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Hidan groaned, feeling a weight on top of his body as he tried to turn into a more comfortable position, whatever it was on top of him preventing him from doing so.

"Mggh…Jashin-damnit.." he grumbled, before feeling a choking hand grasp his neck and squeeze. "GKH-?!"

Kakuzu glared at the one still pinned in his embrace. Not that name again. That damned 'god' or whatever.

"Ghk-ACK-…!" Hidan's eyes began to roll to the back of his head and Kakuzu let go. "Kghah-! Hah…fuck, what the HELL Kakuzu?!"

That was more like it. Kakuzu slide his arm that had been wrapped around the jashinist's bare, naked form away before he himself sat up, fixing his pants and putting his top back on. Hidan blinked, noting the way the other's clothes were in disarray, before flinching, toes curling as he felt something slick and wet, trickling out from between his legs.

"Awh, FUCK!" he groaned, spreading his thighs as he sat up to confirm his suspicions. "Did'ya have to fucking cum inside me?! Shit, Kakuzu!"

"Shut up." Kakuzu said as he began tidying up, picking the book up and off the floor and returning it to the table near the seat he had claimed for himself in the room. "The brat'll be back soon, so get dressed."

Hidan didn't reply, his idle hands fumbling into his own pert asshole to push in and widen it, curiously watching the white pour out from his own body.

"Hidan." Kakuzu said, growing irritated.

Finally, his counterpart looked up. "Hm?" the look on his face just as annoyed as the other.

"If you don't pull those fingers out of your ass right now, and get some clothes on before the brat gets back, I'm going to fuck you again." he said.

The reaction he received made Kakuzu's five hearts leap and his blood race with both anger and excitement.

Hidan tilted his head back and grinned. "Is that a suggestion, you perverted old man?"

It was at this point that Kakuzu was thankful for at least one thing-Hidan had come to like the pain he gave him. Hidan grinned, ulterior motive to his reply showing bright in those amethyst-pink eyes.

In what seemed like no time at all, Kakuzu had made it back over to the bed, grasping Hidan's wrist and snapping it, flipping the other onto his knees and head, holding the arm in his possession behind his back.

"AAH!" Hidan yelled in pain, but soon grinned, teary eyes shutting as he arched into the agony.

Kakuzu's own, larger fingers made their way inside, ripping carelessly, and yet intentionally, making the body underneath him cry out.

"Ghh-AH-…'Kuzu…" Hidan growled, biting his own lip until it bled, and tasting sweet blood.

The sound of a knocking at the door made them both freeze. Kakuzu mentally hit himself for forgetting the very inconvenient but very true matter of their third companion. Hidan's eyes widened as he tried to turn his head, fearfully looking up at Kakuzu.

"Ne, ne!" Seshiru called through the wood. "Open up, it's me!"

That look. The look of sheer terror. And he had caused it. Something sadistic inside the miser made itself known and he thrust his fingers in deeper, jabbing at the prostate inside his partner cruelly.

"GHmph-!" The jashinist stifled his moan by sinking his teeth into his lip even further, pushing his face into the sheets.

The miser bent over Hidan's body, erection excited by his own evil thoughts, pressing into the bare ass through his pants.

"That won't do. "Kakuzu said, voice characteristically barely showing any change in it, even as he mused.

Hidan feet himself being moved, lifted off the mattress and pressed against a strong, rock-hard chest, legs spread wide, facing the door. "KAKUZU?!"

"Hm?" he girls voice was louder now as the handle to the knob was jiggled. "Are you alright? Hidan-kun? Kakuzu? I'm coming in!"

"NO!" Hidan cried, but his eyes widened instantly as he felt Kakuzu push into him, never removing his fingers, splitting his ass even wider. "AAAH-!"

The door swung open swiftly, the force used to move it causing it to smash into the opposite wall, knob embedding itself into the cement a little.

