Naruto blinked at the clone curiously, he had discovered clones sometimes gained specific traits from him when they were made, instead of complete copies, the creator simple stated "Surely you could have just sniffed and realized she doesn't need to be changed, I think she just wants attention"

The clone smiled sheepishly and was about to walk back out of the room to return the things he brought, when Naruko began to cry and a familiar scent filled the air. Naruto's eyebrows twitched and he looked down at the infant who had stopped crying when the attention was back on her and was looking back up innocently "Y-you did that on purpose didn't you Naruko" Naruto exclaimed pointing a accusatory finger at the newborn Jinchuuriki.

As he finished changing the girl's diaper the second clone came running in "Got the formula boss" With a nod from Naruto he stated "Good work, mission complete, dismiss yourselves, both of you" Both clones saluted before doing so and after checking that it was done correctly he fed Naruko who finished the entire bottle again. After she was burped and put back in the cot she went straight to sleep.

"Who would have thought you would be so good with babies, I wonder if how many the council will try to force you to make when they discover your little eye problem" Jubi teased after watching his host handle the younger opposite gender self.

"You can thank Granny Tsunade for that" Naruto responded before he paused "Fuck, they're going to make me do the CRA, with me being a male and last of the clan, I don't have the excuse of being the hated Demon this time..." He created three more Kage Bunshins "Alright you know the drill"

Instead of going back to sleep however he made his way out of the room. "Where are you going boss?" One clone asked as his creator turned back to the three.

Giving a sheepish grin and scratching his head he muttered "I don't think I can go back to sleep any time soon, besides, need to recharge the barrier seal. Key to the perimeter seal so I can sense what happens like Minato apparently could, plus to do an inventory of what we got here. I haven't eaten since I got here, food and distractions are needed... after that" All the Narutos shivered as the loud moans that seemed to reappear in their minds.

The clones saluted and Naruto headed down to the basement first. He did want to do an inventory check, but he really needed a drink now too. Who gets turned on from witnessing your own conception? Granted he has no true memories of his parents or anything, but still... Now he realizes he'll probably have to marry at least someone to bare him a few more children. The council likely didn't mention it since he hasn't been declared a clan head and is on probation, once that is done and they discover there is no mother in the picture for Naruko...

Naruto looked at the seal on the door once more, a seal like this could potentially be lethal to many ninja without the chakra of multiple Elite Jonin of Kakashi and Guy's caliber. Very clever to build a blood seal that requires not only a relative, but one with insane chakra reserves, since only one chakra signature could be stored to activate the seal, if another tried to add there chakra, it would dispel the stored chakra and begin anew.

The question was, why didn't Tsunade ever tell him about the house, the important stuff was clearly in this room so should be his by right, Naruto highly doubted anyone actually managed to get in, he hadn't checked. But seeing the paranoia his father seemed to have, the inside was probably laced full of protection seals too. Did the seal malfunction at some point in time? Did someone manage to break through it? Then he noticed one part of the seal he didn't recognize, raking his brain for a few minutes, his eyes widened considerably when he recalled what it might be. The one type of seal that would be useless to chakra powerhouse like him to learn, a simple genjutsu tied into the blood seal. Did that mean only one with Namikaze or maybe Uzumaki blood could even see the door? It would have to be Namikaze, otherwise Tsunade would have been able to access it.

"Seal master my ass, the guy was a freaking genius, or maybe it was Mum, she would have inherited whatever was left of Uzushiro" Naruto declared with a stupefied expression. Shrugging off his role models inventions, he opened the door and went down. Immediately he looked at the arrangement of Alcohol and grabbed the cheapest of the lot, popped it open and took a large swig. He flicked through some of scrolls laying on the shelves, many being techniques Itachi and Kakashi had shown him.

At first he thought perhaps Kakashi had access to the room in his timeline, acquiring the scrolls sometime but dismissed it. The man had the sharingan and was in Anbu. There was nothing on the Rasengan or Hiraishin but since he knew both anyway. Naruto also had completed the Rasengan and he had speed close to the Hiraishin when he channelled his Bijuu's Youki and sage mode, thus he didn't really see a point to needing the scrolls for them anyway. With his use of Shadow clones, technically he could create the same effect as his father's famous Jutsu.

Eventually he found a large scroll with the kanji for Ryo on it, channelling chakra into it there was a large pop and burst of smoke. When it cleared Naruto's eyes widened in shock, the amount of ryo in front of him would put the Hyuga clan to shame. He sealed a decent proportion into a separate scroll and put some into his gama wallet before sealing the rest back into the large scroll and putting it back on the rack.

Looking around once more, noticed nothing of any real significance for the moment, he finished off his bottle and went up to recharge the barrier wards. Naruto pulled out the instructions he got from the Hokage office, then used the scroll that lead him to the southwest side of the property, after looking around in confusion not seeing the seal he absently began to run his hand along the barrier.

Naruto's eyes widened when he felt what he could only describe as a tiny gap in the barrier, only large enough after he ran his hand over it again for a finger. Doing so he put his finger through and channelled chakra into the area. An extremely large elaborate design appeared on the wall and looking at it he was surprised the Perimeter seal was integrated into it, as well as a blood seal that would prevent anyone from stealing the property or the seal design if they got in.

Another clever part of it was the way his father had somehow made the seal permanently invisible to the naked eye. On a whim Naruto removed his finger and waited until the seal faded. Activating his silver Sharingan like eyes, Naruto found he couldn't see the seal at all, the barrier was barely seen as a shimmer but the seal itself was completely invisible.

That meant that after the Barrier ran out of chakra finding the seal itself would have proved difficult if not impossible for anyone searching for it since it only accepts chakra at the exact point he touched from the design.

Jiraiya told him of course, how much of a genius his old student was in Fuinjutsu, but the word is simply not enough to describe it. No wonder the Uzumaki were wiped out during the last war, if they could design a seal as effective as this Barrier, what's to stop them from making one to attack? Armies of Hirashin users for example, giant explosive tags with the power to wipe out a village. It made Naruto wonder why so few ninja used Fuinjutsu, other than simple sealing scrolls or explosive tags of course.

Naruto nipped his finger before placing the now bloody digit back into the hole, he steadily began to channel chakra into it and the seal began to glow, slowly at first, than brightly. Gazing around, Naruto took note that the Barrier had become visible, as be begun to channel more and more chakra he saw the Barrier went from a wavy like structure to solid, until it looked like thick glass. 'Guess it was closer to failing than I thought, I wonder how long since Minato charged it' He thought before an idea came to him.

With a cheeky grin, Naruto decided he now wanted to test it out after putting so much chakra into it. Thinking of what to use that wouldn't damage the yard, he charged up a Great Ball Rasengan, with a warcry he slammed the large Rasengan into the barrier. The first thing Naruto immediately noticed was the barrier was far more advanced than the one he broke through earlier. This Barrier seemed to channel more chakra to the point of the attack to add extra protection so his Rasengan didn't even crack it.

