I didn't want to run on and on with this fic, so I'm finishing it with the funeral. This was only ever meant to be a retelling of S8 I don't want to slip into S9 territory. Thanks for all the reviews, alerts and favourites for my first detailed foray into Grey's fanfiction.

Owen fixed his tie and looked across the bedroom to see Cristina finishing her hair. The fact that they were both dressed in black told its own story about what day today was. Cristina sighed as she tied her hair out of her face. He put his hands on her shoulders and felt relief as she relaxed under his touch.

"I'm sorry."

She turned and looked at him seriously. "Are you?"


"Today isn't about us," she said, changing the subject. "We have to say goodbye to Arizona."

"I know." In silence they turned to leave their apartment and go to the funeral.

In the graveyard, as the coffin was lowered into the earth the sun shone more brightly than it had all year. Callie had cried herself out and was holding Sofia tightly, the little girl smiling as she didn't understand the seriousness of the occasion. Callie had dressed her daughter in a beautiful yellow dress, one Arizona had picked for her that she looked gorgeous in. Sofia was the only bright spot in a sea of black. The words of the minister were a distant blur to everyone, lost in their own thoughts.

Meredith was in a wheelchair. As both of her legs were broken and now in plaster she couldn't walk, but she didn't want to miss the funeral and had insisted. Derek stood behind her, occasionally catching his wife's eye before they turned their attention back to the coffin. Alex stood alone, very close to the grave thinking hard. He was now going to stay in Seattle. He'd been offered Arizona's old job, head of the paediatric wing and it was too good an opportunity to turn down. So even though he felt like a heartless bastard, he'd had to take it. He'd asked Callie first but she seemed so caught up in her internal grief that things like work seemed to matter very little to her.

Cristina and Owen stood next to each other. It took a few minutes but she reached for his hand tentatively. He opened his fist and took her fingers in his firmly, without looking at each other. Lexie stood up straight, her head on Mark's shoulder, the pair of them just behind Callie. He wanted to be there for his best friend. Lexie felt his hand on the small of her back and she smiled at him. Brushing her hair out of her face her new engagement ring caught the light, sparkling in the June sunshine, so unusual for Seattle at any time of the year. She mouthed "I love you," to him. He smiled and did the same, before they focused on the sadness of the occasion. They had the whole future together to be happy.