It was a sight to see. Kakuzu sitting on the edge of the bed, facing the door, pants opened just enough to allow his large cock free. In his grasp was Hidan, panting hard and lip bleeding beyond control, looking ravished beyond recognition, spread-eagle on the bounty-hunter's lap, ass pressing down and impaling itself on the other's penis, arm stretched and held broken behind his back forcefully.

"Don't fucking look!" Hidan cried, shutting his eyes.

Kakuzu chuckled and grunted as he slowly forced the body on his to lift and buck back down onto himself. "Ghn.."


Seishiro stared, blinking twice before slowly turning her attention to the door and pulling it out of the wall and closing it.

She smiled, putting whatever she bought on her futon. "Sorry I'm late. The store was full of people, it's really popular.

Kakuzu gave another thrust and a grunt. "Is…that so?"

"Yep." she said, face not showing any expression other than the usual cheerfulness.

Kakuzu grinned evilly under his mask, feeling Hidan writhe and choke on another moan, covering his face with his free hand to hide. "AH-..hgnh…s-sto…"

"I'm going to start making dinner." she said, heading over the small counter they had with a stove. "Anything you'd like?"

Hidan mewled, feeling his own desire rise and he shamefully rode the penis forced into his own ass along with the rough fingers that refused to remove themselves. Kakuzu finally pushed Hidan down onto the bed, thrusting in deep and removing his fingers.

"AAH! K-KAKU…" Hidan glared back hatefully. "I'm going to kill you for th-AAH!"

"Hmmh…" Kakuzu shut his eyes, feeling Hidan's walls heal and tighten slowly as he fucked him. "Meat…sesame-seasoned…"

"F-fuck-! Stop it!" Hidan cried, face growing redder and redder. "This is fucking embarrassing! Don'-AAH! Mak…it sound li-UGNH!"

"Sesame-seasoned meat, huh? I think I saw a sauce for that." Seshiru chimed. "I'll go get it, it's on sale right no, fifty percent discount~…" he said, noting the fact that Kakuzu liked cheaper things.

Kakuzu lifted Hidan's thighs over his shoulders, thrusts growing stronger, but still steady and slow, savoring. "That's…hen…fine…"

"GH-AHH!" Hidan arched, pushing at Kakuzu's shoulders. "D-do-OOH! Y-you ass! I'll get yo-UUH! AHH! Kill…AH! You…!"

"Alrighty then. Don't spoil your dinner." the girl said, grabbing her bag from the mattress and slinging it over her shoulder. "I'll be back soon!"

"N-NO!" Hidan choked. "W-wait! Fuck-ING…make him stop!"

Seishiro was already halfway out the door before she turned, and with the most cheerful smile either of them had ever seen her made, she replied. "Hmh. No."

Hidan's expression was nothing short of hysterical as the door closed.

It was quiet for a few moments, before Hidan covered his face, shaking. Kakuzu stopped his movement and gazed down at the shivering form, smirking triumphantly. Kakuzu's eyes widened a little as he saw white splatter on the other man's abdomen, fresh.

"…you came." He chuckled. "You came from someone watching us fuck. Watching me fuck you"

"SHUT UP!" Hidan yelled, hands shooting up from his face to try and hit, or whatever just…fucking HURT Kakuzu in any way possible.

Kakuzu saw through the flail and grasped both wrists in a single hand, pinning them above Hidan's head.

"Kakuzu you ASS!" Hidan screamed.

"Yell all you want." Kakuzu said. "When I'm done with you, even your rate of healing won't be able to fix those vocal chords fast enough."

Deidara felt heavy as he molded the great bird he was working on. Due to it's size, he was able to craft and carve, beautiful, intricate details, symbols only he could understand. It-like many others before it-would be his latest masterpiece. But the gaze he felt was strange. Perhaps it was because of the other with him, working as he was sculpting.

"Oi…" he said, eyes never leaving his meticulous work.

"Hm?" she hummed, pencil working across canvas, eyes steady on it as she drew, hand flying across the page in graceful strokes.

"Drawing someone, hm?" he asked.

"Yeah." she replied, preoccupied with the canvas before her.