Naruto was certain even some of his sage attacks wouldn't be able to get through, hell maybe even some of the lower tailed Bijuudamas. With that barrier fully charged up, he saw the sun was coming up and seemed to be around 6am if his judgement on the position was right. Walking inside he narrowed his eyes when he saw all the food in the fridge. Despite living off ramen for so many years, Naruto was forced to learn the bare basics of surviving in the wild from Jiraiya, saying that Naruto knew he was a hopeless case. It was then he noticed a shelf full of books, considering it was a kitchen, he grabbed one out.

"Cooking basics, for the brainless shinobi... Kami, this is... perfect" Opening the book he began to read and was shocked at how much sense it made. They made it sound like preparing food was like a form of training, he created a few clones and got them to reading some of the other books.

30minutes later had Naruto with an ear splitting grin looking down at his creation, it was an omelette with his own additions of course, the book said to try and experiment. Closing his eyes, Naruto took a few deep sniffs before taking his chopsticks and picking a piece up. After a few bites he exclaimed loudly "...It's almost as good as ramen... no Naruto, blasphemy"

As soon as he finished it he got the memories of the Kage Bunshin that alerted him to Naruko waking. "Already awake and hungry, no wonder they thought I was a demon" He muttered before creating a clone "Bring her downstairs" and punching the clone to dispel it. Getting up he began making Naruko some formula.

"BOSS, BOSS, I changed her myself" His clone stated proudly as he brought Naruko into the room, she made a few funny gurgling sounds as the clone put her into the high chair clone number two set up.

Naruto sweat dropped at the statement, did the clone not realize he was talking to his creator "Uh, good work soldier, I know it must have been rough, dispel" The clone saluted before doing so and Naruto laughed at the memories of the clones panicking when Naruko didn't stop crying.

As he began to feed Naruko, he realized just how lucky his younger counterpart's life would be, compared to his or probably the other Jinchuuriki too. After she was fed he also decided to give her a bath, thanks to Kurama, she seemed to be developing faster than expected. Tsunade had pointed out to him, children with high chakra reserves like those in the Akimichi clan or the Uzumaki, tended to utilize their chakra instinctually from birth. Meaning not as many steps as a civilian child would need.

Thus Naruto found himself watching the infant that seemed extremely curious of the water, if the constant movement was any indication. Leaving a few clones with her he then went to the bathroom to shower himself. That ended up being a very short shower as the young girl seemed to sense the real him wasn't in the room and began bawling her eyes out, seriously how did she know? Was Kurama being a dick and doing something to her every time he sensed him leave, some sort of mild revenge kick?

Once he wiped Naruko quickly dry, he put on a nappy before putting her in a cotton orange top with the Uzumaki symbol on the back. Seemed he was destined to wear orange if his parents had bought him similar coloured clothes. Naruto dressed in his Anbu style pants, a long sleeve shirt and his first Jounin flak jacket ever, Tsunade still refused to give him a field promotion even though he was stronger than the Kages themselves... Once his headband was on he went to the mirror.

A frown appeared when he saw his new appearance, he remembered that Neji & Kurenai didn't wear the Flak Jacket but he relented since he had never got past Genin, so if Tsunade could see him wherever she was, he could say 'HAH'. Plus the Jacket still held the Uzumaki clan symbol on its back. Naruto wanted to head by the Hokage's office early knowing that he and Naruko would be needed for the announcement. He sealed a change table, some spare nappies, wipes and a few bottles of formula just in case. Picking up Naruko, he placed her in a harness he attached around his flak Jacket.

Even though he knew he could shunshin directly to the tower he decided to walk amongst the villagers, just like the night before there were people openly staring at him with various emotions. The councillors must have rushed to warn the populace not to piss him off cause he could see the concern and fear on some of their faces. Naruto almost felt like laughing when he noticed the shocked looks when he gave the more terrified civilians friendly smiles and waves.

They reached the Hokage's office and entered ignoring the secretary's protests that he was busy right now, he always ignored her growing up, he never really understood why the old man kept her around despite her clear bias opinion of him at the time. But hey, she was attractive so maybe that had something to do with it "Hey Hokage-jiji"

The man's eyebrow twitched in annoyance, he looked up to see Naruto in his Konoha gear with Naruko strapped up. Nodding politely he responded "Good morning Naruto. I was about to send out someone to get you" He waved out the secretary who had followed Naruto into the room, she seemed shocked that this stranger was actually allowed to stay before eyeing him again, blushing lightly when Naruto gave her a cheeky smile as she left the room.

Scratching the back of his head with his trademark grin he shrugged as an answer "Figured you'd want us to be here early. I am curious though, are you going to reveal me as a relative to Minato after you confirmed it?"

The Hokage let out a sigh "Well while your resemblance is uncanny, as it was stated, releasing that information would only provoke interest of other villages, I was able to convince the council of this. Hell that information even won over a few of the Civilian members, especially after I pointed out most bloodlines originated from Jinchuuriki, hell the sage of the six paths himself was one. But to answer your question, no we won't reveal that information, it will remain with the council alone. However we have decided a worthy opponent you will have a fight to prove your skill to the populace. To not only show your skill and power to the civilians, but prove to the shinobi forces that you deserve your rank. Generally regardless of skill, after probation a new shinobi is placed as a chunin until he gains the respect of the higher ranks."

Hiruzen took out his pipe and lit it before continuing "However this would be an unwise decision considering your skill and the state of the village. We need to nip any shinobi believing you are being favoured by me now, thus the person you have been tasked to fight was chosen. Even the spies should spread word to travel to all villages of your considerable skill, I advise you not to use your Jinchuuriki abilities or that doujutsu of yours however"

Naruto nodded in understanding "So who have you chosen for me to humiliate in public and when will this battle happen Hokage-jiji?"

The tick mark reappeared on Hiruzen's head and he growled "Will you stop calling me that! It's actually good you arrived early, I have sent my Anbu out to collect Kushina and Minato's most trusted advisors and friends, who likely will suspect something amiss with you and young Naruko during the announcement. You were able to convince the council so easily since none were truly close to Kushina or Minato except Shikaku. I still believe he suspects something amiss but he doesn't see you as a threat to Naruko or the village. This is not the case with these individuals. I ask you to try to convince them that Naruko is your daughter, I pray that your DNA is close enough to Naruko's to solidify anything we say if they demand proof. They should be arriving soon"

Naruto looked affronted "What, why would I stop calling you old, you are. Shikaku won't do anything unless he considers me a threat to Minato's legacy or the village. As for the group, I was told that Mikoto Uchiha was the closest to Kushina, to the point she knew she was calling Naruko by that name. She will be the hardest to convince, Genma, Raido, Kaito, Kakashi, possibly RIn will likely be difficult to completely convince as well, Obito seems find already, odd" The old Hokage sent simply a grunt to agree with that statement. Once more proving how much Naruto seemed to have gained the trust of his successor.

