Additional notes. Consider it epilogue to epilogue. Just answers.

Voldemort isn't Hermione's father. He named Hermione in his will and intentionally used her blood in ritual to alter his body in order to make it look as if they were blood related as father-daughter or mother-son. He insured that she would be a legal heir.

Bellatrix isn't Hermione's mother. She's a product of magical human engineering conducted by Bellatrix, who genuinely thought of Hermione as her own daughter though. And since Tom loves Bellatrix, he does think of Hermione as his daughter.

Voldemort killed every single descendant of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Peverell Houses, who had a better claim than him, making him the heir to the five families. He didn't use them because he thought that an attempt to change things without violence would fail. He had no need for the titles.

Voldemort is in no way a good person. He had genuinely good goals, but unacceptable evil methods. It's like trying to achieve peace by slaughtering everyone else. He is a psychopath, just like Bellatrix. That doesn't make their goals any less noble.

The war in this story began right after the ritual at the graveyard and lasted three years.

Linda Davis was luring muggleborns to enslave them. She was selling them as slaves to pureblood families. Using the keys purebloods could control their slaves. What the purebloods didn't know, she had a mental connection to all her muggleborns. This way she could gather a lot of blackmail on powerful purebloods. That's why she was very influential.

The muggleborn servant girl mentioned in the Chapter 32 was a slave sold to Creusa Greengrass by Linda Davis. Daphne had no idea that she were a slave.

Tracey was actually loyal to Hermione. She had no idea that her mother would use her friendship with Hermione to her own gain. Tracey's mother didn't really care for her daughter, considering her a failure. By breaking their friendship, Hermione condemned Tracey to really horrible fate. As a revenge Tracey caught Hermione during the second year of the war (1996) and performed a ritual to enslave her. She intended to send her to the whorehouse owned by Linda Davis.

Bellatrix learned about it and developed a viable plan to save her. She spent a good amount of gold to ensure that Draco would be the first "patron". Since Tracey would observe it, Draco and Hermione had to convince Tracey that he wasn't there to free Hermione. He showed Hermione the memory of Bellatrix's plan through Legilimency and she agreed. Yes, Hermione didn't really have another way to free herself, but no, Draco didn't rape Hermione. He liked her a lot. It's only natural that there would be a small part of him, which would actually enjoy sex with Hermione, although he hated that it happened under the circumstances.

In the end Hermione killed Linda Davis and made a Sleeping Beauty out of Tracey Davis.

Harry "saved" Hermione during her final duel against the Dark Lord/Lady, although everything went according Voldemort's plan. He planned to kill Harry or better said the horcrux. Seeing Harry die enraged Hermione and allowed her to defeat the Dark Lord/Lady. Actually Voldemort allowed her to defeat him. Fortunately, Harry didn't die^^.

Harry spent a lot of time as a snake, he wasn't used to normal human interaction. He was socially inept. When Daphne and Lune turned him into human the first time he couldn't even walk or talk. Hermione felt betrayed (she wasn't really mentally stable herself) and got really really angry at him. She avoided him for six months. That made the whole thing even worse. Harry began to hate his human side, although Daphne and Luna helped him. Without them he would most likely turn back into a snake never to be human again. Hermione dating Krum didn't help him either.

Hermione and Harry reconciled just before the third task and since that moment she joined Luna and Daphne in their efforts to convince him to spend more time as a human. It would take some years, but he would recover.