Deidara felt tension on the side of his temple as he twitched in irritation. The canvas he had found in said fellow artist's room before enraged him beyond anything else.

"Oi…" he said again, this time, hands leaving his work. "Who're you drawing?"

"Not telling." she said quickly. "Not done."

The thought of Sei working on something that looked like…that bastard, was probably one of the most annoying things he'd had on his mind since Tobi. Deidara huffed and shook his head, before it dropped. He couldn't work on his art like this.

He stood. "I'm going to wash up." he said, heading to the nearby stream.

"Okay." she said, pausing a little while, before adding some detailing to her portrait's eyes and smiling. "There. As they always say, the eyes have it."

Deidara muttered to himself as he washed his hands in he brook. He had noticed her long stares at that…unartistic asshole. But why? Why out of all people him?!

"Chh…" he gritted his teeth and kicked at the water as he straightened himself, accidentally getting himself wet. "Damnit, hm!"

He sat down slowly, thinking back, trying to count just how many times he had noticed her staring as Itachi walked past her in the halls, how she looked at his back when they left for a mission together. Her eyes bore into his cloak.

No. He wasn't jealous. Just…irritated. Right? Right.

But that did not mean the person, who's hand snaked around his waist was not. Deidara nearly yelled in surprise at the sudden feeling of it curling around his body, not sensing the person's chakra at all. He turned his head to find…an annoying orange mask.

"…got you."

That low voice wasn't Tobi.

"OI!" Deidara felt a heavy hand cover his mouth, even going so far as to slip between his teeth.

"Bite all you want. But it won't hurt me." 'Tobi' whispered. "I've been getting really annoyed with you, 'senpai'~…"

Deidara's muffled cries were answered by Seishiro's slight call of his name from behind the trees.

"You've been really interesting, senpai." the man he still thought should have been Tobi continued.

Deidara's eyes widened as he felt the hand around his waist slip it's fingers between the lips of his palm, clamping down on his tongue painfully. "MPHH-!"

"You're going to say you're just fine. Understood?" Tobi chuckled. "Or the tongue comes off." he emphasized with a warning tug.

Deidara twitched, groaning in pain a little, but he slowly …sort of nodded, as best as he could with the other's fingers in his mouth.

"Khouh-…" he coughed as he felt his mouth empty and panted slightly, before breathing in and making a hand-sign with his free hand, grinning a little aggressively. "KATSU!"


"…!" Seshiru dropped her things, standing as she saw the plume of smoke that rose from where the stream was. "Deidei!"

Deidara grunted as he looked around, his attacher nowhere in sight. "Jeez…"

Had…had that been real? There was no way that was Tobi. If it wasn't…what was he doing here? It could have been potentially dangerous. What if he knew about the hideout. Shit.

"Deidei-kun?" Seshiru asked, coming out from the hidden path, although she didn't look as surprised as he expected. "I know you won't die from your own explosions but…what happened?"

"Nothing." Deidara said. "Just…hm…"

"Are you feeling alright?" she asked. "Maybe you should go inside."

"Yeah…" Deidara replied almost at once.

She smiled. "I'll tidy up for you. Okay?"

Deidara simply nodded, thoughts flying everywhere as his arm and hip throbbed, taking the brunt of the explosion from earlier.

"Take a shower first, alright? Clean up." she said as she took the pouch off his hip, along with the rest of his clay.

Deidara did as he was told and sighed, brushing right past her and heading back to where his sculptures were dying outside. He glanced at the canvas Seshiru had left and saw Itachi's wretched face on it.

The expression on it was solemn, and the lashes were long and beautiful. The yes were a piercing red already, splashed with what Deidara figured was watercolor. He glared at it and had a sudden temptation to kick the piece.

"You don't deserve that kind of artistic attention, hm." Deidara growled before turning roughly and stomping towards the entrance to the hideout.

Everything was a mess. He was angry over his art and how he couldn't work. He was angry at Itachi for having such a strong presence. He was angry over the fact that he could no longer understand what was happening between himself and Tobi.