The Sandaime Hokage let out a plume of smoke "My former student Jiraiya will return sometime within a week, I sent word of Minato's death and your arrival. He will be the one to test you personally. He is also one of Minato and Kushina's closest allies, possibly the greatest, he will be the hardest to convince. Jiraiya saw Minato as his own son"

Looking surprised Naruto exclaimed "So I have to take on Jiraiya of the Sannin, self declared super pervert of the elemental nations and the one who practically taught and raised Minato?" After the Hokage's nod his trademark grin returned and he laughed "This will be fun, what will be the rules?"

The Hokage waved his hand dismissively "Hasn't been decided. Considering whether we can set up a suitable barrier, it will be a demonstration of tactics, jutsu knowledge and ability"

A knock at the door disrupted any further discussion "Enter" Hiruzen stated loudly as he undid the seal on the room. As soon as the whole group entered "Anbu, guard the entrance, no one is to enter" Once they were out the old man sealed the room up again.

Looking around at the other occupants in the room, Genma shifted the senbon in his mouth and stated "I take it this has to do with Minato, Kushina and the Kyuubi attack Hokage-sama"

The old man let out a sigh "Indeed, as you know I called for an announcement to explain the details of what happened last night. There are some things that you all we need to know, Minato and Kushina's last wishes for one, I was there, as was Naruto and his daughter here"

Hiruzen gauged their reactions towards Naruto and Naruko, to try and determine who might suspect Naruko to actually being Minato and Kushina's child. Mikoto, Genma and Kakashi all had their eyes narrowed in the young man's direction. Rin, Raido and Kaito all had curious looks on their faces while Obito was just grinning like a fool. He was likely the one who would have been the most vocal, so Hiruzen was glad he seemingly had put his faith in the young charge of Naruko's.

At the mention of daughter, Mikoto looked straight towards the infant in the harness, she saw the similarities between the man and the child she was certain must be Kushina and Minato's. Suspecting the whisker marks to be an elaborate henge, she activated her Sharingan, but saw nothing amiss, except the fact his chakra was like a blazing inferno. His reserves must be at least the level of a tailed beast. Even the taijutsu member on her team during the war that died after using all 8 gates didn't have this much raw chakra. The shock must have appeared on her face as she caught the young Minato lookalike tilting his head curiously at her.

"HAHA I did that as soon as I saw them too Auntie" Mikoto blinked before releasing her sharingan and looked at her nephew Obito who had a big grin on his face. The fact the boy wasn't as suspicious as her about the man eased some of her worry... for the moment. After all, he thought of Minato as a father, since Fugaku thought he was a useless excuse for a member of their clan and regularly told the boy that. If Obito believed the man was a threat to Kushina's child, he would be glaring as hard as his teammate currently is.

Kakashi was just downright suspicious, he knew his sensei was expecting a baby girl soon, but Obito had told him repeatedly that there was no Henge or Genjutsu on the young man or the infant. The supposed father, daughter duo looked too much alike to not be related. Then there was the fact he claimed sensei thought he was family at the council meeting, there is no way sensei wouldn't have told them that much at least, even if it was a merely a suspicion on Minato's belief. Not to mention the fact that the man knew Rasengan and Kushina-sama's clan technique. As soon as the council meeting ended, Kakashi and Obito gathered Rin from the Hospital, than go a position to be able to spy on their sensei's home. If he was related, the man would surely try to get into the Namikaze property. Too all three's shock, the man had been able to enter the property, that was all Rin and Obito needed to believe he was trustworthy. But Kakashi knew something was amiss, he would be keeping a close eye on this new guy that looked sort of like his sensei, this Naruto Uzumaki.

Genma on the other hand was the leader of the late Hokage's personal guard, he knew for a fact that child was his leader and Kushina-sama's child. Yet the child was too similar in appearance to this new guy, not to mention he saw the Uchiha's face and Obito's outburst confirmed for him that there was no genjutsu altering their appearances. "So what exactly happened last night then Hokage-sama?" Perhaps details would fill in the gaps of what had happened.

Blowing out a plume of smoke, the aged Hokage let out another long sigh "When Minato teleported the Kyuubi out of the village, I and two of my personal guard took off to provide whatever aid he might need. When we arrived, we found an impenetrable barrier with Minato, Kushina and the Kyuubi within. I tried to break through the barrier but as I stated, it was impenetrable or so I thought, but Naruto here charged a Rasengan and punctured a hole through it just after Minato sealed some of the Kyuubi's chakra into himself to weaken the beast."

He saw the questioning eyes of Mikoto when he stated it was just Kushina and Minato, but didn't mention their child, he held up his hand to prevent any interruptions until he finished. "Naruto blocked the claw meant to maim Minato and Kushina with brute force, before throwing the Kyuubi onto his back and pinning it down with the Uzumaki style chains."

Looks of pure disbelief went towards Naruto who chuckled nervously and scratched the back of his head with a goofy grin. "A conversation seemed to take place, Kushina was crying and hugged Naruto tightly, while Minato too had tears and seemed to be having words with Naruto here. I couldn't hear anything because of distance between us and they were speaking quietly, perhaps we can hear what happened from you in greater detail shortly Naruto" Once he received a nod of assent he continued "Naruto then offered his daughter up for the sealing and Minato was able to seal the beast into young Naruko"

Mikoto couldn't take much anymore, Uchiha pride be damned "What do you mean his daughter Hokage-sama? What happened to Minato and Kushina's child?" All present were aware of the pregnancy and also wanted to know the details as well. Hiruzen sent the woman a glare that she returned with just as much heat, sharingan blazing.

"The individual Minato spoke to me about just before sealing the Kyuubi away killed their child, as well as the mother of my daughter and the Anbu escort guarding them, while Kushina was giving birth" Naruto spoke, his voice cold as he thought of that masked bastard that was responsible for so much hatred and pain within the elemental nations for decades.

The Hokage sent Naruto a shocked look before his face hardened, his eyes just as cold, he clenched the desk tightly causing audible cracks to be heard in the room, somehow the man kept himself from leaking any killing intent though "You...you know the person that is responsible for all of this?" The people in the room were shocked at the edge in their leader's voice, Naruto understood though, his mother told him the story after all. Biwako Sarutobi was the midwife helping Kushina through the birthing process, which meant she was one of those killed by the masked bastard.

"I don't know him by name, only by reputation, he is someone that has been believed to be dead for years. Although I'm not entirely convinced that he is who he claims. Anyway Minato described him to me, this man had the Kyuubi under his control, the pieces fell into place form that alone. As I stated to you Hokage-sama, I moved around a lot over the years. I know quite a bit about the internal conflicts in the other villages, this man seems to be behind quite a lot of those, one of them being the internal conflict that was likely soon escalate into all out war in Kiri. I will discuss the details another time in private Hokage-sama, if word got out who is responsible, it could lead to the destruction of Konoha. Needless to say, that child was killed Mikoto. I named my daughter the same name as what they planned to call their child, out of respect for them both"

The Hokage was seething, the information was right in front of him and he wanted to know the person responsible for not only his wife's death, but all the other villagers and shinobi that lost their lives the previous night. But Naruto was right in this case, from the hint he just gave, the man responsible was likely from one of the major clans of the village, only one clan could possibly have the knowledge behind controlling the Kyuubi, from Mikoto's tensing, she probably realized this implication as well.

He also was impressed by Naruto's wordplay, he had flawlessly gone with his insinuated backstory but bringing up such a thing about the true perpetrator pushed away the possibility of Naruko not being his child, also covering his own lack of having a mother of Naruko to show to the populace without coming out as a cliche 'the Kyuubi killed her'. "Very well Naruto, but you will tell me everything after the announcement"

'So you're planting a few seeds to get them on the right track, how will you keep Mikoto quiet though. She may relay the information to the Uchiha council, speeding up their attempt at a coup' Jubi warned Naruto, while it seemed like a sound plan, it had the potential to backfire greatly.

'Fugaku wouldn't allow it, not until he sees what I can do for sure. Now I know I'm fighting Jiraiya, I'll be able to show more of my power, enough to have the Uchiha clan squirming. They won't do anything either way unless I get sent out of the village for a long period. Besides, the planning for the coup according to Itachi only truly began around 3 years from now, after the failed Hyuuga kidnapping incident. It's also roughly when Danzo discovered Orochimaru's research and wished to get his hands on some red eyes' The Jubi said nothing which meant he understood.

Taking a deep breath to calm down, Hiruzen finished the meeting "Regardless of the details, I called you all here as I'm sure many of you would have been suspicious of Naruto and his daughter being chosen by Minato to seal the Kyuubi. Naruto has already proven to the council that he has the trust of both Minato and Kushina, he knows both the Rasengan and the Uzumaki style chains"

"And the Hirashin, except it's a pain to use, I can move close to that speed without it. It's a waste of chakra, plus I feel like its cheating and it takes the fun away out of... what?" Wide eyes met that statement, even the Hokage was staring at him in shock.

"Suppose you want a demonstration" Unsealing the crib, he stuck Naruko in it. He bit his thumb and ran it across his forearm, causing a tri prong kunai to pop into his hand. Ignoring the muttering of disbelief he tossed the Kunai just above Mikoto's head, vanished in a red flash and caught it again. He repeated the process to get back next to Naruko and looked around curiously, it was Genma that taught him the Hirashin in the future, with his own knowledge of seals, he altered the colour to red.

It literally took the Hokage around 30 seconds to compose himself. Chouza might have been right after all, this young man was like kami in the flesh. Shaking his head he stated "Okay, I was going to add that he was able to access the Namikaze property with his own blood. Meaning he is actually related to either Minato or Kushina, from his appearance I would say former." As the group were standing slackjawed, Hiruzen muttered to himself "Not to mention he is a fucking powered up Minato, Kami help whoever becomes his enemy"

Clearing his throat the Hokage finished "Regardless, he was formally adopted into the Uzumaki clan just yesterday in fact. As such, with a second Uzumaki in young Naruko here, Naruto will also formally be made head of the Uzumaki clan in 6 months once his probationary period is over. Do any of you dispute anything you have heard today?"

Raido let out an annoyed sigh "After that little demonstration, I don't think anyone could dispute the guy Hokage-sama. Minato would never have taught those moves to anyone who didn't trust explicitly. Being a trustworthy relative of our former charge, know that you can ask us for aid if you require it Uzumaki"

Naruto looked over when he saw Kakashi shaking, before he could say anything though the young anbu shell cracked "Just who are you? How are you so strong? I have never met you before yet you know sensei's strongest attacks... it's too convenient. I don't believe you, I don't trust you, I WON'T" Kakashi roared, the Hirashin pushed him over the edge, his father like figure is now dead. This random shinobi conveniently pops up out of nowhere, knows all his sensei's attacks, seems to be significantly more powerful and appears to be a relative. It's like he's trying to erase Minato-sensei from the world, if he were to use the Hirashin in battle, would people forget his sensei's contributions. As if unconsciously he moved his hands to go in a handsign.

In that instant Naruto had Kakashi pinned to the wall on the opposite side of the room by the neck with a Rasengan inches from his face, the Hokage and Mikoto who had her Sharingan on from Kakashi's outburst, were the only ones that saw him move. Before anyone reacted Naruto stated "I couldn't ever replace Minato Namikaze kid, nor would I ever want to. The Hirashin was his attack, his legacy. I would never use it in battle to dishonour his name. Trust is earned Kakashi, I don't expect anyone in this room or village to trust me outright. But if I wanted too-"

Naruto eyes turned silver with black slits and his Killing intent flooded the room "-I could burn this place to the ground and there is no one in this village that could stop me" He looked into Kakashi's eyes coldly and whispered quietly as Naruko began to cry "Not the Hokage, not all the shinobi in this village working together, certainly not you alone. Do. Not. Push. Me. Brat"

Letting Kakashi drop to the floor on his ass, shaking at how close he actually came to death, Naruto jumped back with his head bowed as his back was turned to the group as he calmed Naruko down, he let out a nervous chuckle. "Sorry jiji, kid has a stick shoved up his ass. Kakashi, I hate bastards like you, you remind me of a lovechild of two people I used to know..."

His sudden change in demeanor had all in the room on edge except the Hokage, honestly he was impressed at the boy's ability to switch from Ninja mode to civilian as he liked to call it. "Anyway, I had no blood relatives growing up, no one to help me, I was truly alone. Konoha is finally a place that I can protect with my power, I will protect Konoha, I will protect my daughter, if it came down it Kakashi, I would go out of my way to protect you too. I gave my word to Minato and Kushina I would, all of you, this whole village. I never break a promise I've made, I will protect Konoha until the day I die, that's my nindo. Let me tell you all a little something, the man responsible for last night, is the man I want dead, he killed the mother of my child"

Naruto's head was down as he turned back around, he looked up again, his eyes silver still with black slits, whisker marks thicker, canine's large. Gasps came from a few in the room and the rest to go on guard. "He's the reason I have a beast inside of me that makes the Kyuubi look like a puppy. He's the reason I have lost all of my precious people before I even had a chance to say goodbye to them... I will NOT allow this man to continue spreading hate to the world. He will die Kakashi, so if nothing else, remember this, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, I am no threat to you or your sensei's memories."