Ugh. He needed a nap.

'Madara's' eye caught sight of the clay pouch being removed from Deidara's possession. He smirked-for once, the girl was doing him a favor. With it being a day off, Deidara liked to get all of his clay sculptures outside to dry in the sun if the weather was good. His only mode of self-defense had been the clay on him, and now, it was no longer an obstacle.

He watched as Deidara made his way back to where the sculptures and the canvases were, under the tent. As he was about to make his move, whisking the other away-until he saw a smiling face before him.

"Hey." Seishiro grinned-or at least…he thought it was the child.

The teeth on the face were long and thick, and the eyes were wide and yellow, the pupil slitted like a snakes, but not quite…more of a cat, really. The skin at the end of the lips began to split as if her entire head would split in half if she so much as opened her mouth. The skin was pale and grey, covered in angry red stripes, and the hair a mess, in her face like a ghost's. A demon.

Madara stood his ground, doing nothing in response.

"You know~…" the thing growled-purred, or something of the like. "Getting to him forcefully won't do…he doesn't like that sort of thing…"

Hm? It wasn't here to stop him?

"What are you suggesting? And why are you telling me this?" he asked, voice stern and serious.

"Simply because it's true." The creature said, smiling and tilting it's head almost completely upside down. "I know a few tricks of things here and there."

He didn't trust this thing.

"Pity. Jealousy. Longing." it chuckled, lips tearing a little and healing over in a crude way, leaving patches where the skin had not yet closed over, holes in the sides of the thing's cheeks. "These are things you know very well…ever since you were young. Maybe it's not such a bad idea to use them to your advantage."

"Get out of my sight." 'Tobi' finally said. "I'm growing tired if the flapping of those grotesque lips."

As soon as the man blinked, he realized that he was now just looking at a treetrunk. Looking back towards the stream, he saw the girl, busy watching Deidara's effects in the water, humming a strange tune he heard Rin once singing. He shook his head and huffed, heading back towards the hideout.

In the midst of his walk, he stopped in his tracks….maybe, the creature was onto something.

Itachi's eyes opened slowly, only hallway, before he lifted his head in a dignified way, not even yawning from his short nap. The windowsill was always a nice place to do so. The window gratefully let the moon in through the wooden hatched boors on it, and shown lightly across his pale face. A soft sigh, barely audible escaped the effeminate lips.

"…you're out late." he said.

A soft thud behind him signaled Seshiru's arrival, returning with a bloodied rabbit in her jaws, fangs digging into the flesh through the fur. With a soft growl, she stood from her landing crouch and opened her choppers, catching the rabbit with her hand as it came free.

"Got dinner." the inhuman voice said, as a cheshire grin plastered itself along the ugly face. "I don't like anything cooked in particular. Did I wake you?"

Itachi's gaze made its way into the darkness. Really, the personality difference between night and day, and with whom this things was with was getting to him. It was strange, but whether or not Itachi found it irritating or felt in any way about it, he didn't let it show on his face at all, nor in his body language.

He didn't reply the question but simply returned his red gaze to the moon, brilliant red only amplified by the serene lighting. His calm was broken however, by the sound of shuffling, settling, and the ripping of a spinal chord, followed by loud crunching and squishing of flesh.

He shut his eyes slowly before opening them, turning his head to the other half of the windowsill in front of him, where the demon now crouched, making a mess of the rabbit with it's teeth. He narrows his gaze, and the other looked up.

"…what?" she asked. "I'm hungry."

"…" Itachi didn't let up. "…I want to make a deal."

Seishiru flinched as she finally managed to yank off the rabbit's head, the spine slapping her in the face as she snapped her head up at the man in surprise, pausing.

So this is going to be more on how my OC Seishiro-Seshiru-Sei (all of the above really), messes with each group of Akatsuki she/he's with. Also how they interact with each other. I've tried my best to neaten it up from my previous chapters, which I hope will make it easier for you guys to understand! Please do tell me what you think and any direction you'd like to see!