The room was quiet processing the man's words, all were surprised at the words but all agreed, even Kakashi. This Naruto Uzumaki was no threat to the village. Hiruzen sent Naruto a harsh glare but knew what he said alleviated the last of his concerns. Letting out a resigned sigh he spoke "Nothing in this room is to be repeated under S rank law. Kakashi, although I don't approve of Naruto's actions, know that he has proven to have Minato's trust as well as my own and the council. If that and his abilities don't convince you then as your Hokage, I command you to stop your foolish behaviour" This statement got shocked looks from everyone in the room, as there was not just a command, but almost a plead, as if he feared Naruto himself. "Now I do believe it is time for the announcement, dismissed"

As team Minato went towards the door, Kakashi sent a frightened look Naruto's way, Obito looked intrigued and Rin looked worried, Naruto just smiled and waved at them cheerfully again confusing all three teens greatly. The Yondaime's personal guard didn't seem too bothered and cleared out, Hiruzen noted Mikoto remained behind, signalling her to speak she stated "Is the man you hunt an Uchiha?"

Naruto let out a tired sigh, looking over at her sadly he stated "You already know the answer to that question Mikoto, married to the clan head, I know you haven't forgotten the history of some of your clan" She nodded her head sadly and he felt an odd feeling rise up "Do not blame yourself for something out of your control Mikoto. This man does not speak for your clan, however, if word got out of his involvement and bloodline, the village will be after your clans blood. I ask that you not tell your clan either though, no offense, but with the history of this village in relation to your clan, this may push them over the edge to act. That would be a shame if the mighty Uchiha ended up like the Uzumaki"

Mikoto eyes widened at the insinuation, it was basically 'if your clan disrupts the peace, they will be erased'. She bowed her head to them both "Thank you for the advice Naruto. Hokage-sama"

As she was leaving Naruto added "I would like to speak to you privately sometime Mikoto, you were a good friend to Kushina. Perhaps you might like to be one to me too. Chouza spoke of drinks on Friday between higher ranked members of the shinobi community. You and Fugaku should come, at the very least to... alleviate any fears that might spread if you did not"

The woman stiffened again at the insinuation, but turned back around, this time with a slight smile. "I will consider it" She bowed her head lightly before walking out of the room, deep in thought.

"You have the makings of a leader Naruto" Hiruzen commented as he donned his Hokage hat and walked out of the room once Naruto had hooked Naruko up.

Chuckling lightly Naruto followed the statement "Nah I don't want your hat Hokage-sama, stuck in an office doing paperwork all day. No thanks" The old man chuckled himself, while mentally crying anime tears. Walking on to the platform over the large gathered crowd, the Council was already gathered around a podium, Naruto stood between Tsume and Hiashi, after she waved him over while the Sandaime took to the podium itself.

"Citizens of Konohagakure" All talking ceased completely when their leader began to talk "Last night, a terrible event occurred. The Kyuubi no Yoko attacked us and we lost our beloved Yondaime Hokage and many of our villagers, shinobi and homes during the attack"

Murmuring, angry outbursts and many let their heads hang at the confirmation of their former leader's death broke out "As I'm sure many of you are aware by now, the beast was not killed, but sealed away at the cost of the Yondaime's life"

Now the talking got louder and the standing Hokage had to raise his hand for silence which was soon granted. "However there is only one method of sealing a beast as powerful as the Kyuubi. That is sealing it into a newborn baby"

More murmuring broke out and one brave civilian shouted at "THEN THE DEMON SHOULD DIE WHILE IT'S WEAKENED" Which resulted in a wave of approval throughout the crowd, before the Hokage could silence them a massive wave of killing intent was felt throughout the area for a few moments before it vanished. Everyone was looking around in fear.

Naruto was naturally the source of the intent and the Hokage turned to him slowly while sending him a glare, after getting a mere shrug and a grin he turned back to the crowd. He blinked when Naruto was suddenly standing in front of the podium and holding Naruko up in the air "DOES MY DAUGHTER LOOK LIKE THE KYUUBI YOU DUMBASS"

Naruto heard the Council's murmurs and he felt the Hokage's glare but the young man ignored it. Naruto bellowed out "LET ME REPHRASE IT YOU DUMB FUCKING CIVILIAN" The man like many in the crowd had already been told of who this man was, so he had the smarts to actually not talk back right away. "Let me ask you all, do you wish to release the Kyuubi to finish what it started?"

Confused looks came from all over the crowd and Naruto decided to tell the same explanation as he did the night before with the council "If my daughter DIES, then the Kyuubi WILL be released to finish what it started last night. It is a mass of living chakra idiots, death would mean the Kyuubi is free of it's jail and would reform out here."

Shocked looks of disbelief were seen on shinobi and civilian faces alike "She is the only thing in the way of the Kyuubi attacking you all. Why do you think Jinchuuriki are made, the Bijuu are immortal, they are formed by the natural energy of the world. Kami, half of you looking shocked are fucking shinobi that fucking use sealing scrolls."

Murmuring broke out again and after a few minutes another civilian shouted out "THEN THE DEMON SHOULD BE SENT FAR AWAY FROM HERE"

Another wave of approval, he smirked slightly before he responded "Send her away so that she could potentially die, then release the Kyuubi anyway! You are basically saying you want the Kyuubi to be released? Or maybe someone from another village accepts her, trains her to hate this village, than she could use the Kyuubi's power to help destroy it?"

No one had any reply to that statement and angry mutters were heard all around before the Sandaime began talking again, after he literally had to come down and glare at Naruto for wording it the way it did, despite how effective it seemed "Naruto here is of the Uzumaki clan that were famous for their Fuinjutsu, heed his warnings"

One angry shinobi then screamed out "THEN WE SHOULD MOLD THE DEMON TO BE THE VILLAGE'S SECRET WEAPON" Danzo got a small smirk on his face at the outburst, he had some of his root agents in the crowd as well after all.

Naruto let out a loud groan, he handed the infant to the confused Hokage, turned towards the podium and began slamming his head against it "FUCKING" Slam "STUPID" Crack "DUMBASSES" BANG. The third hit caused the Podium to shatter shocking the crowd at the random man's actions.

After quiet, confused mutterings he finally responded "Tell me, can anyone here tell me what a sealing scroll is?"

The same man that spoke nodded gruffly "It seals something away obviously"

"And if I were to seal a something, anything into that scroll. Does the scroll take on any of the properties of the item sealed within? Let's say a Kunai into a scroll, can that scroll be used as a Kunai?" Once he received the shake of the man's head "So how can you call my daughter a demon, when the beast is merely sealed into her. You should all be ashamed for dishonouring your late Yondaime Hokage's abilities, by suggesting he failed to do the sealing correctly! As for your method of training her to be a secret weapon, a Ninja is only as effective if they hold loyalty to their village, treating her as nothing but a weapon... fucking idiots, you'll be making her hate her own home"

Many in the crowd didn't seem to know whether to be angry, confused, afraid or guilty by the end of Naruto's speech, Naruto was happy to note many of them were involved in some of the harsher reactions when he was younger looked to be actually hearing the logic behind his words. The Sandaime let out an annoyed sigh before he stated.

"To prevent any unpleasant situations from occurring in the future, the council and I have agreed upon the following laws pertaining to Naruko Uzumaki. Any new citizens that choose to join the village at a later date, as well as telling your children under the age of 2, any future children born into our village about where the Kyuubi is held, will be dealt with harshly. This IS NOW AN S RANK LAW EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. Offically in the records it will be stated the Kyuubi was killed when your Yondaime Hokage used a self sacrificing Jutsu, this is what all new citizens and children will be taught, be warned, any child that knows the truth, will be interrogated and the ones responsible killed"

Many in the crowd paled especially many of the women and those that spoke out. Few looked angry at this turn in events which pleased Naruto greatly. One Shinobi looked completely furious at this turn of events and pulled out a Kunai before charging towards the council with a war cry. Turning towards the Hokage who still had Naruko in his aims, he gave a grim nod before holding his hand up to halt the Anbu from interfering. "MY WIFE WAS KILLED BY THAT MONSTER, I WILL AVE-"

The poor Jounin didn't get a chance to finish as Naruto had appeared in front of him and slammed his fist into the man's gut. Flying back 15 ft, the man spit out the blood that had risen from the hard blow, he ran through some hand signs quickly "B-bastard! Take this! Earth Release: Jagged Rock Spikes"

Naruto was already flying through a short set of hand signs as soon as he heard Earth "Lightning Release: Static armour" An blue aura surrounded Naruto and crackled loudly, as the rock spikes came at him from all directions, his armour turned them to dust as soon as they made contact.

"I'm not done Fire Release: Dragon Flame" The Jounin took a large breath before blowing out a powerful flame shaped like a dragon's head towards Naruto.

Naruto let out an annoyed sigh, this guy was meant to be a Jounin? With a sigh he did 3 quick hand signs and called out his Technique "Water Style: Water Shock wave" Naruto spewed out a massive wave of water that completely snuffed out the fire.

The Jounin only had time to have his eyes widen in surprise before he felt something impact him hard underside his jaw, sending him skyward. Murmurs broke out between the higher ranked shinobi when Naruto appeared behind the skyward Jounin. "Troublesome, he even knows Taijutsu unique to Konoha. Who is this guy?" One shadow user muttered quietly.

"Kage Buyo" Naruto whispered into the Jounin's ear, just before he kneed the man in the spine. As the force pushed the Jounin forward, Naruto grabbed his right shoulder with his left hand and pulled, ceasing the extra momentum and flipping the man over, just as he realized a vicious backhand. Naruto reappeared above him and punched him three times in the torso, pushing him towards the ground. The Jounin hit the ground on his back hard and let out a pained yell, only to widen his eyes as he saw Naruto fast approaching. "DRAGON'S STOMP" Naruto bellowed as he landed feet first into the man's gut, causing him to cough out blood before losing consciousness.

Naruto looked around at the gaping crowd with a cold expression "The next person who calls my daughter a demon within my earshot, and I warn you, I have very good hearing. Will end up in hospital just like him, repeat offenders really won't like the result. I just explained MY DAUGHTER is NOT the Kyuubi, if you insist on calling her that in my presence, I'll show you just how demonic someone can be. I am a Shinobi after all"

Then he smiled in a very sadistic way with a hint of Killing Intent before he vanished and reappeared next to the Hokage, taking Naruko off the wide eyed Hokage. One random other Jounin yelled out "Holy shit, that was pure speed and he has clearly mastered two elements" Murmurs broke out at that statement throughout the crowds as Naruto scratched his head nervously with a goofy grin at the Hokage.

A purple haired 12 year old got an sadistic grin on her face, as she gazed at the bleeding man on the ground. Medics were doing what field work they could, but didn't attempt to move him as they wished to stay until the end of the announcement. An Anbu shunshinned in front of the medics, then shunshinned the man to the hospital, one doctor following suit. Hiruzen made a note of that doctor. He also paid attention to the young purple haired girl, as people backed away after recognizing who she was, once me began cackling and looking up at Naruto with a gleam in her yee. Well everyone backed off, all except for one girl with long black hair and red eyes with spirals.

Naruko had awoken when she was taken by Naruto and she looked around at all the people curiously, before she focused on the face she remembers most and blinked. Naruto now noticed she was awake and narrowed his eyes "Don't you dare" Suddenly remembering that she didn't fill her nappy an hour ago.

Tsume who had heard this began to chuckle and he sent her a playful glare. Turning back to the infant he was now holding away from his body, while having a staring contest with her. Hiruzen who was about to state the next statement, turned to turned to see what had the usually aggressive Tsume chuckling and began too as well. Payback's a bitch in his mind, any legendary shinobi panicks in the face of their infant child if she did what he hoped she would.

Naruto seemed destined to lose the staring contest as a familiar scent entered his nose and he cried out loudly "NOOOO HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME NARUKO-CHAN? AND IN PUBLIC TOO" With a resigned sigh he pulled out a scroll that with a small amount of chakra brought out a table with a few diapers and wipes and he got to work ignoring those watching him.

Many in the crowd were looking on in shock at the scene playing out in front of them. Most of them wives that were glaring at their husbands, as they always refused to change the diapers and yet the so called demon's father was doing it for his so called Kyuubi daughter.

Once he had finished putting on a new diaper, Naruto pulled out a second scroll that brought out a bottle of baby formula, he put Naruko back into her harness. Then Naruto glared at the full diaper and got another sadistic grin on his face, he tossed it hard up into the air and began a set of hand signs ending in Tiger.

"Fire release: Raging Phoenix" A massive ball three times the size of an average great fireball came out of the flame from Naruto's mouth. The ball then burst open and a massive fiery bird shot up until it hit the diaper and then exploded into a massive fiery inferno 100 metres above the crowd. Many Uchiha and Hyuga were watching the attack in surprise, one for the amount of chakra and two how powerful the attack was. The young man didn't even look winded from the attack either. Others were gaping as he had just demonstrated 3 high level attacks of different elemental affinities as if it were nothing. The Civilians were simply shitting themselves.

He then proceeded to seal the table away began to feed Naruko "We win again huh Naruko, no demonic spawn effecting out noses this day" Naruto stated happily seemingly oblivious to the crowds gawking at him for his choice of words... over a full diaper. Wondering why it was so silent Naruto looked up and around, taking note of the gaping faces, scratched the back of his head with his free hand with his trademark grin on his face "Hehe, might have overdone that huh"

Even the Sandaime looked on in surprise considering the size and shape manipulation requires very good elemental manipulation, for someone so young to do it was very impressive. " Uh, yes... well, anyway. Maybe just a bit overkill Naruto. Anyway, now for the final piece of news" The crowd was still staring at the strange Uzumaki duo, wondering just how they could be so strange, yet act so normal at the same time. "The council has agreed, now we have two living members of the Uzumaki clan in our village, to make them an official member of said council in 6 months time. With Naruto as head of the clan"

There were surprisingly no angry outbursts this time, as many were scared of the fact Naruto just did such a powerful attack on a diaper and literally completely outclassed one of their Jounin. Just what would he do to them? Even the bravest shinobi that were thinking of trying their luck at getting the girl, or disputing his right to join the council, were squashed when they saw the attack.

"Now for the final important bit of news, to prove Naruto is worthy of the rank of Elite Jounin and head of his new clan. I have asked my former student Jiraiya to personally test him in public within the week. Once he arrives a notice will be sent out to any who wish to witness the battle. For now I hope you'll all make the new Uzumaki clan feel at home in our village."

Then he stepped off the podium "Naruto could you come to my office" With a nod of assent, Naruto spared a look over the gathered crowd once more, before turning to follow the Hokage, Naruko had gone back to sleep. His sensitive hearing picked up Shikaku mutter "Troublesome, he did that attack without really trying"

Once in the Hokage's office he sat down and Naruko decided it was time to wake up, the infant decided to look around everywhere. "Was it really necessary to use that fire attack on a diaper Naruto? The shinobi side at least may not take you seriously"

Naruto looked the Hokage in the eye and stated as seriously as he could "Well first off, I beat a Jounin level ninja if his skill level is the same as I've seen in my travels with ease, using chakra costly lightning and water jutsu. The overkill fire jutsu was to show I can use three chakra costly jutsu that can defend and attack without even looking spent. As for the diaper, you have had children jiji. What do you think? Yes, it was"

The old man let out a loud laugh at the answer before he stated "I thought that might have been the reason, but I am curious why you didn't show you can use all 5... No matter, I can't blame you for the diaper, I think the same way about Paperwork. Anyway I think you should be fine with the villagers, with the display of power you have frightened off many who would harm Naruko. Plus you have convinced many women she is not the demon, with how gentle you were changing her diaper. That will go far in convincing their husbands as well."

Naruto chuckled and asked "Well glad it turned out alright, by the way have you got a list of people that could look after Naruko in the future?"

With a sigh the old man nodded "There are a few, but unfortunately there are too few who could look at Naruko at least neutrally so soon after the attack. If you give it a few months, I'm sure more will be willing and trustworthy" Passing over a list to Naruto "These are their bios and brief backgrounds" Naruto took the file and began flicking through them.

"Rin Houzuki, suppose because of her link to Minato ?" Honestly, with Rin alive, it could be a very good option. If it were his Kakashi, he would have recommended him without a doubt, but this Kakashi he didn't at all. Obito was part of a major clan so couldn't be chosen either, even though Naruto thought he would be perfect for the role.

Another nod before Hiruzen added "Tsume was friends with Rin's mother, the Inuzuka clan have unofficially been keeping an eye on Rin over the years. Plus Tsume has given birth to a son recently, I have no doubt that Rin would be chosen as a babysitter for him, especially if Tsume were to learn that you want Rin to baby sit Naruko, it would also give young Naruko someone her age to play with."

Naruto picked up the insinuation, clearly the Hokage saw Tsume's interest in him the previous night. "Rin actually quit her ninja career after an incident during an assault during the war. She has been helping out at the hospital when she can, but Tsume has stated she is concerned for the girl. I personally believe helping you with Naruko may help her to heal, maybe even convince her to return to duty eventually"

Naruto sat back in thought. This 'incident' was probably the reason why Obito didn't die here like in his own time. With Rin leaving the shinobi forces, she never got the mission that ended her life either. "Hmm, she is Minato's former student and I know they would have trusted her to help out with Naruko. Unlike Kakashi, I also felt no ill will from her, she would be perfect for looking after Naruko. I'm sure Minato would appreciate me trying to help her heal as well"

Naruto then blinked as memories floated through his mind. Kiba was a strong friend to him in their last life. He was one that believed strongly in loyalty during their academy years and never treated him unfairly. Perhaps having him grow up with Naruko would be a good thing, especially since the Inuzuka have very similar abilities to a Jinchuuriki.

Dismissing the thoughts he went to the next one and his eyes widened "Kurenai Yuhi, Chunin with impressive ability in Genjutsu."

"She has recently taken it upon herself to help out another in that list who was abandoned when my traitorious student deserted the village, despite not knowing the girl and the rumours and the way the villagers treat her" Naruto's eyes widened slightly, Orochimaru's student did that mean who he thought it meant.

"Ahhh Orochimaru, yes I've heard some stories of his activities. Still, to blame the student for his actions, despite how she may have felt, as I stated earlier, fucking dumbasses" Looking at the next name his eyes narrowed in thought, Anko Mitarashi, the woman was traumatized yes. But she is also someone who could definitely be considered the most suitable candidate. After all, who better to help raise his daughter unbiased, Naruto was worried about what he may train Naruko in though, she was very... sadistic in his time.

That sadistic kunoichi Anko Mitarashi, when he saw the Hokage's hard eyes he let out a sigh. "Orochimaru. One of the legendary three Konoha ninja marked as the Sannin after losing a duel against Hanzo the Salamander."

"Was one of the candidates for the Yondaime Hokage position but you felt something amiss. Your feelings proved to be correct when you discovered hidden labs in the village after multiple infants and villagers continued to vanish. He was believed to be researching the Mokuton ability of the Shodaime Hokage"

Hiruzen was surprised and wondered just how much Minato had told the young man in front of him "Yes, he marked his apprentice Anko with a curse seal of heaven before he fled the village. Since you are an Uzumaki I was hoping at the very least you could take a look at it at some point. Hopefully, with your knowledge, plus any luck, we could see if it's possible to be removed. Both Jiraiya, Kushina, Minato and I could only lower its effects on her" Naruto let out a sigh knowing he couldn't deny he wanted to figure out how to remove it. In a small part of his brain he blamed that curse mark for many problems in his own past. If he could remove it could fix many problems.

"Did Orochimaru leave any notes on the seal's design" Naruto asked, knowing it was unlikely, with the notes he had no doubt Ero-sennin could have removed it.

The aged Hokage shook his head sadly to confirm that fact "Unfortunately that was the problem that we faced, all that could be done is add another detailed seal to prevent its influencing effects"

Naruto scratched the back of his head in thought. Jiraiya had taught him quite a bit in seals during their three years away from the village. Apparently some Kumo nin had found one of Orochimaru's bases on a mission and had got some early notes on the design. Bee had told him in detail about it, since Naruto wasn't sure if Sasuke was still infected with it at the time, the still naive Naruto though he might be able to neutralize its effects when they would inevitability face off. "I'll have a look and do what I can"

Naruto went through the rest of the folder, clanless Ninja that he didn't really trust or know enough to judge. He quickly found that only shinobi were chosen and only those that are orphans or clanless. With a sigh he stated "I'll have to meet them myself to judge them. But I'd say the most qualified are Rin, Anko and Kurenai Hokage-jiji. I assume you didn't include Mikoto because of her link to the Uchiha?"

"Interesting choices Naruto and yes that is correct. The other clans would no doubt go, excuse the language, apeshit, if they were to hear a wife of a clan head had access to the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi"

Naruto merely nodded before Hiruzen flared his chakra causing three Anbu to appear before him "Bring me Rin Houzuki, Anko Mitarashi and Kurenai Yuhi" The Anbu all bowed before shunshining to complete their tasks. "Is there any particular reason for such different women Naruto?"

"Question one Hokage-jiji, how do the villagers treat Anko since your student's desertion?" Not expecting the question he looked out sadly out the window.

"I suppose she is treated much like a Jinchuuriki in many ways. The apartment building she stays at has been vandalized often, hot water gets cut off, few places serve her and many villagers and shinobi give her distrustful gazes or harsh comments wherever she goes."

Naruto briefly wondered if that was the case why she never tried to help him, he quickly dismissed the idea since that would have only further ostracized her from the villagers, thus losing any respect she had gained with the shinobi forces. "That is the main reason I thought her suitable. Kurenai won me over after how she treats Anko. Rin I've already stated"

A knock on the door stopped the conversation from going further. A young purple haired girl entered and Naruto was shocked at how young she looked. Anko couldn't have been older than him when he met her in his world "Hey old man, what did you want? I was about to go get some dango so it better be some important mission, or I'm going to cas-"

Noticing Naruto she got a sadistic grin that he blinked curiously at "Oh my new favourite senpai! Say senpai, want to hang out today? I'll even let you buy me some dango, since I'm in such a good mood right now, what you say?"

Before he could answer Rin entered the office, she sent Naruto a polite bow before noticing Anko and standing at attention. Naruto was glad she didn't seem to hold any grudges towards the girl like the rest of the village apparently did "Hokage-sama, you called me me? Naruto, Anko"

Anko seemed surprised she wasn't called a name and eyed the newcomer curiously, she was sure she knew the girl from somewhere but couldn't pull the name out at the moment. Kurenai then came in red faced during the moment, effectively ending it. Before anyone could speak, Kurenai hissed "Hokage-sama, that Anbu is a pervert. He appeared in my bath... Anko? What are you doing here?"

Anko got a big grin on her face "Naruto-senpai is going to buy me some dango Kurenai"

Said girl turned a glare to Naruto before processing the words her friend spoke, her eyes widened in surprise and eyed Naruto curiously "I actually wanted all three of you to be here"

That caught all three girls attention, he continued "As I'm an Elite Jounin, well once my probation is over anyway. I'm going to need someone to look after Naruko here when I get called out on long term missions. After going through your files, both Hokage-sama and I decided you three will be the best for the job" Getting understandable looks from Rin and Kurenai, Anko however looked completely baffled.

Anko responded first "M-me? If you've seen my file why would you want me near your daughter?" Naruto just grinned before he ruffled her hair causing her to pout, she hated when people did that to her, it made her feel like a child. Plus Orochimaru used to do it to her, the only reason she didn't outright become hostile was because she thought Naruto was cool.

"Why wouldn't I? For one you can relate to how my daughter will be treated by the villagers, despite what was stated at the announcement. Two, you won't treat her in the same fashion as you know how it feels personally. Plus it gives you a place to go whenever it gets too much. Hell we got a spare bedroom if you want it"

Her eyes got big and she stuttered out "R-really?" He nodded and she gave him a genuine smile that instantly turned sadistic "If I take the job... will I get dango?"

He frowned at her "I'll think about it, don't go putting those habits on Naruko, she will love ramen, not dango"

Anko looked completely insulted by that statement "Ramen! Ramen has nothing on dango, how can you suggest such a thing"

"Blasphemy, insulting ramen" He stated with a deep frown, seriously, Teuchi and Ayame were the few people who treated him normally when he grew up. Thus they would be part of Naruko's life as well, he felt he owed them that much. But thinking in more detail, he realized that Anko probably felt the same about the Dango place, they might be the only place she had found that served her fairly.

Anko then noticed Naruko who was looking at her with big curious eyes "I will not allow you to taint such a pure innocent soul with such evil thoughts such as that senpai, you are a threat to-"

"OKAY, Naruto why were we chosen?" Kurenai stated interrupting their banter and causing Naruto to focus on the task at hand out. Scratching the back of his head and smiling sheepishly at the twitching group.

"Well I think you'd be a good role model for my daughter, she'll need one in her life since I can get a little dramatic as you just saw, plus from what I hear, you see the whole picture and don't judge based on a few opinions."

Kurenai saw him look back at Anko who was pouting and looking away before nodding in understanding "Then I accept Naruto"

He then turned to Rin who was staring at him intently "As for you Rin, both Minato and Kushina here spoke highly of you, I have no doubt you are capable of the task. He cherished his students greatly and I would be honoured if you would watch out for my daughter, as she grows to become a great Kunoichi one day"

"I-I don't understand, what could I offer" It was a statement not a question and he chuckled

"Well for one, you are a medical ninja, at least were" He saw her flinch when he stated she was a ninja "Meaning you were trained to look after a young child. But the main reason is if Minato and Kushina lived, they would have wanted you to be the one they would have recommended, I have no doubt on that" He saw Rin had tears in her eyes and nodded her head in acceptance of his reasoning.

Naruto had a kind smile on his face in her direction that turned to horror now he noticed Anko in front of him whispering to Naruko "Don't worry Naruko, I'll make sure you're safe from that evil logic your daddy has, yes I will"

"NOOO stay back" Before he jumped back to the corner of the room eyeing Anko who still had that sadistic grin on her face.

He noted Rin bowed and she stated "If Kushina and sensei trusted you, I would be honoured to watch Naruko, Naruto"

With a sigh after watching the interactions of the four people in his office Hiruzen stated "Alright, since that's done with, until Naruto's probation ends you will not be needed. Rin, I will need you in the hospital to help if you are willing. Kurenai, Anko you will both be needed for missions as all other high ranking officers will be. But once the probation is over, Rin, you will be the main person on call to look after Naruko. Anko, will you be moving into the Uzumaki compound then?"

Naruto's eyes widened in horror as he suddenly remembered he did indeed promise, Anko seemed to see this and despite her inner turmoil about if he rejected his previous statement, she grinned before she chirped happily "Yep, plus senpai will take me out to dango to celebrate too"

Naruto announced loudly, "RAMEN and Dango on me, you are all welcome to come so we can try to get to know each other, my treat as a thank you for accepting my request. I'll look at expanding the property too, since there's plenty of land so you guys can stay over if you wish in a few years. I'll also play with the seal on the gate, see if I can somehow key you guys into it since it will be pointless if I go on a mission and you're trapped inside"